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$114, The Ad Prep Academy - Abu Fofanah course available
The Ad Prep Academy By Abu Fofanah

Status: AVAILABLE - Download immediately

Languages: English

Combined file size: 412.4 MB

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The vision that you had for your business is being tested and you are questioning whether you are growing your business the right way. ...

Course Provider Name: The Ad Prep Academy
by Abu Fofanah

The Ad Prep Academy is an entire system to level up your business, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose and create the perfect info product for your business that generates new leads.
  • What goes into a high converting sales page.
  • How to build your sales funnel from scratch to make sure it’s converts.
  • Top strategies to monetize your business
  • Walk through an end-to-end funnel including ads
  • How to create effective ad copy that resonates with your audience
  • How to target your ideal audience
  • How to set up and run ad campaigns that generate new leads or sales

You need a MARKETING strategy to reach new audiences?

You are here because you are at a point in your business where you are frustrated because your business is not where it’s suppose to be. The vision that you had for your business is being tested and you are questioning whether you are growing your business the right way.

Like many things in life if you want to see results from marketing, you need a strategy.

Simply building content just isn’t enough.

Simply having a website just isn’t enough.

Simply having products or your offerings just isn’t enough.

Simply having social media just isn’t enough.

You need to make sure you have a way to drive traffic to your content, website, or product.

“I get it.. You’ve purchased the course. You’ve created the product. You’ve built the website. You posted it on Instagram.. but nothing has happened. You thought if you build it, they will come.. but that’s not a marketing strategy that’s poor execution.”

To survive every real business needs visibility and customers.

What if you had an entire system, a way of thinking about how to level up your business through funnel building, ads, and strategy. You’ll learn exactly what you need to know to get your offer in front of your perfect audience.

The Ad Prep Academy is a membership site designed to give you a clear step-by-step process to GROW and SCALE your business to the next level.

Here are results from our students in the program:

How it works

The Ad Prep Academy is a complete system that teaches you how to grow you business on social media by focus on revenue generating activities in your business. There is a focus on using Facebook and Instagram ads to drive visibility and sales to your brand, as well as, other activities such as email marketing to grow your business.

Here’s what’s included in your membership:

Training Modules

Step-by-step training modules that will walk you though everything you need to know (landing pages, ads, email sequences, etc.) to get your brand the visibility it deserves.

Easy to Follow Workbooks

Training modules come with templates and workbooks to follow along so you are getting the most out of your learnings and ready to implement in your business.

Topics Covered Inside of the Academy

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Funnel Building
  • Writing Your Copy
  • Increase Sales During the Holidays
  • Finding Your Ideal Audience
  • Putting Your Systems on Autopilot

Why We Focus on Facebook and Instagram Ads

If you’re a business owner and not using Instagram Ads, you’re leaving money on the table! Venturing into the land of Facebook & Instagram ads can feel a bit daunting. It’s something new and something that often takes some time to learn. Knowing where to start can be a great help, but it can also bring up more questions. I just want you to know that this is completely natural. Every time you encounter something new, you’ll feel like you’re in a maze that at the moment you struggle to get out of.

Facebook ads can feel like that too, especially at the beginning but trust me when I say that there is a way out and I’m here to guide you safely (and successfully) to the exit. In the Ads Prep Academy I’m going to guide you step by step through the maze of getting started with Facebook ads. Knowing you, you are probably someone who is:

Ready to drive a ton of traffic to your website

Ready to automate your lead generation so you can focus on other parts of your business

Ready to drive more conversions from your Facebook ads

Does this sound like you?

  • You are unsure how to best use ads to compliment your existing funnel.

You are unsure where to best utilize ads to make sure you’re maximizing the amount of money you’re spending and getting a significant return.

  • You’ve tried ads in the past but had no success.

The truth is you’re unsure where exactly to start when it comes to running ads or how to know if it’s working. 

  • You’ve had a bad experience with someone who claimed to be a Facebook ad consultant.

You feel like you’ve wasted enough money already by bringing a third party in to run ads but you didn’t see any returns on investment.

  • You’ve spent hours researching the best way to run ads.

You find yourself way too often searching for answers about running Facebook and Instagram ads. More then often you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

  • You don’t know where to start.

You’ve heard of ads and what it can do for the growth of your business but as soon as you begin you’re so lost. You need guidance and clarity.

  • You are unsure if your ad is working or if your funnel is converting.

You spend hours on your landing page only to not know if your ad is working or not.

The truth is… Facebook and Instagram ads are only as EFFECTIVE as the strategy and funnel behind them. Without it, you will continue to just throw money out the window runnings ads without any returns.

Because once you learn HOW to create the right strategy and build an effective funnel your ads will begin to work for you! You’ll be able to understand what it takes to build a successful marketing campaign and be able to apply it every time you launch. 

  • NO more wasting money on ads that don’t make sense

If it’s falls outside of your strategy or funnel you can consider it not worth your time and instead focus on adding new ads to your funnel.

  • BEGIN to build your subscribers list

Learn how to create an ad funnel that will drive new leads for you on autopilot.

  • BECOME a master of running ads

As you get a better understanding of how to best leverage ads for your funnel and business strategy you’ll begin seeing your costs decrease.

  • MAKE the amount of sales goal you were aiming for

Use ads to your advantage by boosting your online sales of your store or products and services that you offer.

Here’s what’s inside AD PREP ACADEMY:?


Module 1: How To Sell With Facebook And Instagram Ads

Learn how to position your business to sell on both Facebook and Instagram. Get insight into why Facebook is the most cost effective platform to advertise on and how to do it in a way that grows your business.

Module 2: Placing The Pixel In The Right Places

Learn where to place your PIXEL so you can track how many people are clicking your ad and if that actually drove traffic to your website. Get a better view of which ads are converting and which are not providing any returns. 

Module 3: Getting Your Ads Up And Running

Learn what you need to know in the Facebook Ads manager so you can get your ads up and running without spending too much time boggled down by all the options available. Learn some of the tricks I use to get client ads up and running quickly and efficiently.

Module 4: Write Ad Copy That Resonates

Stop getting stuck when it comes to what to say to your audience.Know EXACTLY what to say each time. Learn how to craft a clear message that will resonate with your audience. 

Module 5: How To Find And Target Your Perfect Audience

We’ll go over how to create ads that ONLY target people who will most likely become paying customers or clients. This is how you keep your marketing budget low and your conversion rates high. Trying to target people who will never buy your products will lead to a lot of stressful days.

Module 6: Building High Converting Funnels

Learn how to craft an ad strategy and funnel before even running your first ad to give yourself the best chance at success and creating an automated sequence. Understand how to read your funnel to make sure it’s converting.

Module 7: Checking Your Funnel And Ad Spend

How do you know your funnel is working? What if you had a system in place to help you identify and get in front of keeping your budget in check so you’re making money for every dollar that you spend.

Module 8: Creating The Right Offer For Your Audience

Learn what type of offers work to generate leads and which offer will help you get more purchases by implementing this step before you ask your audience to buy from you.


Learn how to turn your Instagram into a sales machine as a business owner. Here you’ll learn strategies on how to position your brand to your audience, how to turn your profile into a lead magnet and sales machine.


Learn how and when to start creating your marketing campaigns for the holiday. This course is filled with strategies to help you BOOST your sales during the holidays.

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