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$56, The Art of Private Money Training - Art Of Private Money course available
The Art Of Private Money Training Art Of Private Money

Status: AVAILABLE - Download immediately

Languages: English

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This method, if applied, will allow you to flip an unlimited number of properties and/or get rental deals without going to banks or hard money lenders, or ever using your cash or credit. ...

Course Provider Name: The Art of Private Money Training
by Art Of Private Money

Find Private Money Lenders and Convert Them To Hungry, Eager Partners on All Your Deals – Without EVER Sucking Up to Banks or Hard Money Lenders Again!

Finally pull the trigger on any deal you want, any time you want!

Dear Real Estate Investor,

I want to share a little-known method for getting 100% financing for any real estate deal you want.

This method, if applied, will allow you to flip an unlimited number of properties and/or get rental deals without going to banks or hard money lenders, or ever using your cash or credit.

Consistently being able to finance deals is what is keeping the majority of investors like you from reaching the next level.

Banks say “no.” And hard money lenders are VERY expensive (and risky). If you can’t figure out this “deal financing” dilemma once and for all, you’ll be stuck doing “small-money” deals your whole life…

…while missing out on the REAL opportunities like big-money rehabs or income-generating rentals. You see, there’s this very REAL strategy to get someone else’s money for ALL your deals, without ever going to the bank or using your credit.

Imagine acquiring as many properties as you wanted…

  • Without the use of banks
  • Without having anyone question your credit or look at your income
  • Without STILL needing your own cash

…and in a way that’s scalable and repeatable so you keep adding more and more passive income streams, or producing HUGE checks from flipping properties.

How would your life change if you started doing as many real estate deals as you wanted without being limited by lack of cash or banks that are a nightmare to deal with?

So many investors I meet are stuck due to a lack of funding for their deals….

You may be one of them.

You may feel frustrated watching other investors buy houses, accumulate rentals or acquire new developments…

Maybe you’re tired of constantly finding juicy, profitable deals, only to watch other investors snatch them up from under you as you scramble to get financed….

Perhaps you’re stuck chasing wholesale deals or even worse, not doing any deals at all…

…while other investors in your market are flipping houses and making $40k-$50k a pop (or more) or buying up rental after rental to add to their portfolio.

It always seems like THEY know something you don’t.

Like there’s some “secret code” to crack….

You already know that the only difference between the guy doing 20 deals a year and you is that he has lenders on speed dial to fund any deal he wants…

He’s cracked the code on how to attract money into his business and you still haven’t…

He can pull the trigger on any deal he wants to…

And you can’t…for now.

He’s enjoying total financial freedom and you’re still trying to get there….

And that’s perfectly ok.

You see, it’s not really your fault you’re not there yet!

You’ve been lied to and mis-educated about how to find and raise money properly.

You’ve been told that you need to have a high credit score, that you need to go to the bank and

beg them for money (all untrue)…

…that you need 20% down, that nobody will lend to you without experience (also all untrue)….

But how do you get experience if nobody will lend to you??

Or maybe you’ve heard the “make money in real estate with zero down” offers and opportunities out there, but they all seem like fairy tales.

Your friends and other people trying their hand at real estate all tell you that it can’t be done. They say things like:

  • “You can’t do deals with no money down.”
  • “It takes money to make money.”
  • “Banks want down payments. Hard money lenders want 15% interest and 20-30% of the deal in cash from you (and your first-born child).”

Maybe you’re further ahead than most of your fellow investors and actually understand what “private money” is and how that can be the difference maker – the game changer in your business.

“Private Money” is simply loans from other “regular Joes” like you and me.

Private lenders don’t care about your credit score, your income, and will often lend up to 100% of the entire deal!

But you have to know where to find them and what to say to them to get them to trust you.

That’s where the great majority of investors fall apart.

Perhaps you’ve already tried to find these “private lenders,” but you haven’t found success (yet)

Maybe you’ve fallen for the Facebook and LinkedIn scams where people tell you they’ll fund your deal and that they’re private money lenders, but turn out to be scammers.

It doesn’t help that there’s so much misinformation out there on how to TRULY find private money.

You say to yourself:

  • “I don’t know any rich people, so who would lend to me?”
  • “I haven’t done any deals yet, so why would someone trust me?”
  • “This is too complicated. I can’t make it work.”

Yet, deep down, you know that if you could just “crack this code,” it would finally let you break into real estate, start doing deals OR massively scale the number of deals you’re already doing.

So…if you’re tired of not being able to “pull the trigger” on deals because you don’t have the funding in place….

Let’s put an end to this crap right now!

I’m here to tell you that, yes, private money (money raised from individuals like you and me) IS the difference maker for the big boys – the true players in real estate.

And it IS possible for anyone to find it, to raise it, to use it to start doing BIG deals, all the freaking time. Period (and that includes YOU!).

There’s a clear path that you can follow to step over the “funding problem” and start buying as many deals as you can.

