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$18, Superior Fat Loss - A Workout Routine course available
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Status: AVAILABLE - Download immediately

Languages: English

Combined file size: 51.1 MB

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You don't want slow, "below-average" results. Hell, you don’t even want "average" results. What you really want here is to lose body fat as quickly and effectively as you realistically can ...

Course Provider Name: Superior Fat Loss
by A Workout Routine

Lose Fat. Get Lean. Feel Awesome.

The Fastest And Easiest Approach To Losing Body Fat

Superior Fat Loss is the ultimate program for losing fat as quickly, easily and effectively as possible. That means…

  • Without losing muscle.
  • Without feeling hungry all the time.
  • Without giving up the foods you love.
  • Without slowing down your metabolism.
  • Without annoying diet rules and restrictions.
  • Without the countless problems and mistakes that cause most people to fail.

With Superior Fat Loss, You Will…

Lose Fat Faster And Achieve Your “Goal Body” Sooner

You don’t want slow, “below-average” results. Hell, you don’t even want “average” results. What you really want here is to lose body fat as quickly and effectively as you realistically can. And with Superior Fat Loss, you will. Utilizing a combination of proven science and real-world experience, this entire program is designed around doing what works best. Which means, you get the body you want faster than ever.

Keep All Of Your Lean Muscle… Or Build More Of It

One of the biggest problems we all have when trying to lose body fat is that we end up losing significant amounts of lean muscle mass along the way. So instead of looking lean, fit and toned, you just end up looking “skinny-fat.” With Superior Fat Loss, that doesn’t happen. This program is designed to ensure that you lose fat without losing any muscle. In many cases, you’ll even be able to build additional muscle. 

Continue Eating All Of Your Favorite Foods And Actually Enjoy Your Diet

The worst parts about being on a diet are feeling hungry all the time and not being able to eat the foods you love. Superior Fat Loss is different. Every dietary factor is adjusted to control your hunger levels (and the hormones that affect them), and there’s no annoying list of “foods you can’t eat.” Instead, you’re going to successfully lose fat while keeping all of your favorite foods as a regular part of your diet.

Stop Wasting Your Time And Effort Getting Mediocre Results

No more searching for the best diet or workout. No more wondering if your results could be better. No more doubt. No more confusion. No more below-average results. I’ve spent the last 15 years researching and perfecting all aspects of body transformation to help thousands of men and women achieve their goal bodies. The guesswork is gone. The experimenting is over. This is what works best. You just need to put it into action.

You’ll No Longer Struggle With...

Losing Muscle Instead Of Fat

No more losing your hard-earned lean muscle mass while only trying to lose body fat. On this program, you’ll either maintain muscle or build more of it.

Feeling Hungry All The Time

No more feeling deprived and counting the minutes until your next meal. On this program, you’ll eat satisfying meals that keep you full and happy with your diet.

Not Being Allowed To Eat The Foods You Love

No more forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t like and avoid the ones you enjoy the most. On this program, there isn’t a single food that you can’t eat. Everything is allowed.

Annoying Diet Rules And Restrictions

No more stupid diets that force you to eat in a way that doesn’t suit your preferences or needs. On this program, every aspect of your diet is designed around what you like best.

Metabolic Slowdown And Negative Hormonal Changes

No more problems caused by a slow metabolism or hormonal adaptations. On this program, adjustments are made to counteract and reverse all of these issues.

Doing Hours Of Boring Cardio

No more doing hours of cardio when you hate doing cardio. On this program, cardio is completely optional. If you prefer doing it, you can. But if not? You won’t do a minute of it.

Getting Stuck At Plateaus

No more feeling frustrated and confused when your weight loss progress stops. On this program, you’ll easily break through plateaus or simply avoid them altogether.

Being Unable To Build Muscle While Losing Fat

No more wondering what to do if you want to lose fat and build muscle. On this program, you’ll learn exactly how to adjust your diet and workout for achieving both goals. 

Losing Motivation

No more falling off your diet or missing workouts because you’ve lost motivation. On this program, you’ll learn to ignore motivation and rely on something more effective instead.

Not Having Enough Time To Work Out

No more trying to fit 4, 5, 6 or even 7 workouts into your busy schedule each week. On this program, you’ll only need time for 3 workouts per week (and you can pick the days).

Regaining The Fat After You Lose It

No more losing weight and then regaining it over and over again. On this program, you’ll finally learn how to permanently and easily maintain your results for the long-term.

Feeling Restricted During Social Situations

No more struggling during holidays, parties, special occasions or when eating out at a restaurant. On this program, you’ll be able to enjoy all of these social situations.

Cookie-Cutter Programs That Aren’t Customized To You

No more generic programs that don’t take your goals, genetics, schedule, preferences or needs into account. On this program, everything is fully customized and tailored to you!

Superior Fat Loss Solves All Of These Problems For You

Why is losing fat so hard? Why do most people fail? Because they have to deal with the problems you see listed above. But with Superior Fat Loss, you won’t have to.

Every single aspect of this program is designed and adjusted to significantly minimize or completely eliminate every one of these problems (and more) to ensure you reach your fat loss goal in the most easy, sustainable and problem-free way possible.

Here’s What You Get

Weight Training Component

From which exercises to do, to how many sets/reps, to rest periods, to training splits and more, I’ll show you how to adjust every aspect of your workouts to build or maintain muscle.

Diet Component

You’ll get specific diet guidelines to follow, including exactly how many calories to eat per day and how many grams of protein, fat and carbs (and example foods for each).

Cardio Component

I’ll explain the pros/cons of cardio, why it’s completely optional on this program, and then provide guidelines for how much to do, when to do it, and what form of it is ideal.

Nutrient Timing Protocol

What you eat before and after your workout can enhance training performance and optimize recovery.

I’ll provide you with specific guidelines for both of these meals.

Calorie Cycling Protocol

I’ll show you a trick for strategically adjusting your calories throughout the week so nutrients go toward building/maintaining muscle instead of just being stored as body fat.

Supplements Component

Supplements are completely optional on this program, but I’ll show you exactly which have been proven to be both safe and effective for building your ideal body.

Plateau Protocol

I’ll explain every possible cause of plateaus, help you figure out which one is the culprit in your specific case, and show you exactly what to do to easily start losing fat again.

Motivation Component

I’ll explain why motivation doesn’t work, and show you how to always be consistent with your diet and workout, even on days when you’re not feeling motivated to be.

Diet Break/Refeed Protocol

You’ll learn why diet breaks and refeeds are crucial to sustainable fat loss progress, and I’ll give you specific guidelines for the most effective way to implement each.

Customization Protocol

I’ll show you how to customize every diet and workout factor to suit your personal needs, preferences, schedule and goals so it’s as easy and sustainable for you as possible.

Lifestyle Component

Lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress and alcohol consumption can negatively affect your fat loss results. I’ll show you how to easily prevent that from happening.

Personalization Protocol

Every aspect of this program will be personalized based on your age, gender, genetics and experience level to ensure you get the best results your body is capable of.

You Also Get

FREE Lifetime Updates

Whenever I update this program to add new workouts or adjust my recommendations to stay on the cutting edge of scientific research, you will always automatically get the updated versions for free, for life.

FREE Email Support

I’m here to help. So if you have any questions about any aspect of this program, all you have to do is email me using the special email address included within, and I’ll personally respond with the answers you need.

Complete Instant Access

You can download Superior Fat Loss and view it on any computer, phone or tablet. There are no restrictions on how many different devices you can put it on. You can literally start using it today.

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