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Sounds too good to be true? Perhaps. But I’m not asking you to believe anything at this moment. All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof. ...

Course Provider Name: The Alpha System
by Tony Ruca

The First And Only System In Existence That Quickly And Forcefully Imprints Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem And Plain Raw “Alpha-Ness” Directly Into Your

Nervous System

It’s like loading a computer with raw data…so, without conscious effort, you can “download” whatever attributes and personality traits that you want, as well as amazingly advanced seduction skills straight into your unconscious mind. And, you’ll do it…

  • Without stepping out of your “comfort zone”
  • Without going out making a bonehead out of yourself
  • Without talking to a single woman

Sounds too good to be true? Perhaps. But I’m not asking you to believe anything at this moment. All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof.

It will take just a few minutes, yet the rewards can be enormous because in just a moment, I’m going to reveal…

The Biggest Breakthrough Discovery In Seduction, Self-Help and Possibly Even In Neuro-Science That Has Ever Been Made

And if this sounds even remotely interesting to you, then please…just sit back relax, and listen very closely to what I have to say. At worst you might lose a few minutes of your time…at best, you might just change your life.

My name is Tony Ruca and in the last two years alone I’ve slept with over 300 women. But before I did that, I had spent almost my entire teens and young adult life as a total looser.

Raised by a feminist mother, I used to think that being the “knight in a shining armor” was not only the way to win a woman’s affection, but it was also to be my purpose in life.

But I wasn’t your typical nice-guy who made friends with all the girls, listening to their baloney. No, I was even worse off than that.

I couldn’t even talk to women. Deep inside I wanted to ravish them, but years and years of bad social conditioning had made me completely unable to have a natural conversation with anything that didn’t have a dick between its legs.

I used to think; why would they even want to talk to me in the first place? After all, I’m just a “dirty pig” (as my mother used to say).

The pain continued to grow within me. Would I ever have a girlfriend in my life? Would I always have to be alone on a Saturday night when all the people I knew where out partying…drinking…dancing…and having sex?

The pain got so big that I could only see one way out.

Drugs. Lots And Lots Of Drugs.

Since I was already involved in these circles…getting my hands on whatever drug I wanted in high quality was very easy. I did all of them. Heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and so on.

If I had many different sorts of drugs in my stash, I would do them all at the same time, causing multiple overdoses and near-death experiences.

In retrospect, I think both Ozzie Osbourne and Keith Richards would have a hard time competing with the copious amounts of hard narcotics that I’ve ingested throughout the years.

And yeah I know…it was stupid. But the fact was,

I Would Do Anything In My Power To Step Out Of My Useless Self And Just Be A Real Person!

And I don’t regret a second of it. Because if I hadn’t done drugs, I never would’ve met the junkie who recommended me to read Napoleon Hill. And if I hadn’t read Napoleon Hill, then not only would I have been dead but…

I wouldn’t have set out on a six-year-long journey spending thousands of hours studying neuroscience.

After I read Napoleon Hill, I realized that I was meant for something greater in life than to die off in alley behind the train station. I cleaned myself up and decided to pursue a life in business.

But as I quit the drugs, some pretty nasty obstacles came my way…

Every single day, panic attacks were hitting me as hard as lightningstrikes, lasting pretty much from the time I woke up in the morning until the minute I managed to fall asleep in the night (usually from exhaustion).

I was sweating like a pig…I couldn’t breathe…and I was pretty much the most miserable person you could ever imagine!

And that’s when I realized that…

I Had To Do Something Drastic, Or I Was Literally Going To DIE!

So, I made up a plan of going out 7 days a week for a whole year, to practice socializing and “getting out of my head” for a while.

I thought that going out and meet women would get my feet back on the ground. And how did it go? Well…

I broke that promise the very next day!

I don’t know why…but I just couldn’t pull myself to follow through! When I entered the club that day, I didn’t approach a single woman. I just froze up.

After that failure, I tried hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, law of attraction and every other damn thing that was out there and…

None of it worked!

At this stage…I was getting more and more worried. Was I unabled to be helped? Was I going to be this way for the rest of my life??

Many people probably would’ve quit by now and gotten back to their old habits and miserable lives (which in my case was drugs). At least there I’d feel normal. But not me, not this time. I was determined to figure this out, no matter what!

I started reading up on neuroscience as I thought it might give me the answers that I was looking for…answers to questions like “What the HELL was wrong with me??”

Like a madman, I plowed through every single book I could find. And one day I came upon a research by the great neuroscientist George Lakoff, and like a lightningstrike in a south Florida thunderstorm it hit me…

Conscious Effort Is Useless!

I realized that 98% of everything that you do on a day-to-day basis and every singlethought that you have in your mind, is totally unconscious.

