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Make Money From Anywhere In The World Passively Using Amazon FBA UK

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My Amazon FBA Journey and Results.


In March of 2018 I quit my job as a teacher… I now generate £20,000+ per month, working from ANYWHERE in the world, on Amazon FBA UK. You can EASILY match these incredible results selling simple products on Amazon, creating your own brand and launching it to the world. Allow Amazon to pay YOU to live the life of your dreams! Begin this incredible journey TODAY!

Amazon is one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world, with over 400 million users – a sizeable share of the online retail market. IT IS TIME TO PUT YOUR PRODUCT IN FRONT OF THESE CUSTOMERS NOW!


If I can do it, YOU can do it TOO! The hardest part of any journey is TAKING ACTION! Those that do will change the course of their lives forever!

So let's talk about one of my students, Toni.

Toni joined The Amazon Super Seller Elites Academy in July 2018 and after a few short months he has shown some impressive results selling on Amazon UK. Toni is a self proclaimed 'risk-taker' – he saw the opportunity with Amazon FBA UK and acted on it. Today, Toni generates more than £7,000 per month on Amazon FBA UK. Below are Toni's results after implementing much of the course to his Amazon FBA business….

Toni is a gentleman and a hard worker. He deserves the results which he is achieving and I am happy to have helped him and others to reach this level.

So, let's look at some more of my student results from selling Private Label on Amazon.

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What about my results..


This is a PROVEN FORMULA that I use to launch ALL of my new, and successful products on Amazon! My guide will teach you EVERYTHING that you need to know, and you also get my one-to-one mentorship. My mentorship WILL be being removed from the package SOON to make sure I can give each student the attention that they need!

There has NEVER been a better time to sell online, especially with Amazon FBA growing SO RAPIDLY. This was something that I realised in 2016. Unfortunately, the sad truth of the matter is that SO many people will consider selling on Amazon, but few will act on this AMAZING opportunity. So, if you can take anything from visiting my page, it is to realise the power of TAKING ACTION & FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS!

What do you get access to once you're enrolled?

1.) Immediate access to all video tutorials – Value £1582

2.) DAILY one-to-one email mentorship support from ME for 4 months from sign up date- Value £649

3.) Access to the NEW Super-Seller Learning Hub for 24/7 support from ME – £674

4.) All future course updates are completely FREE to you as a student – Value £760

5.) UNLIMITED Amazon product listing analysis/advice from ME- Value £300

6.) UNLIMITED product feedback/advice from ME – Value £300

7.) PRIVATE access to The Amazon Super Seller Elites family on Facebook for enrolled students –

Value £499

8.) FREE bank of 400 product ideas included in your welcome pack – Priceless




Students have suggested the course price be nearer the £1000 mark, the price WILL be rising very soon!

Drum Roll….

Introducing the new Super Seller Learning Hub For Students

I understand that you want questions answered quickly, possibly late at night or on the weekend. If this is the case then you will LOVE my new Super Seller Learning Hub. Accessible 24/7 at the touch of a button, you will never wait for a response again. This knowledge base is packed full of articles which are easy to understand. You would expect to pay hundreds for this product but you will be getting this for FREE. Your welcome pack will provide you with exclusive access to this resource.

A little about me…

Hello everyone and welcome, so here is a little about me. I am 27, and prior to this venture, I had no business experience in the e-commerce space whatsoever. From 2015-2017, I was working as a UK qualified teacher, taking home £1200 per month – until I stumbled upon Amazon FBA Private Label. I am now consistently reaching £20,000 in monthly sales on Amazon UK & Europe, with a 50% profit margin (£10,000). I was able to setup and run my Amazon FBA business whilst working my full time job for over 12 months, and I am now using my teaching skills to deliver my Super-Seller Elites course to help others achieve the same financial freedom as I have.My course has been designed for beginners and advanced users and clearly lays out all of the skills and processes involved in setting up your own Private Label business from scratch. This is not a 'get rich quick' course, it requires work and commitment, which if applied can result in a profitable business for you to pursue.

This course will provide you with ALL of the tools that you need to create an Amazon FBA Private Label Business, but if you decide to skip any modules or rush the research phase, this may impact your success. This is not a 'guaranteed' way to make money and is not intended for students who do not have the drive to put the work in during the beginning stages of the course. The research phase is the a VERY important phase, take your time and find that killer product! I pride my course on its contents, but also my personalised mentorship that I provide to EVERY single student who is enrolled. 

This course is intended for people who are SERIOUS about making their Amazon Private Label business a success. Every part of the course is equally important and it is vital not to skip or miss any course lectures. 

You will learn:

  • Company setup
  • Business requirments
  • Product Research Techniques.
  • Essential Product Criteria.
  • How I find products that hit £4,000 plus per month, each.
  • How to source and negotiate with suppliers.
  • Creating a Private Label Amazon Listing that sells.
  • How to rank organically on the first page for search terms.
  • How to setup & manage your Amazon seller account.
  • Using Amazon's advertising to launch your product and sky-rocket your sales.
  • How to use follow up email services to gain reviews.
  • We will look at Facebook advertising and how it can help boost sales.

I am excited to work with everyone and look forward to dominating FBA together!

This is all happening right now, I hesitated, don't make the same mistake that I did.

So how does it work? Can can I get started today?

Well, you will be glad to know that it is very simple. You can use our courses secure payment gateway at the bottom of the page to enrol in the course at half price, and with Dylan's full mentorship. Once this is done, Dylan will send you your welcome enrolment email with all details of your lifetime course access login, your exclusive access to our private community and mentorship programme and much more!

Class Curriculum

Introduction To The Course (FREE PREVIEW)

  • Why choose this course? (1:13)
  • Introduction and overview of the course (3:59)
  • Private Label explained (1:43)
  • What is Amazon FBA? (2:45)
  • What are the costs involved for setting up a Private Label business (5:29)

Student Resources (Learning Hub /Mentorship/Facebook Group)

  • Full Support Access (4:34)

Module 1 – Business Setup & Implementation

  • Implementation – How should you approach the course (4:07)
  • A simple approach to setting up a UK limited company. (5:30)
  • SIC code requirements (1:16)
  • Trademarks and Amazon (5:09)

Get Amazon FBA UK Course – Dylan Reed only Price $77 

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