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Product Description

The Most Comprehensive Fulfillment By Amazon Course

That Transforms Beginners and Experienced Sellers into

Highly Profitable Amazon Experts in Just Weeks!

I Want to Become a Top Amazon Seller Now

Why You Should Start an Amazon FBA Business

As a successful Fulfillment By Amazon business owner and entrepreneur, I want to share my secrets with you to help you earn a passive income while growing a long-term business!

You Will Learn Everything for a Profitable FBA Business in this Course

The video below explains how this expertly-designed package will teach you all the proven techniques, methods and step-by-step business planning that has helped hundreds of people just like you become financially free!



I take you through the awesome value you are going to receive once enrolled


Get Started Now to Begin Your Amazon FBA Business Journey Today

There are many reasons you can tell yourself why you can’t sign up today.

You’re too busy, you are afraid it won’t work, you already have a job.

However, this is your opportunity to create the life that you have always wanted by becoming your own boss and laying the foundation for long-term financial freedom.

To make your decision easier, we are giving you an exclusive offer that includes 3 months of personal mentorship from FBA experts!


Amazon Wizard Has Changed Hundreds of Lives Already

With Amazon quickly becoming the largest company in the world, there are incredible opportunities for people around the world to use the platform to create their own business.

The best part? When you use Amazon Wizard to master Fulfillment By Amazon, you don’t need to stock any inventory yourself, you don’t need much starting capital and you can work from the comfort of your own home! the business is 'passive' in nature.

Get Amazon Wizard Training With Bonuses & 3 Months Mentorship of author Sajad only  price 97$

Learning to Sell on Amazon has Never Been Easier

The Comprehensive Amazon Wizard FBA Course offers you all the information, resources and instruction to have your store running in just weeks!

That’s right! You can open an FBA store on the world’s largest platform in under 30 days, bringing you consistent income both immediately and in the long-term.

The course has been created by me, an Amazon FBA expert that has spent years developing lucrative selling processes that generate profit every day! Now, I have put all my industry-insider secrets and professional Amazon selling techniques into one extraordinary course.

No matter where you are in the world, this Fulfillment By Amazon course will help you start, grow and maintain a successful selling business online. We have helped UK Amazon FBA sellers, American Amazon FBA sellers, Australian Amazon FBA sellers and others around the world master the art of online sales!

When You Join Amazon Wizard, You Receive a Variety of Advantages

The whole point of Amazon Wizard is to put our students ahead of the competition.

How? By offering exclusive material that guides you through the Amazon FBA setup, marketing, sales and all the other elements that are necessary to develop a profitable business!

When you register for our Amazon FBA Selling Course Now, you receive:

Amazon FBA Reference Guide that provides you with answers to all the fundamental questions you may have about starting your business…A £1995 VALUE

Advanced Product Research Strategies that help you stand out from the crowd by discovering exciting new products to sell in your store

3 Months of Professional Mentoringthat allows you to email me any questions for your first three months and receive advice from somebody who has done this before! A £2995 VALUE

Ranking and Optimisation Strategies that use a combination of SEO and insider tricks to help potential clients reach your store before finding your competitors

Over 130 Videos of Unique Training Content that covers every single possible aspect of running a successful FBA business, from registering to securing 5-Star reviews from clients

Financial Freedom to not have to wake up and drive to a 9 to 5 everyday, to be your own boss and to create your own working environment for a happier, healthier life

As an added bonus, if you register today I will throw in messaging templates and a special step-by-step video guide that allows you to produce top quality graphics using completely free software!

You Also Receive My Personal Guarantee of Success

Unlike other online courses that may simply give you access to their information once you join, I truly care about every single one of my students. That is why I provide three months of personal mentorship when you register today.

Plus, I am so confident that you will be amazed at what Amazon Wizard will do for your business and your life, I will offer a 100% refund up to 14 days after you join.

