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The big difference between super-achievers (folks who consistently create great results) and everyone else. Hint: It’s not found where you’ve been looking…TD_1 ...

Course Provider Name: Task Decomposition
by Michael Breen

A action-by-action map on how to make your goals a reality.

We’ve organised what you’ll learn inside this two day video workshop into five specific areas.

If you want to be a super achiever, it’s starts with discovering what they do differently.

It’s time to get…

The Mindset of Super-Achievers

Top goal achievers think, plan and act differently.

You’ll learn:

The big difference between super-achievers (folks who consistently create great results) and everyone else. Hint: It’s not found where you’ve been looking…TD_1

The 3 power phrases that top achievers live by that call forth more success

The 3 super habits top achievers have conditioned up so they can get more of what they want

The 3 letter financial model that super-achievers use to think about which goals to cut and which to move forward on

The startling realisation of what stops people from enjoying more success and achieving their goals

The counter-intuitive strategy that super achievers use to take action that is the opposite of what many personal development gurus teach

The one mental shift toward goal achievement that can increase your goal success rate by a factor of 10X!

 “The Real Secrets Behind How To Get Disproportionate Rewards For Your Efforts”

Not all actions create the same results. Super-achievers zoom out to zoom in on the number 1 action they need to do today, to start creating disproportionate rewards for their efforts.

You’ll discover:

The #1 rule top achievers live by when starting any goal or project by that builds momentum fast

Discover the force you are always fighting against when trying to make things happen and you need to do to overcome it.

The one strategy super-achievers use before they start any major goal. Use this strategy to save yourself countless hours, money and effort…

The three questions you should ask if you see someone has something you want, that can rid you of a envy, help you achieve your goals in fraction of the time and make sure you really are happy when you’ve achieved them

Why being successful isn’t simply a matter of copying and what you need to consider instead if you want to achieve big results.

The simple 3 word phrase that can revolutionise how you think about your goals, so you can achieve your goals many times quicker with less stress, more ease and greater fulfillment

The two signs that let you know when you are on the right path and when it’s time to change the goal

The #1 things smart entrepreneurs & top achievers do when they don’t get the results that they want, that people who struggle and fail don’t

How The Secret may be holding you back and the right way to use the law of manifestation

One where you get to call the shots.

Next you’ll learn…

How Super-Achievers Achieve Goals, FAST

What’s the secret to achieving your goals quicker and faster than ever before?

Removing everything that is superfluous and only do that which is necessary. In a word; be hyper-effective.

That’s what you’ll learn here.


How to keep your brain really clear and on focus on what you need to do

The #1 thing super-successful people do when they pursue their goals

The best thing you can do to make progress on tricky or goals that seem to have got stuck

The right way to represent things so that your mind-and-body have crated an unstoppable bias for action

The key question every top achiever asks daily so they enjoy more success

Learn the visual way of specifying the goal that works like crazy

Discover the power that ‘video talk’, ‘transformation chunking’ and ‘creating flow’ have in getting you any or everything you want

Why you must get rid of ‘the shadows’ in your goals, if you want to slice weeks/months/years off the achievement of your goal

The one game rule that when you apply this everywhere to your to goals transform your rate of success almost overnight

Discover the magical power’ super-achievers use to transform their goals into a list of simple action to get what the want

The Real Secrets Behind How Successful People Act

It’s not about the time you put in, it’s about the way you use your time.

Some people think to be successful, you need work much harder. That success is about one overwhelming effort.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As Michael shows, success is all about breaking things down to their fundamentals, finding the critical flow and taking effective action.


How to think and plan out the achievement of your goals, so it become practically inevitable

The little known habit Michael noticed painters use that you can apply to achieving your goals fast

Learn a powerful 3 step framework to quickly think through and organise what resources are required to get you what you want

How to identify what are the right things to do, the few things that you can do today to make the biggest impact on your goals

What super-achievers do when they are unsure and haven’t got the foggiest about how to achieve a goal

The best thing you can do to make progress when you aren’t sure how to progress on a goal

Why your brain keeps open loops and the magical method Michael uses to shrink it all down to just one next step, that will serve many goals and radically increase your productivity

How to extract the maximum leverage from your task list so overload turns clear lines of action, executed well and handled. Reduce stress. Gain control

Learn which few actions you need to complete to enjoy disproportionate rewards

The 3 things that must be present in order to get a person to take effective action

Micheal doesn’t just teach you how top performers think, plan and act. He also highlights for you what…

Pitfalls To Avoid That Suffocate Your Effectiveness

As top American Coach Vince Lombardi once said:

“Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”

The same is true for you.

If you aren’t enjoying the results that you want, there is one or more pitfalls that are getting in your way.

In this program you’ll discover the most common ones and what to do about them including:

The one debilitating mindset that if you have accepted is almost certainly chocking tight huge portions of your potential

What representation causes people to STOP dead in their track and fail to move forward and what to do about it

Why how you think about your goals has a tremendous impact on whether your brain is likely to freeze and get stopped; or take action

How language plays a very powerful role in enabling you to take action or stopping you in your tracks

How the mind gets in the way from getting what you want

The #1 problem mindset that trips so many people up from making progress quicker, but is never present in super-achievers

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