And therefore…it doesn’t matter how much you try to change or improve yourself on an intellectual level, because none of it really helps you in real life situations!

Think about it…how many times have you read a great book and got “motivated”, only to “shut down” and become your old, tired self when it really mattered?

How many times have you told yourself that; “next time, I’ll be cool” or “next time, I’ll do it differently”.

But yet…once that next time comes…

You go back to acting in the exact same way that you promised yourself not to!

Isn’t it funny? If you want evidence to support it, just look at all those people who spent ten, twenty or even thirty years with “self-help”, but who’s still dealing with theexact same problems as when they began!

They’ve gotten to know, intellectually, all the principles of high self-esteem, believing in themselves and that “they’re enough”, to not give a damn what others think of them and so on…

But knowing something intellectually doesn’t make any difference!

You can’t win at this seduction-thing (or anything at all for that matter) by going at itconsciously.

What you have to do is to systematically imprint these beliefs deeply into your unconscious mind and in that way…when you’re acting natural and being yourself, you will act through your new beliefs automatically.

That is the way to become good with this stuff. As a matter of fact…

It Is The Only Way To Achieve True And Permanent Deep-Level Change!

When I first got this realization…I became discouraged.

I thought to myself that “If I can’t get rid of all these fears and bad social imprints by doing what is taught in all these self-help books…then how will I ever cure myself?”

Panic started to settle in…hopelessness was waiting for me around the corner. But I didn’t give up. I swore to myself that October day back in 2005 that I would do whatever it took to find a solution, even if it meant killing myself in the process!

By now, I was studying neuroscience full-time. I spent 16 hours a day (or the hours that I was able to do anything else than fearing for my life with my monsterous anixety attacks) for 6 years, reading over 786 books on the subject, researching and experimenting…trying to figure out how to consciously change my unconscious mind.

And after much trial and error…I discovered something completely life-changing. Something so utterly magnificent, that I was not only able to rid myself of all my symptoms, negative feelings and thoughts…but even add on whatever characteristics that I wanted!

By doing this method on myself, I literally transformed myself from a complete wreck, from somebody who practically couldn’t interact with people at all without coming across as awkward…to a fearless, ruthless alpha male who didn’t give a miserable macaroni of what anyone thought of me.

Before, I had to get myself drunk or high to even be somewhat normal at a public gathering like a pub or bar. Now, I did things sober that drunk people wouldn’t evendare to attempt!

During the following two years (up until now), I slept with over 300 women, created a company from scratch that now has sales in the millions of dollars per year and, all in all…I’m pretty much the happiest guy in the world!

This method is called Laser-Targeting® and it’s

The Coolest, Most Earth-Shattering, MostLife-Changing And Ridiculously Powerful Mind-Bending Experience In The History Of Mankind

(Not my words by the way, altough I can’t help but agree with it.)

This technique (which I developed after six years of rock-hard study of cybernetics and neuroscience as well as thousands of hours of trial and error), lets you literally re-program your unconscious mind into whatever you want it to.

And it works like this:

Can you guess what the image above you symbolizes?

The dot represents what it is that you want out of life. You know, what kind of experiences you would want to have, what kind of person you want to be, what kind of women you want to sleep with and so on.

The big circle around the dot is the large fuzzy picture that your unconsciousunderstands.

Let’s say the dot is a normal #2 pencil mark and the circle is one inch in diameter, you’d be able to fit about 625 dots in the circle. So, by just consciously wanting to be an alpha male and by working at it every day in the traditional sense…

…You’d Have 1 Chance Out Of 625 Of Actually Achieving It!

Not very good odds, right?

Are you starting to understand now why the failure rate in “PUA” and self-help is so big?

You see, if only your conscious mind wants to act or be a certain way…but yourunconscious wants something else…well, then you’re shit out of luck! (until now)

What Laser-Targeting does is that it aligns all four parts of your brain, namely; your right brain, your left brain, your midbrain and your brainstem (your conscious and your unconscious) together in a perfect harmony so that all parts of your brain knowsexactly, with a laser-sharp precision what it is that you want and what kind of person you want to be!

That’s the reason for the name; Laser-Targeting®.

After doing this process, which I will guide you through step-by-step in my brand new program called “The Alpha System”, your chance of actually getting the characteristics and traits that you want increases from 1 in 625 to (if done correctly) 1 in 1.

Instead of having that big, fuzzy aim towards how you’d want to be…it would look like this:

In other words…

So ask yourself right now, what characteristics do you want?

Do you want to be fearless and be able to walk up to any hot woman that you see without the slightest bit of anxiety?

Do you want to have prison-rigid confidence that makes everyone around you feel at ease, and ultimately…look up to you as their leader?