With my full student satisfaction guarantee and commitment to your success, you simply have no reason not to take advantage of this incredible offer today!

Sign Up for Amazon Wizard Now

Over 140 Original Amazon FBA Learning Modules

Amazon Wizard offers the largest selection of informative and captivating Fulfillment By Amazon training videos that walk you through every step of becoming a profitable online seller.

Get Amazon Wizard Training With Bonuses & 3 Months Mentorship of author Sajad only  price 97$


Class Curriculum


  • Introduction To The Wizard Training Programme (2:46)
  • Our Amazon Game Plan (High Level Overview) (6:21)
  • Amazon Account Setup Overview (5:07)
  • Incorporating a Limited Company STEP BY STEP (Part 1) (3:38)
  • Incorporating a Limited Company STEP BY STEP (Part 2) (8:17)
  • Incorporating a Limited Company STEP BY STEP (Part 3) (9:05)
  • Memorandum/Articles of Association, etc (5:01)
  • Registering for VAT (Basic Overview) (6:02)
  • calculating VAT, offsetting import duty costs, invoicing customers (10:26)
  • Register an ONLINE Bank Account – WorldFirst (8:22)
  • Creating your Amazon Storefront quickly for Business Account Verification! (9:33)
  • The Business Mindset (Part 1) (8:04)
  • The Business Mindset (Part 2) (8:49)


  • Online & Retail Arbitrage (OVERVIEW) (3:07)
  • Online & Retail Arbitrage (LISTING PRODUCTS) (8:18)
  • Online & Retail Arbitrage (RESEARCH) (13:58)


  • 2.1 Product Research Basics (22:37)
  • Jungle Scout Discount Offers – Which Software Do You Need? (4:33)
  • 2.2 Calculating Profit Margins & Budget Allocation (24:40)
  • FBA Fees & The FBA Rates Card (7:26)
  • 2.3 Selecting A Product Niche & Searching For Ideas (20:52)
  • 2.4 Assessing Product Demand In A Niche (22:55)
  • Understanding Market Trends (6:21)
  • Prohibited Items on Amazon (4:30)
  • Product Research – IMPORTANT OVERVIEW (10:29)
  • Various Product Idea Strategies (27:57)
  • How much money should you INVEST on your first Product(s)? (9:41)
  • Supply & Demand Dynamics – How To Assess SubNiches (12:04)
  • What Depth Of Niche To Go For (Demand/Competition Guidance) (7:52)
  • Product Research – Other Techniques (PART 2) (21:52)
  • Product Research – Other Techniques (PART 3) UNKNOWN METHODS (9:54)
  • PRODUCT RESEARCH – assessing market DEPTH & COMPETITION (8:19)
  • How to APPRAISE Products to INCREASE Chances of Success (13:23)
  • Product PRICE and LISTING History (IMPORTANT!) (11:27)
  • Differentiating Your NEW Product (6 WAYS) (15:44)
  • What To Do If Completely Stuck?! (12:39)


  • Thinking about BRANDING Long-term (9:23)
  • Selling In Restricted Categories (3:19)
  • Basics of Gaining Approval & sending Amazon documents (5:56)
  • Submitting Invoices For UNGATING OR Authenticity Proof FREE! (9:31)
  • Patents/IP/Trademarks/Copyright – OVERVIEW OF LEGAL TERMINOLOGY (9:45)
  • Patents & Trademarks (4:33)
  • Registering a Trademark, the process, timeframes, etc (part 1) (7:13)
  • Registering a Trademark, Step By Step Application (part 2) (12:13)


