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$26, The Advanced Selfie University - Sorelle Amore course available
The Advanced Selfie University

Status: AVAILABLE - Download immediately

Languages: English

Combined file size: 1.7 GB

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When it comes to my own images, time and time again people comment on how they look like an edgy high fashion shoot. They’re FLOORED when they find out I shoot everything myself. ...

Course Provider Name: The Advanced Selfie University
by Sorelle Amore

They say a picture tells a thousand words – so what do your photos say about you?

One of the hardest things about standing out online these days is having incredible images of yourself. Whether you’re trying to build a large following, impress potential employers, build up your self-confidence, or just create a kick-ass Instagram feed, you might not know where to start – or how to level up your photos.

But what if you could take absolutely mind-blowing self-portraits of yourself that look like they were taken by an entire professional team? Well, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for years, and it’s been my secret to attracting millions of people a year to my content.

When it comes to my own images, time and time again people comment on how they look like an edgy high fashion shoot. They’re FLOORED when they find out I shoot everything myself.

No help, no production team—all completely solo.

Every photo you see on this page was taken by me and me alone. And in the Advanced Selfie University, I’ll be teaching you my exact methods step-by-step, so you can do the same. With no stress, and no fuss.

So, wanna see what’s possible when you master solo photography? Here are just a few examples:


Hi, my name is Sorelle Amore.

I’m a photographer, videographer, YouTuber, and creator. Over the last two years, I’ve built an online following on social media of over 1.4 million people across multiple platforms, in a large part due to knowing how to take beautiful portraits of myself.

I call this style of self-photography the “Advanced Selfie”; a term I coined to describe my special process of taking studio-like images of myself, using nothing more than a camera, a few cheap tools, and some simple photography hacks.

Learning the art of taking beautiful images in this way has lead to some pretty incredible things – a life of travel working for global brands like Samsung, Armani, and Porsche, a self-sustaining online business that’s provided endless freedom, as well as a consistently growing and engaged audience on social media that I give thanks for each and every day.

And all of it, because I learned how to capture myself confidently on camera in a visually stunning way, with absolutely no outside help. Remember, none of the photos you see here were taken by anyone but me.

I created the Advanced Selfie University so I could teach people like you how to seriously boost their confidence, online image, and opportunities, with an exact formula laid out in this intensive 42 part video course.

By the time you’ve completed the course, you’ll know the precise steps I took to capture shots like the ones below. And better yet, you’ll be able to do the same.


Yes, I’ll admit it – levelling up the skill of taking photos of yourself may be a little vain. But here are a few things to think about, in case you’ve never considered some of the benefits:

  • We all love looking good on camera. It raises our self-esteem, and enables us to tackle the world head-on with confidence and charisma.
  • When you feel more confident, you’ll perform better in all areas of your life – and that’s a fact. Confidence will raise your abilities in business, increase your social skills, improve your romantic life, and strengthen your connection with family and friends.
  • Having incredible photos of yourself will make you more desirable in all areas of life. On Tinder, to potential clients or employers, to your social circle, and to basically everyone else you come into contact with online.
  • High-quality photos make you appear more professional, which will add value to you in business situations, and in any situations when trying to sell yourself.
  • Regardless of who you are, better photos will it’ll improve your personal brand – even more so if you’re anyone like an artist, musician, or model, who relies on looking good on social media.
  • Love taking travel or holiday photos? We all do. Wouldn’t you rather have a ton of phenomenal pictures from your travels with family, friends, or loved ones, that reflect the memories you created during these times?
  • You’ll end up with a lifetime of beautiful photos, instead of a camera roll full of mediocre ones. How do you want to look back on your life in photos with your family, or future (or current) children or grandchildren?
  • You’ll be able to more easily grow an engaged audience on social media. It’s a simple fact of the online world that people want to follow those who have beautiful feeds, and the Advanced Selfie University will help you level up your Instagram game, no matter who you are.
  • Through taking the advanced selfie, you’ll learn how to better present yourself to the world in almost every way imaginable. From using your body shape to your advantage with the right clothing, knowing what hairstyles work better on you, and how to refine your posture so that you look confident in every situation, your newfound presence will positively impact you in ways you can’t imagine.