Once you crack this code, the payoff is amazing. You’ll literally pick up your phone and have lenders on standby for any deal you want to buy.

You’ll start earning the kind of life-changing money that can allow you to quit your job, take as many vacations as you want, provide a better life for your family, and never have to worry about paying bills or pleasing your boss ever again.

The ability to competently raise private money is literally life-changing.

And to help you crack the “code” and achieve success, I put together this course called Art of Private Money.

When it comes to finding and securing private money for your real estate deals, there’s no other program like this out there.

The Art of Private Money Includes:


4 Detailed Multimedia Modules

Complete with multiple, easy-to-digest training videos, documents and resources! In addition, you’ll get access to in-depth interviews with other private money experts AND students. By hearing how other people like you have gained success, all you have to do is model their actions and replicate their steps. No more guessing or wondering what to do next!

This training covers everything from finding private lenders, building rapport with them, various ways to structure your deals, preparing compelling presentations for your lenders and much more.

Here’s the cool part:

In addition to detailed training that I have recorded for you, I’ve also included in-depth interviews with private money experts AND recent students who have raised money successfully

I want you to hear not just my point of view, but learn from other investors who can massively short-cut your path to success!

You’ll learn from seasoned vets on exactly how they find private money and close deal after deal.

You’ll also hear from newer investors just like you, who until recently struggled, probably just like you. You’ll then model exactly what they did to find and secure financing for their deals, so you’re not stuck having to reinvent the wheel!

I am also including some powerful bonuses for you!

You too, are just ONE PRIVATE MONEY LENDER AWAY from changing your entire business and your life!

After going through this training and putting it into action, you will absolutely transform your ability to get funding for any real estate deal you want.

This training took hundreds of hours of my time, time of other investors and experts, as well as money spent on video editing, site building, graphic design and more.

The Art of Private Money platform regularly sells for $2,288…which is still a huge bargain for this level of training.

Because I want to help you be as successful as you possibly can when it comes to raising private $…

I’m knocking over $1500 off the price of the entire Art of Private Money training!

All you pay TODAY is $497 (one-time investment) for everything!

This giant discount and all the bonuses are only available for a limited time.

Art of Private Money

  • Art of Private Money Course (4 Modules) [value $497]
  • BONUS: Purchase and Private Money Legal Contracts [value $1000]
  • BONUS: Private Money Lead-Magnet Report (white label) [value $397]
  • BONUS: Joint Ventures and 100% Funding Training [value $197]
  • BONUS: How to use Credit Partners to Skyrocket your Funds [value $197]
  • Ongoing Investing Education, Content, and Support – Priceless
  • Unlimited Support: Phone and Email
  • 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee!

Total Value – $2,288

lick the ‘add to cart’ button right now to take advantage of this special offer and to get instant access to everything.

Your order will be processed automatically once you click the button and we’ll email you online access to the Art of Private Money course!

Oh, and of course, you get a 30-day 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose!

This special offer is only available on this page and will not be found anywhere else.

If you choose NOT to take advantage of this today, you will be paying $2,288 for the Art of Private Money Course down the road.

INSTEAD get it for $497 today!

In real estate, when you see a great deal, you have to jump on it fast! Or the opportunity may never come again.

Well, you have to apply the same mentality to this. The opportunity to gain this level of $-raising education at such an insanely low price will likely never come again!

This is likely a potential turning point in your life…

You have to decide whether you’ll continue doing the same thing you’ve been doing, which means you’ll continue getting the same results…

Or take advantage of this opportunity and start lining up money to do unlimited real estate deals, with virtually unlimited profit potential!

Real estate can be an incredibly rewarding, amazing, fun business but without reliable, “phone call away” funding, it can only be a distant dream.

We all started or were at one point where you are right now.

You may be thinking, “Well, I don’t have any deals yet I want to buy, so I don’t need this education right now.”

But the reality is that you have to start building private money and other funding relationships BEFORE you ever have a deal to buy. You should be doing this NOW. That way, when you come across a great deal, you’re prepared and have money ready to go.

If you’re thinking, “This all looks great, but no matter what I do, nobody will lend me money,” the truth is we’ve shown and proven time and time again that almost anyone willing to put in the work can do this.

You’ll see for yourself in the bonus interviews with other investors like you, which I’ll give you access to inside Art of Private Money.

Discover everything you need to know about Private Money with our detailed training, delivered with multiple, easy-to-digest lessons and videos.

  • How and where to find real, legit private money lenders.
  • How to establish rapport and build relationships with them so that they open up their checkbooks
  • How to turn these private lenders into eager partners on all your deals
  • How to structure your deals so that private lenders start calling YOU instead of the other way around
  • How to present your deals to make sure they’re funded each and every time
  • Private money basics – what it is and what it is not
  • The HUGE mindset shift you must make to attract money
  • Specific ways to find private money and all the places where private money lenders can easily be found
  • Scripts of what to say and when
  • How to build a credibility packet, even if you have 0 deals under your belt
  • And much more!

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