  • CONTACTING SUPPLIERS – how to save time, overview of the process (8:26)
  • CONTACTING SUPPLIERS – what information to disclose about your business! (6:53)
  • ODM, OEM, MOQ, Branding/Logos – an OVERVIEW (5:51)
  • Where To Source Products (Alibaba, DHGate, 1866, AliExpress) (5:56)
  • Searching For Suppliers On AliBaba (8:07)
  • Finding the REAL Manufacturers (Easy Method!) (10:54)
  •  Initial Email Enquiries + EXW Prices (12:52)
  • QUICK COMPARE Alibaba Method – Saves Time! (5:51)
  • EORI Number for Imports (4:41)
  • How Many Products to Order (First Time) (6:32)
  • Negotiating with Suppliers & Cutting Costs – TRICKS (4:03)
  • Sea Shipping OR Air Shipping – overview of CHARGES (9:40)
  • Sourcing Products CHECKLIST – Important Recap (10:23)


  • HOW to choose a Category/Subcategory for your new Product (PART 1) (5:47)
  • HOW to choose a Category/Subcategory for your new Product (PART 2) (3:27)
  • Barcodes, EAN Numbers and Where To Purchase (5:09)
  • Listing a New Product (Part 1) (2:50)
  • Listing a New Product (Part 2) (5:58)
  • Adding A Product With Variations (E.g Diff Colours, Size, etc) (3:27)
  • Multi-Channel Fulfilment Via Amazon (Website, Ebay, Etsy, etc) (9:16)
  • Sending Products/Inventory to Amazon OVERVIEW (Part 1) (6:36)
  • Sending Products/Inventory to Amazon OVERVIEW (Part 2) (8:16)
  • Packaging Products & Labelling (6:37)
  • Tips to Avoid Fulfilment Centre Delays (4:41)
  • Dealing With Hijackers (Part 1) (6:56)
  • Dealing with Hijackers (Part 2) (9:32)t
  • Contacting Seller Support – the QUICK lesser known way, saves time! (5:54)


  • Wizard Listing Services For Students (NEW) (6:38)
  • 6.1 Keyword Optimisation Tools (An Important Overview) (15:10)
  • 6.2 Comparison Of Keyword Tools Available (8:48)
  • 6.3 Helium 10 Setup & Discount Codes (4:58)
  • 6.4 Reverse ASIN searches And Other Keyword Research (20:57)
  • 6.5 Preparing Your Keyword Reports For Upload And Testing (9:32)
  • Keyword Optimisation IMPORTANT UPDATE Aug 2018 (Part 1) (8:00)
  • Linked Keywords, Additional terms, Misspelt words & other TRICKS! (Part 2) (10:12)
  • Using HTML to help your listing STAND OUT! (7:56)
  • Creating High Quality Product Images OVERVIEW (6:51)
  • Creating High Quality Product Images YOURSELF FOR FREE (14:56)
  • Increasing Conversions with Your Listing (3:46)
  • Pricing Strategy & Psychology (Part 1) (6:01)
  • Pricing Strategy & Psychology (Part 2) (6:47)


  • How To Successfully LAUNCH Your New Product (Part 1) (7:17)
  • How To Successfully LAUNCH Your New Product (Part 2) (10:33)
  • How To Successfully LAUNCH Your New Product (Part 3) (10:24)
  • Creating a Promotion (Coupon Codes) PART 1 (3:11)
  • Creating a Promotion (Coupon Codes) PART 2 (4:23)
  • Creating a Promotion (Coupon Codes) PART 3 (2:34)
  • Creating Lifelong Promotions On All Listings (9:39)
  • Creating VOUCHERS on your listing (10:15)
  • Creating LIGHTNING Deals (Part 1) (4:16)
  • Creating LIGHTNING Deals (Part 2) (6:30)
  • Product GIVEAWAYS – Important Overview (Part 1) (9:21)
  • Product GIVEAWAYS – Important Overview (Part 2) (9:52)
  • Analysing your BUSINESS REPORTS – important once selling! (13:55)