Considering becoming a student of the Advanced Selfie University? Here just a tiny sample of the kinds of people who have upgraded their photography game by enrolling:

  • Online entrepreneurs wanting to boost their digital presence
  • Business people or professionals who need to always put their best foot forward on the Internet
  • Travel photographers who want to capture themselves in the best light no matter where in the world they are
  • Aspiring influencers, or anyone who wants to grow a powerful following online
  • Musicians, actors, models, or anyone who relies on their image to make a living
  • Photographers who want to better understand the art of posing
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars paying a professional photographer
  • People who are uncomfortable in front of the camera, and want to learn to capture themselves on camera like a pro
  • Any human being who wants to boost their confidence like never before!


  • One-time payment for LIFETIME access
  • 42 comprehensive modules revealing the secrets to mastering the art of the self portrait
  • Consistently updated modules and new sections regularly added to the course to help you step up your Advanced Selfie game!
  • Students are put into priority consideration to be featured on the @Advanced.Selfie Instagram profile, where they’re re-shared on Sorelle Amore’s personal Instagram stories (with a reach of more than 500,000 people!)
  • Spanish subtitles now available on all videos in the course!

Course Curriculum




  • What Gear You Need (2:23)
  • What To Wear (4:25)
  • The One Thing That Will Make Or Break Your Advanced Selfies (6:20)


  • Camera Basics (1:19)
  • Manual Settings for your DSLR Camera (2:36)
  • Artistic Camera Settings for Unique Advanced Selfie Ideas (2:52)
  • The WOW Factor (1:28)
  • How To Set Up The Camera (3:14)
  • Advanced Selfie: Example One (4:08)
  • Take A Test Shot Before You Begin (1:27)
  • Advanced Selfie: Example Two (2:33)


  • How To Pose (1:06)
  • How To Pose Your Face (5:34)
  • Sitting Down Poses (3:28)
  • Standing Poses (1:26)
  • Lying Down Poses (0:41)
  • Group Poses (2:40)
  • What To Do With Your Hands (0:49)
  • Advanced Selfie Example: Creating Context in your Photographs (1:21)


  • How To Figure Out What Types Of Photos Work For You (6:15)
  • How to Look More Confident in Your Advanced Selfies (5:12)
  • Overcoming The Fear of Posing & Posting (2:43)


  • Best Lighting For Advanced Selfies (1:28)
  • How To Set Focus For Your Advanced Selfies (1:48)


  • Easy Advanced Selfies For Anyone (3:59)
  • Best Locations For Advanced Selfies (0:30)
  • Very Simple Advanced Selfie Example: Normal Family Moment Captured (0:31)
  • Simple Self Portraits: Why Choosing The Right Colours For You MATTERS (5:34)


  • Optimal Mobile Phone Set Up For Jaw-Dropping Mobile Photography (5:42)
  • How To Shoot Better Advanced Selfies With Your Phone (9:28)
  • How To Edit Your Mobile Phone Advanced Selfies on Your Phone (4:55)


  • How To Take Advanced Selfies on a DSLR Without A Remote Trigger (1:44)

Drone Advanced Selfie (Very Advanced)

  • DRONE ADVANCED SELFIES: Level Up Your Instagram With These Easy Aerial Self-Portrait Ideas


  • Make Your Photographs Look Like Art (2:21)
  • How to Use Photoshop to Polish Your Advanced Selfies
  • Beginner Retouching: Simple Self Portrait Editing (Example 1) (16:19)
  • Advanced Selfie Example: Wooden Bathroom (1:00)
  • EDITING TASK: Recreate my Editing
  • Public Street Advanced Selfie Example PLUS Retouching Example (5:10)


  • You Are Equipped With Everything You Need! (3:14)

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