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$26, The 2015 Paradise Pack - Jason and Trav course available
The 2015 Paradise Pack Jason And Trav

Status: AVAILABLE - Download immediately

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We spent 3 years trying to create an online lifestyle business that paid well, didn’t take up all of my time and still allowed us to travel around the world whenever and wherever I wanted. ...

Course Provider Name: The 2015 Paradise Pack
by Jason and Trav

People just like you are replacing their jobs with their own businesses, gaining FREEDOM and traveling the world thanks to The Paradise Pack.


We spent 3 years trying to create an online lifestyle business that paid well, didn’t take up all of my time and still allowed us to travel around the world whenever and wherever I wanted.

And the biggest problem we faced?

We had NO CLUE where to start!

There’s so much information on how to start your own business and make money online.

It’s overwhelming.

What type of business should you REALLY start? Where do you begin?

Should you learn SEO? Affiliate marketing? Blogging?

At one point, we started to feel like it was all just a big pipe-dream…

We felt hopeless.

In fact, we almost accepted the sad fact we’d never be able to travel the world and live a more adventurous lifestyle our souls were calling for.

Until one day, we cracked the code…

See, the truth is:

Creating an online business that can sustain a travel-friendly lifestyle is possible.

It’s simple – if you can find a way to make ~$100/day, you can get started on your location independent journey.

If you can make $100/day…doing work that you love…

…AND be able to work anywhere in the world…?

THAT’S freedom.

I’m not sure about you but that’s the type of LIFESTYLE we wanted to live.

To travel – and have experiences.

Not sit in traffic, then sit in an office at a 9-5 job every day the rest of our lives..

Anyways, after finally ‘cracking the code’ – everything came together…

…We started traveling around the world in style…

…making MORE money than any ‘cubicle’ job we could’ve ever had…

…spending quality time with our families…

…and living our absolute dream lifestyle…

We KNEW there was a ton of people who are going through the same struggles we did.

So we had an epiphany:

“What if there was ONE place to go – that was a trusted resource for EVERYTHING you need to know to build an online lifestyle business from scratch…

…so you can go from ZERO to traveling the world faster and easier than most people think is possible…”

Introducing The Paradise Pack Bundle:

If you’ve ever wanted to become a digital nomad…

Travel the world in style…

And live a life of true FREEDOM while making a sustainable, secure income from your laptop…

But aren’t sure where to start… The Paradise Pack is for YOU.

The Paradise Pack resources come from proven travel & business gurus who’ve been featured in worldwide publications.

Michelle Dale

Virtual Miss Friday

Michelle Dale is the founder of Virtual Miss Friday, an online business consultancy with built-in virtual assistant services, and the creator of 1nSourcing, which serves 6- and 7-figure business owners. She has grown a successful location independent business, traveling and living abroad, meeting her husband and raising 3 children. She now supports people around the world in cultivating their own aspirations in the digital world.

Travis Sherry

Travel Hacking Wizard

Trav is the co-founder of The Paradise Pack and Location Indie, a community of traveling entrepreneurs. He is also the founder of Extra Pack of Peanuts, one of the top travel hacking resources online. He’s racked up over 3 million frequent flyer miles! His mission is to help you travel the world spending next-to-nothing and to sustain it by building a business around something you enjoy.

Nat Eliason

The Growth Machine

Nat Eliason is the founder of Growth Machine, a marketing firm that builds blogs to tens and hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. He was formerly the head of marketing at, growing the blog from 5,000 to 170,000 monthly visitors in 7 months. He’s worked with many other top brands to help them create amazing content. His personal site,, regularly receives over 300,000 readers per month.

Brian Lofrumento

Entrepreneur Educator

Brian Lofrumento is an entrepreneur, speaker, & author whose businesses have reached over 3.5 million people worldwide. Having built multiple 6-figure businesses since age 19, Brian has taught over 4,000 entrepreneurs how to launch & grow businesses online using his Ultimate Profit Model framework. Brian is the author of Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur, hosts one of the top business podcasts in the world, & is an expert in getting people from $0 to their first $10K and beyond.

Hannah Dixon

Biz Strategist

Hannah Dixon is a Business Mentor and Strategist who has helped over 5000 millennials create location independent lifestyles via her company, Digital Nomad Kit. After 10 years of continuous travel, she is considered a “digital nomad thought leader” and an expert in all things virtual assistance. She also works privately with influential entrepreneurs, devising innovative launch strategies & managing remote teams. You can usually find Hannah in a hammock eating a burrito.