  • Introduction to the 'Gaining Amazon Reviews' Modules (4:17)
  • THE Amazon Reviews Process General Overview (7:57)
  • obtaining reviews (IMPORTANT WARNING) – avoid common pitfalls! (7:53)
  • The 6 METHODS for obtaining Reviews (BREAKDOWN) PART 1 (10:47)
  • The 6 METHODS for obtaining Reviews (BREAKDOWN) PART 2 (15:04)
  • Getting your first few VERIFIED reviews (7:43)
  • The Amazon Early Reviewer Program! (5:12)
  • Prompting Feedback -using Feedback Genius (3:07)
  • Feedback Genius – Automated Emails (5:01)
  • Customer Follow Up – REVIEW REQUESTS, EBOOKS, PDFs, etc (7:16)
  • BEST Email Sequence for YOUR Business – Factors to Consider (11:32)
  • INSERT CARDS – Full Overview & Templates To Use (6:43)


  • 8.1 Amazon Sponsored Ads PPC (Full Overview) (7:16)
  • 8.2 Understanding Where & Why PPC Ads Show (12:00)
  • 8.3 Understanding Advertising Cost Of Sales (ACOS) (8:28)
  • 8.4 Calculating Breakeven ACOS & Profitable Ads (6:42)
  • 8.5 Understanding PPC Terminology In Ad Reports (12:46)
  • 8.6 Amazon PPC Budget For Auto & Manual Campaigns (8:08)
  • 8.7 Setting up TWO Initial Campaigns (10:36)
  • 8.8 Setting Up An AUTO Campaign Step by Step (11:48)
  • 8.9 Setting Up A MANUAL Campaign Step by Step (15:59)
  • 8.10 Campaign Optimisation Strategy Simplified (11:30)
  • 8.10 Initial Campaign Optimisation Steps (12:35)
  • 8.11 How To Sort Data In Ad Reports (7:09)
  • 8.10 Fishing For Negative Keywords (8:44)
  • 8.11 Adding Negative Exact & Phrase Match Keywords (6:33)
  • 8.13 Advanced Optimisation (BROAD Example) (11:05)
  • 8.14 Advanced Optimisation (EXACT Example) (8:32)
  • 8.15 Troubleshooting Automatic Campaigns (Placement Analysis) (9:25)
  • 8.16 Targeting Your Competitor Listings! (12:00)
  • 8.17 Monitoring Campaigns & Longer Term Strategy (16:10)


  • Amazon Brand Registry Step By Step (PART 1) (6:25)
  • Amazon Brand Registry Step By Step (PART 2) (7:13)
  • Creating Your Own Amazon BRAND STORE PAGE (Part 1) (8:09)
  • Creating Your Own Amazon BRAND STORE PAGE (Part 2) (4:32)


  • Reasons Your Product Is Not Selling (5:13)
  • Clearing your stock/inventory SECRET TIPS (part 1) (13:33)
  • Clearing your stock/inventory SECRET TIPS (part 2) (14:04)
  • Providing an Invoice for Customers (Non-VAT registered) (3:35)
  • Slow Sales – Image Split Testing Strategy (advanced) (9:00)
  • Slow Sales – Title Optimisation Strategy (advanced) (8:57)
  • Increasing Conversion Rate with Multi-Promotions (advanced) (8:36)
  • Dealing with High Defect Rate Suspension (6:51)


  • Scaling your Amazon FBA Business (5:17)
  • Keeping abreast of Amazon Policy Changes, T&Cs, etc (4:22)
  • Protecting Your Seller Account – VERY important steps! (5:59)
  • Selling In Europe – An OVERVIEW Of The Options (8:11)
  • EFN, Pan – FBA, or MCI – the STRATEGY informing your decision (13:24)
  • Pan-European FBA Enrolment Steps (5:39)
  • Creating MULTIPLE Amazon Seller Accounts! (11:32)
  • Separate Seller Accounts – safety considerations (10:07)
  • Thank You & Offer To My Students (2:33)
  • Further Mentoring & Support Options (Updated 2019) (2:46)
  • Resources

Get Amazon Wizard Training With Bonuses & 3 Months Mentorship – Sajad only  price 97$

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