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If you want to learn how to tell stories that are so persuasive they sell your products and services even when you're not pitching anything, then this short letter will show you how. ...

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by Ben Settle

If you want to learn how to tell stories that are so persuasive they sell your products and services even when you’re not pitching anything, then this short letter will show you how.

Here’s the story:

Last year the prestigious Agora Financial flew me in to their Baltimore office to teach about some secret ways he uses to outsell his competition online. Agora is a 9-figure earning publishing and (most recently) supplement company. They also hire the best of the best copywriters in the world, do millions of dollars in testing each year, and are in one of the single most competitive and “cut throat” markets on the planet (financial).

Anyway, one of the things they asked me to teach was:

How To Tell Stories

That Crawl Right Into Peoples’ Psychology

And Practically Force Them To Buy!

And so, that’s just what I did.

Specifically, I taught them:

  • 7 “newbie proof” ways to tell stories that are so persuasive they sell your products even when you’re not pitching anything! (It happens all the time — tell stories the way I show you and if you don’t have something to sell, people will demand you DO sell them something.)
  • Facebook’s secret swipe file for writing stories that get people almost mad at you because they can’t resist reading. (It’s true — which is why you want to make sure when you use this secret you don’t abuse it by selling nonsense or junk.)
  • The Stephen King guide to making stories so riveting people can’t stop reading even if they want to! (Even when being bombarded with text messages, emails, instant messages, Facebook pings, crying babies, incoming tweets, telephone calls, and 100 other distractions competing for their attention.)
  • The fake cocaine phenomenon that can get people wanting to buy from your story-based marketing months and even years after they see it. (The late, great copywriter Gary Halbert once did this, and calls came in for a product a full YEAR after the ad ran!)
  • 6 words that can start any story, for any product, in any market. (Perfect for when you’re in a hurry and just want to “bat” out an email, video, blog post, etc.)
  • A secret way (discovered by neuroscientists) to begin a story that gives someone’s brain no choice but to stop and listen to what you have to say. (It’s the equivalent of holding up a big STOP sign, and commanding them to hear your story.)
  • How to inspire trust in even the most hardcore skeptic who’s looking for reasons to tune you out at a second’s notice. (The great advertising man David Olgilvy practically built his entire ad agency around this principle after visiting a certain furniture store — and it’s perhaps the single greatest way ever invented for getting people to trust your advertising within seconds of seeing it.)
  • 12 proven story opener templates that instantly suck readers in while also putting them in a “mental state” to want to buy. (There are probably thousands of ways to start a story — but if you did nothing but use 2 or 3 of these, you’re good to go for the rest of your life.)
  • How to use “horror” stories to get people wanting to buy from you… without even mentioning a single product claim or benefit! (I’ve done this in multiple niches and it works like gangbusters — plus, it requires zero hype whatsoever.)
  • A little-used kind of story that gives brand new marketers with zero name recognition, branding, or a “track record” instant credibility. (This is one way certain unknown and inexperienced politicians get themselves elected, and it works just as reliably in marketing products and services.)
  • An almost magic way to use stories to make completely “unsellable” products sell off the shelves. (I have done this several times to make products that have about as much appeal as a dead fish sell like hotcakes. It’s easy, too.)
  • How to use stories to “piggyback” off the success of other gurus and experts. (This insider story-telling method lets you literally “borrow” — like you’d borrow a pound of sugar from your neighbor — all the credibility, rock-star appeal, and branding you want from other gurus any time you want.)
  • How to get the entertainment industry’s best writers to do all the heavy lifting of telling stories for you. (And, without paying them a red cent in royalties.)
  • The “Donna Chang” secret to making even the most ordinary and boring product irresistibly sexy and exciting. (I learned this while watching a popular sitcom from the 1990’s — and it’s so simple and profitable, you’ll kick yourself for not doing it before.)
  • How using parables in your ads can land you in legal hot water.

Let’s take a quick “breather” and talk more about this.

While I’m no lawyer, and am a huge John Caples fanboy (I love all his teachings and reading his ads)… there’s not a doubt in my mind his famous “They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Computer, But When I Began To Play…” ad…

Would Be Considered Unethical

And Maybe Even Illegal Today!


Isn’t it just a “parable”?

Yes, it is — and if you were to do something he did in that ad (and what many a copywriter still does today in their ads) in certain markets (like health or financial) you’d almost certainly be a sitting duck for the FTC and other alphabet agencies. In this training I revealed what the ad was doing wrong, and how you can make sure you don’t make the same mistake — including a real life example of how to use parables correctly that made one of my clients so many sales in a single day, he sent his entire staff home early to celebrate.

Okay, breather over.

Let’s continue:

  • A simple strategy for using search engines to legally and ethically use other people’s stories in your advertising. (I believe this to be one of the fastest shortcuts for writing stories that sell ever invented.)
  • How to get celebrities and other people with “star power” to help write your stories without paying them a single dime. (And without them even knowing about it).
  • How to know if a story is going to be interesting and have any selling power before you write it or tell it to anyone. (Just do this and you’ll know before spending any money testing it whether it’s worth using or not.)
  • The exact best length a story should be when you’re selling. (Far too many people get this wrong, and I would guesstimate the marketing community collectively loses millions of dollars per year in sales as a result.)
  • The one “element” every story opener should include if you want to maximize readership and sales. (This is something I learned from an ad man who has overseen over a billion dollars in testing data over 40 years — and it works so well, it’s astonishing so few people do it.)
  • How to use someone else’s story to sell your products and service without plagiarizing or needing their permission. (This is easily of the most reliable ways to make sales with stories I’ve ever used.)
  • How the history’s biggest brand was created with nothing but stories. (And how you can use the exact same methods it used to build your own brand and business.)
  • A crash course in the art and science of “flipping” product flaws, bad reviews, and legitimate customer complaints into cold hard cash-in-the-bank sales. (Only a small handful of people on the planet know about this, much less do it. Which means, when you do it, you’ll stand out head and shoulders from practically any competition in your industry.)
  • How injecting “low culture” trashy content into your stories can ratchet up your sales through the roof. (Yes, even if you sell to stuffy professionals — in fact, it works even better on them!)
  • What to put in your stories that makes it very hard (psychologically speaking) to not pay attention to you. (Doing this basically “lights up” a person’s neurology and forces them hear you out.)
  • How to “program” (like a computer) your brain to think in terms of stories within the next 30-days. (Do this and whipping up stories on the spot becomes as easy and automatic as driving a car or riding a bike.)
  • The one storytelling rule you can never, ever break if you want to make a lot of sales from your story-based marketing. (This is straight from the late Jim Camp — who was known as the world’s “most feared” negotiator, and who even the FBI went to when they needed to teach their agents the science of negotiation. Sadly, most people telling stories in their marketing break it every day and it destroys their sales.)
  • The “drug dealer” story opener that is perhaps the most ingeniously profitable way to start a story ever invented. (I first read this in an ad written by world class copywriter and teacher John Carlton — and it’s almost unbelievable how well it works in virtually any kind of story you want to tell in your marketing.)
  • And a lot more I don’t have the time to go into in this short letter.

Anyway, here’s why this is important to you:

I’ve used stories for almost 15 years to collectively sell multi-millions of dollars worth of products in all kinds of niches and industries for clients and myself. In fact, the ads and other marketing pieces I’ve written that have made the most sales were ALL story-based. And now you can learn this skill, too. And, believe it or not, you can learn it in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show.

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