Azul Terronez

Educator & Writing Coach

Azul is a best-selling author who has helped dozens of authors make their books a reality. He has coached seasoned writers like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and Dana Malstaff of to find their book idea and execute it well. Azul dreamt about writing a book for many years, but he was stuck. Finally, he did it in just 30 days. He now helps people find their vision for their book, distill it and take actionable steps to make it happen.

Jonathan Levi


Jonathan Levi is an experienced entrepreneur, angel investor, and lifehacker from Silicon Valley. Since 2014, Jonathan has been one of the top-performing instructors on Udemy, and has snowballed this success into the launch of his rapidly growing information products company, SuperHuman Enterprises, which produces such products as the top-rated Becoming SuperHuman Podcast; the bestselling “Become a SuperLearner” books; and numerous online courses.

Nat and Jodie

Roaming Entrepreneurs

Originally from Australia, Nat & Jodie have been full-time International House Sitters since early 2013. This inspired them to share their own experiences and those of other house sitters, through various products & projects. They started with nothing, but now earn a full-time income from dream destinations. With their latest project, Roaming Income Club, they hope to inspire you to cut costs dramatically and earn income online from anywhere you’d love to be! 

Jacob Sokol

The Coach

Jacob Sokol is the founder of Sensophy, a company that helps 20- and 30-somethings answer the question, “WTF Should I Do w/ My Life?!” Jacob has coached CEOs, top musicians, Hollywood stars, peak performance coaches and more. He has interviewed 60+ leading thinkers/academics and combined their wisdom with his street-smart intuition to create a no-BS roadmap for creating a life filled with happiness, success, and a deep sense of purpose.

Silvia Lawrence

Pinterest Guru

Silvia began blogging at Heart My Backpack in January 2014 to chronicle her travels. She has lived in seven countries and visited over 80 countries on five continents. Though she continues to travel, she’s now living in a log cabin high up in the mountains in Norway, making a full-time income through her blog about travel and expat life in Europe. Garnering around 350,000 page views a month, her blog reaches a highly engaged audience.

Sean Ogle

Location Rebel

Sean Ogle is the founder and Head Rebel of Location Rebel, designed to help you build a small business that gives you the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. Sean started out doing mind-numbing work behind a desk in a suit and tie, and finally left it all to pursue his dream of traveling the world and owning his own business. Now he helps others do the same!

Caroline Makepeace

Mind Master

Caroline Makepeace has a blog at which dives into building a successful business and loving the journey. She is the creator of the 30 Days to Money Mindfulness and the Master Your Mind programs. She is also the co-founder of yTravel blog alongside her husband, Craig and their two daughters. They are currently on a 3-year America Unplugged road trip.

Chelsea Dinsmore

Passion Mashin’

Chelsea Dinsmore is the Chief Inspiration Officer and Global Ambassador of Live Your Legend, a community whose mission is to change the world by helping people discover their passion and build a career around the work that only they are capable of doing. Live Your Legend is focused on creating in-person connections with like-minded living legends. Chelsea is a lover of food, adventure, the ocean and wine country.

Matt Giovanisci

Web Wizard

Matt Giovanisci is an entertaining entrepreneur and website wizard who runs four blogs making over $150,000 annually. Since 2006 he has created successful online brands including SwimUniversity Roasty Coffee, Listen Money Matters Podcast, and – where he documents the entire process of experimenting, testing, failing, and maybe succeeding in making money online in real time.

Jackie Nourse

Budget-Minded Traveler

Jackie Nourse is the founder and host of The Budget-Minded Traveler, an award-winning blog, podcast, and community designed to encourage and equip US-Americans to travel overseas. She also hosts adventure trips and retreats, leads mentorship programs for women, and blogs about adventure travel and lifestyle. As an author, linguist, and serial expat, her work has been featured by Business Insider, USA TODAY, Forbes, and more.

Gabrielle Wallace

Laptop Teacher

Gabby Wallace has built a life around her obsessions: travel and language learning. She is the founder of Go Natural English, a YouTube channel with 650,000+ subscribers, and a course creator with thousands of students from over 134 countries at her membership website for ESL learners, Watch her TEDx talk, listen to her interview on Zero to Travel, or catch her at upcoming events.