Do you want to enhance the cool and good parts of your personality (or just add on new ones completely) and become that one-of-a-kind, totally unique man that everyone envies and says about “That guy is just so cool!”?

If so, then Laser-Targeting is the solution you’ve prayed to God for.

But did you think that was all?

No. This course is called The Alpha System, not Laser-Targeting System!

And that is why I’ve decided to add three extra Modules for you as a bonus, to make sure that we really handle all parts of yourself.

Since Laser-Targeting is so powerful, we need to make sure that we re-wire your brain in a way that is absolutely certain to help you get laid (and, to become a happier person in general).

And, when you’re done with Laser-Targeting and have started to re-wire your brain…you need to arm yourself with some actual tactics, techniques and methods on how to actually get a woman in bed!

And not just any techniques…but timeless techniques based on true science and not some “made up stuff” created by some geek with no real-life experience!

All of this is laid out in…

The Most Simple, Straight-Forward Yet Most Effective Course On How To Become A Masculine, “Alpha Male” Seducer In History

By following this System (which does NOT require you to go out and talk to women),
you will rid yourself of all approach anxiety, fear of rejection and negative thoughts about yourself…gain a self-image harder and more powerful than a diamond, a ruthless “not give a damn” mentality and an outrageous confidence shining through your eyes like a searchlight.

And not only that…but you’ll also get a deep understanding of female and male psychology that is based on real neuro-science and not some “made up stuff”, as well as hardcore manipulative tactics and techniques that you won’t really need (but can still use if you please), to “mindfuck” women and people in general to do what you want.

It is the first and only system that turns you into a world-class seducer WITHOUT you having to actually go out and “practice”. And the best part of it all is that…

It Does It A Hundred Times Faster Than Any Other System

By using this System myself, I turned myself around from a sucker to a “straight shooter” in just three months. And while I still use my system from time to time to refresh and recap, I now call myself a “graduate”.

This means that I don’t have to keep doing it to keep my momentum going. I AM a natural masculine, alpha male that nearly all women crave. It is not a facade. It is not a trick or theatre play that needs constant practice to pull off.

I do it effortlessly and without conscious thought, so that now I can focus on otherthings in life instead of feeling bad and frustrated, and trying to better myself, my self-esteem or my personality.

And trust me. Once you get that feeling of ultimate freedom, that inner sense of feeling that you can do anything at any place and any time…

That’s When You Start Living Life As It Was Meant To Be!

So, you won’t just go through and experience Laser-Targeting, but what you’ll actually get is an A-Z blueprint of how to:

  • Turn yourself into the most confident, self-loving man that you could ever imagine by using the proprietary system called Laser-Targeting and
  • Learn everything you ought to know of how to actually open a conversation with a woman, how to keep leading the interaction and never run out of things to say, and all the way into the bedroom and beyond, and do it all like a true alpha male! (After all, I have probably more experience with seduction than any of the big-name gurus out there…and you’ll be able to extract every little bit of knowledge on that topic from me as well.)

This is the most comprehensive, step-by-step program on being and becoming a true alpha male that has ever been released. And, you’re going to learn it from someone who actually knows what he’s talking about.

What This Is Not

  • This is not some “hocus pocus” or “positive thinking” stuff.
  • This is not a course with compiled info from other books or seminars.
  • This is not a motivational course (if you’re looking for that “72 hour motivation-boost”, look elsewhere).
  • This is not a “big” course filled with 95% stories and 5% content. This is 100% content that you can use and implement today.
  • This is not some “made up stuff” that hasn’t been fully studied, tested and proven.

“OK Tony, But How Does It Work Exactly?”

It’s Simple…

The Alpha System contains four modules. And the reason I chose to pack it into four modules instead of one is because I wanted you to get a complete system. I don’t know how much experience you have with women, and therefore…

I didn’t want to risk keeping you in the dark from all the tactics and techniques that will actually help you get laid!

After all…you not just want to be an alpha male, you want to know how to use it to your advantage when picking up women as well, right?

That’s why I decided to create such a comprehensive system so that no matter how much experience you have right now…even if you’ve never read a single book on how to pick up women before…

You will have a complete system to follow every single time that you go out!

And it’s all very simple. Just go through every single Module, one by one…and at the end of it, you’ll be a changed man!

In these modules, there will be some exercises that you will need to do. The effects from these exercises will be immediate, but they will also keep growing on you, bubbling beneath the surface so that from then on out…

You’ll become happiercalmer, more enthusiastic, more ruthless and more fearlessevery single day!

My personal guarantee to you is that in just 90 days, regardless of your current skill, you will be able to outperform or at least be on the same level as any big-name pick up “guru” who sells expensive bootcamps or seminars.

That is just how powerful this system is.

