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$148, SuperConference 2018 - No BS Inner Circle course available
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On April 19, hundreds of Renegade Entrepreneurs from around the world will gather in Orlando to experience barrier-busting breakthroughs in their businesses. ...

Course Provider Name: SuperConference 2018
by No BS Inner Circle


On April 19, hundreds of Renegade Entrepreneurs from around the world will gather in Orlando to experience barrier-busting breakthroughs in their businesses.

 They’ll be gripping the wheel, getting out of the slow lane, and leaving their excuses

(and competitors) in the dust.

It’s exhilarating – but it’s not for amateurs. 

Do you have what it takes to be one of them?

Change Lanes. Pull Out of Your Environment. 

Put yourself where the business growth principles, techniques and solutions are spread out in front of you.

Renovate, reinvigorate – or rebuild what isn’t right.

Solve the problem that feels like gum on your shoe.

GKIC’s SuperConference 2018 – Growth Zone Live! 

We’re mixing up the concrete real good this year, so write your name in this one!

Fast-paced mini-talks and panel dialogs to cover more issues

Deep-dive Mainstage trainings and breakout workshops

Interactive Round Tables – you got see it to believe it (scaling a business, sales systems, SEO, direct-response websites, making money with Facebook and LinkedIn, funnels and much more!)

Continuous opportunities to meet experts and service-providers who can solve your business challenges

Tons of networking with small-business owners all around the hotel for 3 days – your next business connection could be in the elevator or even on the treadmill next to you.

Inside the Growth Zone…

You’ll get in-depth, nuts-and-bolts training to show you exactly what’s working right now for entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses.

You’ll hear from seasoned professionals who will be sharing real-world tips and advice for rapid, consistent growth… and for minimizing risk along the way.

You’ll get the tools and templates you need to take the guesswork out of growth… and avoid those frustrating detours that sidetrack most business owners.

You’ll connect with like-minded, driven professionals who are thrilled to help you experience major breakthroughs in your business.

You’ll find out how to rise above your competition by becoming the “go-to” leader in your industry… no matter how much competition is out there.


Growth Zone Live is a hub for breakthroughs, no matter how long you’ve been in business..and no matter what challenges and opportunities are in your way.

It’s about setting aside the status quo and deciding that you deserve to be extraordinary.

It’s about getting the knowledge and tools to get out of your comfort zone… and into the fast lane to success.

It’s about growing a community of supportive entrepreneurs who are as excited about your success as they are about their own.

And most of all, it’s about equipping you to create real transformation in your business … and to never look back!

Now, we’re not going to just cover one aspect of business.

Whatever you need to get into your personal Growth Zone, you’ll find it here:

If you’re struggling to close sales, you’ll learn how to create a solid, repeatable sales structure that will turn more of your prospects into paying clients and customers!

If you’re tired of losing buckets of money on Facebook ads (or you’ve heard too many horror stories to even give it a try), you’ll find out the simple way to create ads that actually work… without investing a fortune!

If you feel like there’s just too much to do and not enough hours to do it all, you’ll get a virtual tool chest full of time-saving tools, templates, and done-for-you solutions to give you back hours of your day!

If you’re gun-shy about hiring employees because they might suck, we’ll teach you the techniques the most successful Renegade Entrepreneurs use to ensure that they ONLY hire rockstar employees!

If you get migraines trying to figure out how to stand out from the crowd, you’ll get the most relevant, in-the-moment insights to help you differentiate your brand, YOUR unique selling proposition … and become the obvious solution for your clients and customers.

If you’re hungry for fresh ideas that will revolutionize your business, just show up, grab a helmet, and hang on … because this is going to be one ride you won’t forget!

So, what makes Growth Zone Live

the ONE business-building event you need to attend this year?

To tell you the truth, there isn’t just one single reason why. There’s a whole haul-truck full of reasons!

Real-world, no-BS training and tools to get you out of your comfort zone – and into your personal growth zone – fast!

If you know anything about GKIC, you know that Dan Kennedy has played a major role in shaping what we do for business owners like you. And if there’s anyone who personifies “NO B.S.,” it’s Dan.

We know that wasting everyone’s time with a bunch of thin training and pointless breakout sessions isn’t going to do anyone any good. 

If you don’t feel like you’ve picked up a wealth of strategies, tools, and ideas to create explosive growth in your business, you won’t be back next year… and you’ll probably tell your fellow entrepreneurs not to come, either. 

Fortunately, we’ve never had that problem. 

That’s because you’re only getting the most relevant, drop-dead-simple advice and the best time-saving tools to speed you toward your business and personal goals. 

In fact, WE GUARANTEE that what you take away from this event will be exactly what you’ve been looking for! (More about this guarantee in a moment)

A host of speakers, presenters, and trainers who are actually out there “walking the talk!”

Sure, every live event features at least a few speakers and presenters. But how often do you get to learn from people who teach the exact same strategies they use in their businesses every single day?

Well, that’s exactly what you’re getting at Growth Zone Live!

All of our presenters – Renegade Entrepreneurs from both inside and outside GKIC – have plenty of experience innovating in their businesses.

They’ve got results to back up their insights and ideas.

And they’ll inspire you to infuse your business with timely, cutting-edge strategies to generate some enviable results in your own business!

A curriculum that energizes … instead of leaving you drained!

No more 8 hours in your chair, listening to presenter after presenter talk at you – for 90 minutes each! And no more pinning your eyelids open for more presentations in the evenings!

We get it – it’s flat-out exhausting. When you feel like your brain is flatlining because you’ve been listening to speakers all day … you probably aren’t getting the maximum value out of the experience!

That’s why we’ve revamped our format!

Yes, you’re going to have the opportunity to immerse yourself in full-length presentations … but we’re also going to be doing plenty of short (20 minutes or less) “TED-talk-style sessions, panels and breakout workshops, where you can soak up tons of knowledge in an interactive environment!

“Round Table Rodeo” for hands-on learning

(and a steady stream of breakthroughs)!

While attendees at other events are struggling to stay awake while they listen to yet another presentation after dinner, you and your fellow Growth Zone Live members will be racking up some impressive “a-ha” moments at The Round Table Rodeo!

Picture 10-12 tables arranged in a big room with a topic expert at each table. Everyone at each table will engage, brainstorm, and learn for about 15 minutes, and then it’s off to another table to get you even further out of your comfort zone! 

Oh, and there’ll be a “Wild Card” table, too! That’s where YOU and your fellow Growth Zone Live attendees decide what topic they want to know more about … and we’ll provide an expert to bring you up to speed! 

A cash bar and plenty of complimentary snacks throughout the evening will keep you recharged and properly lubricated! 

Now, doesn’t that sound better than trying to swallow a yawn while some guy in a suit clicks his slides for another hour? Heck yeah it does! 

Plenty of opportunities to build not just a network … but a community!

The folks at GKIC may be renegades, but they believe that when you’re a part of the right community, you get the power to exponentially grow your business. That’s why we provide plenty of opportunities for you and your fellow attendees to connect – at fun, high-energy networking events (including a book-signing with highly influential authors, including Dan Kennedy himself)!

Our attendees tell us all the time that the connections they’ve made at our SuperConference have helped them smash through obstacles, accelerate their growth and surpass their craziest goals. And some of them have even formed strategic partnerships. You never know how a fellow attendee can help your business … so be sure to bring high expectations and plenty of business cards!

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