Tim Leffel

Writer & Publisher

Tim Leffel is the author of five books. His publishing company runs five popular online travel magazines and blogs. He has won multiple writing awards, twice been on the faculty at the San Miguel de Allende Writers Conference, and serves as North American Conference Director for TBEX. He has contributed to more than 50 publications, including Travel + Leisure, Outside, Global Traveler, Boston Globe, USA Today, American Way, and Lonely Planet.

Adam Clark

Irresistible Podcaster

Adam Clark has launched multiple podcast shows (the newest of which hit #2 in the iTunes Business category in less than a week), co-founded a podcast network, and helped many people vastly improve their podcasts and engage their audiences on a whole new level. He’s the host of The Gently Mad, a podcast about meaning and purpose, disguised as a podcast about entrepreneurship. Adam lives with his wife and 3 girls in Chattanooga, TN.

Matt Kostan

Brand Creator & Product Guy

Matt is the founder of Entrepreneurs Association, which is a community of people from around the world building businesses they love. His own physical product brands have done over $1.2 million dollars in sales and his mission is to teach others how to do same. He’s also passionate about traveling, having visited over 30 countries with his wife and young son.

Emily Utter

Adventurous Entrepreneur

Emily Utter is a business coach for adventurous entrepreneurs–coaches and healers who want to scale their location independent businesses and work from anywhere in the world! Emily works with coaches, healers, and consultants to stop over giving, get out of the hustle, and start growing sustainable, profitable income that supports a healthy and happy freedom-filled lifestyle. Her expertise is supporting coaches to scale their businesses to multi-six figures and beyond.

Benny Lewis

Irish Polyglot

Benny is a “language hacker” and globe-trotter from Ireland who has spent more than a decade on a mission to prove that languages can be learned quickly. He speaks 12 languages himself in varying degrees of fluency and is a National Geographic Traveler of the year, international best-selling author, and the writer behind the #1 language learning blog Fluent in 3 Months. He’s here to help you be confident in speaking a second language!

Dane Homenick

App Developer/Story Preserver

Dane is the founder and heartbeat of Journo: an app he developed for adventurers who want remember the stories of their lives. He has many superpowers, but one that strikes anyone who meets him is his passion for life and adventure. Skateboarder turned app developer, he sails the seas with his better half, Makaela. He has a deep love for family, good friends, books, hot coffee and cold beer. Dane believes in adventure, authenticity, friends, and daily reflection.

Natalie Sisson

Suitcase Entrepreneur

Natalie Sisson is the Chief Adventurer of The Suitcase Entrepreneur. She’s a bestselling author, speaker, podcaster, and adventurer who believes everybody has the right to choose freedom in business and adventure in life. Since 2006 she’s been running her multiple six-figure business from her laptop while living around the world. She has appeared on 60 Minutes as a lifestyle business expert. Check out her work at Suitcase

Nathan Barry

Software Superstar

Nathan has been a designer, author, developer, and blogger, and is an expert in audience building and book publishing. In less than a year, Nathan made over $150,000 from self-published books. After learning the power of email marketing, he gave up a successful blogging career to build ConvertKit, an email marketing company for professional bloggers. Outside of work, Nathan spends his time playing soccer, woodworking, and chasing after his kids.

Kara Buchanan

Travel Vlogger

In January 2016, Kara & Nate moved out of their apartment and bought a one-way ticket to a three-year adventure of full-time travel around the world. They committed to capturing and sharing their adventure through daily(ish) videos. Two years later, they’ve created over 500 videos which have received over 30 million views, almost 200,000 subscribers, and a Shorty Award for the best travel content creators on the internet. They now make enough money from their YouTube channel to continue traveling full-time.

Nick and Dariece

Goats On The Road

Nick and Dariece are the couple behind the top travel blog Goats On The Road. They’ve helped nearly 1,000 people start new blogs, walking new bloggers through each step to run a successful travel blog that can one day earn over 6-figures per year. They have spoken about blogging at large marketing events like Inflow & The World Tourism Forum and their advice has been featured on Forbes, Lonely Planet, Business Insider, CNN Money, NBC and more.

Rachel Gogos

Online ID Builder

Rachel Gogos is the Founder + Chief of, a soulful personal branding and web development agency empowering world-changing businesses. Her keen ability to help others uncover their true essence has been honed through working with high-profile clients and organizations like the United Nations. When she’s not helping others improve the world, she loves traveling it — especially taking her husband and two daughters back to her family’s roots in Greece.

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