But let’s dig into it. Here’s what we’re going to cover, step-by-step:

Module #1 (Foundations)

Before we get into the really juicy stuff in this course, we have to lay some groundwork.

Just as a plane wouldn’t fly without its wings, or a house wouldn’t stand without a floor, you too will never be able to go far in this “game” if you don’t have a thorough understanding of the principles that you’ll learn in this first module.

Even if you’ve done this “pick up thing” for years or read hundreds of books on the subject, I promise that you’re going to learn something new here.

Everything included in this first module are my observations from sleeping with hundreds of beautiful women from all cultures and all parts of the world…as well as observations from real, truthful women that I’ve interviewed and slept with.

The things you’ll discover in this module are as real and straightforward as you can get them. And trust me, you just can’t get this kind of information from a book.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • The secret to become a real masculine alpha male that consistently pulls hot women without effort (this is so profound and is not talked about anywhere. But best of all, it’s extremely easy to implement and your results can literally come instantly).
  • The woman’s single most fulfilling moment with you (this is the moment when she decides if she’s going to sleep with you or not. Do the right thing here, and the deal is pretty much done).
  • The sneaky, unnoticeable ways that women test you, and how you can very easily and without effort or conscious thought pass every single one of them(and you should be aware that the more the girl is into you, the more she is going to test you. Once you fail a test, her attraction for you greatly diminishes.) After going through this part of the course, you will never fail a “shit-test” again.
  • Why you should never listen to what a woman says (and how to read her like an open book with this one little piece of knowledge).
  • How to easily hook a woman into a relationship with you for as long as you want, and make her painfully in love with you. (If you can hook up with a woman and sleep with her once but you find that your relationships quickly ends, this little-known trick will fix that forever. It’s a “trick” unconsciously used by alpha males that keep the women they meet in love with them for years, no matter how bad they get treated).
  • How to use any of the six automated human response triggers to manipulateand persuade pretty much any woman to do what you want. (Not only will you be able to persuade women, but you’ll be able to persuade practicallyeveryone you meet)
  • If you feel somewhat confident that you’re doing everything right and stilldon’t get laid within 3-5 approaches or less, you’re probably missing the one, crucial understanding of attraction in your mindset. Watch the video called “What women really want” to discover the ultimate “paradox” in seduction that probably no other “Pick Up Artist” has ever told you about (or maybe don’t even know about himself)
  • How the biggest scheme in the history of mankind has made you into a sucker with women, and how you can fix it almost overnight.
  • The number one reason why your relationships end, and how to fix it (even if you’re single now, you must know this for future use!).
  • What YOUR responsibilities are in any relationship with a woman (and if you don’t know them, prepare to get cheated on or left behind)
  • The bulletproof formula that guarantees a happy, long-lasting marriage for both you and your girl – and how to make sure that she keeps her weight under control and keeps on banging your brains out whenever you want to!
  • And more!

Module #2 (Self-Actualization)

This next part is crucial. As Module 1 was all about outer factors, the human condition in general and how to manipulate that into your favor, Module 2 is all about innerchange.

This is where we start to dive deep into the knowledge of neuroscience and start to explore the deeper parts of yourself.

The things you’re going to learn here are principles and mindsets that I truly and fully live by. If you want to get into the mind of a straight shooter, a “no fruitcake”, “no fugazi”…then here’s your chance.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

  • How to literally stop ‘giving a damn’ (both with women and with men, you will be seen as a fearless “go-getter” by anyone you meet. But most importantly, it will give you a feeling of ultimate freedom and an inner sense of “I can f-ckin’ do anything!“)
  • How to make sure that everyone, at all times, treats you with their uttermost respect and admiration.
  • How to permanently stop all negative thoughts and have you walk up to the hottest woman you’ve ever seen without a single spark of fear or anxiety (your life will completely change after you’ve gone through this part. This alone is worth more than the price of the whole course).
  • How to change your “buried” personality and create any type of unconscious identity for yourself that you’d like. This is a lot easier than it sounds and once you’ve done it, you will catch yourself doing things automatically that you’d never thought even be possible before.
  • If you want to know how to develop that phenomenal self-image that just shines out of your eyes like a searchlight, this is where I start introducing the step-by-step blueprint for how to do so.
  • If you feel that you are flawed in your personality or in “how you are”, then listen closely to what I have to say here to discover how you can use your flaws in your FAVOR (Hint: all of us have flaws, the secret is how to make them work for us instead of against us).
  • The one thing that absolutely must be your highest priority in life, if you want to really live from your masculine core (if you’re going out a lot and working on getting better with women…then this is truly the secret that has kept you from success all this time. Nobody else talks about this, but I promise you…after you “get it”, you’re never going to view this “pick up thing” the same…and approaching women, just won’t seem like a big deal anymore.)

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