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The vast majority of them DO NOT create the products they sell, DO NOT deliver them and in some case DO NOT even know what the products are about other than knowing how much commission they're getting paid.



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A nagging, lingering thought that there must be a way to make an online business work for you.

Perhaps you've even given up hope on getting this to WORK FOR YOU between unfulfilled promises, overwhelm,  frustration with technology, "gurus" and course vendors who are in it only to make a quick buck.

Or, if you're highly aware, perhaps you've identified the lack of success due to a murky cocktail of:

  • ​Not wanting to waste time and money on a complex tech setup that's all but guaranteed to be a headache
  • ​Not knowing what to sell…or who to sell it to
  • ​Feeling overwhelmed by all the information and not knowing where to start
  • ​A preoccupation with email list building, content marketing, or architecting a fancy, million-dollar sales "funnel" complete with upsells, downsells, "tripwires", "core maximizers", tranquilizers, etc (ok, maybe no the last one loooool)
  •   Spending money on visitors to a website only to end up with nobody buying from you 🙁

Yet despite all of this, the thought of having your online passive income business has never slipped too far down the bottom of your to-do list, because deep down in your entrepreneurial heart, you KNOW that getting a successful online business off the ground is the KEY to

And THAT is what I’m going to help you accomplish today.

So even if you think that you’re a bit behind the curve…  

…that the opportunity has come and passed…  

…that the internet is getting too crowded, too competitve – that attention spans are dwindling – conversions plummeting – that the big players are cornering the marketplace – that advertising costs are skyrocketing.  (And you wouldn’t be ENTIRELY wrong on any of these fronts, either.)

Well…look at you being all smart and stuff.

Why your decision to hold off on going ALL IN in

your online business up to now was likely a genius business move.

Okay…I realize that’s a bit of a crazy statement, but if you stick with me for a sec, I’ll show you why I’m sticking to my guns.

YES, it’s true that many online entrepreneurs are generating 5, 6 or even 7 figures every time they send an email or publish a social media post promoting some product.

But here’s the thing…

The vast majority of them DO NOT create the products they sell, DO NOT deliver them and in some case DO NOT even know what the products are about other than knowing how much commission they're getting paid.

This is the solution you've been looking for

It's called Affiliate Marketing.

It's finding a group of people hungry for solutions to their problems (and willing to pay for it) and presenting them with solutions.

These solutions other people's products that solve their problems…and you get paid a hefty commission in the process (kind of like a middleman).

How much do YOU get paid?

Anything between 30% and 75% of the product price…without having to develop, deliver or even support the product!

And YES, it’s also true that had you jumped on the online business bandwagon sooner and spent thousands of hours tinkering around, testing and analysing, you MAY have also been one of those success stories that “marketing experts” love raving about.

What they're not telling you

Have you ever seen any of those huge claims on websites of XYZ online marketer making multiple five, six and even figures in such a short amount of time ?

I'm sure you have…

Standing in front of his 8,000 square foot mansion with half a dozen fancy cars.

Or maybe sitting by the beach with their laptop and a cocktail in their hand working "10 minutes" a day.

Well, here's the truth.

What they're not telling you is HOW they make that money.

Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat are tools to attract attention…

The real money is made when they promote products to their email list.

It's called email affiliate marketing.

Copy and paste an email template promoting a product you endorse and voila, every time someone buys you get paid a hefty commission without having to do any of the work.

But it gets worse…

Contrary to what you may have heard, most people who attempt to start an affiliate marketing business (and maybe you can relate) NEVER even break even.

In fact, my VERY first online business resulted in a LOSS of $9,000.  

And the funny thing is – I actually did everything right. (My traffic was top notch, the product was proven to convert and my  email follow up had been reviewed by one of the top copywriters in the industry and held people engaged like champs)

One tiny mistake…

But one tiny mistake on my end that nobody warned me about (Really? I’m supposed to build an email subscriber list?) sunk the whole business faster than the Titanic did.

And I know that my own epic fail may sound.. well.. uncommon and unlikely. 

Get Amik Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter" – Tiz Gambacorta , Only Price $92

But if you’ve ever attempted to generate any income online (or listened closely to the struggles of anyone who has), then you’ll know that a horror show isn’t so far off from the typical at-home online entrepreneur experience.

Here’s how most affiliate marketing businesses go down…

First, you pick and niche and product to promote (if you don't already have one) hoping people will buy the product

But there are niches within niches within niches. There are products all over the place, which one do you choose?

You look at a given niche and it looks hot, but many others may got in there way before you and it may have become overcrowded. 

You look at a less competitive niche, but how do you know if people are even buying anything in the first place? What if it's a niche that was hot a long time ago but isn't so anymore?

So what should your niche even be? Which products should you even promote?

You search online, you're overwhelmed by the confilicting information or…you just don't know what to do

You open up your inbox hoping to find some "proven niches" from one of the gurus you've been following…

You keep getting tons of emails from "gurus" promising "one click riches" and "guaranteed income" at the click of a mouse…with no more than 5 minutes "work" a day sipping cocktails by the beach, of course.

Maybe you even head to your "SPAM" folder in case a golden nugget of information is hiding in there.


How do you know who to trust?

Next, it's time to log into that software you got a free trial for a few weeks back (and you forgot to cancel, so it's now costing you a good chunk of change monthly)

But it's "all good" you say…"I'll make it back on my first affiliate commissions!"

The beginning is always the hardest part. It will get easier.

You make notes diligently as you watch hours of end of video tutorials, you refresh your memory by glancing at the "cheatsheets" provided, you tie it all together by attempting to build your first "automated money machine" with the software (or so the website said).

After all, they make it seem so easy – it can't be that hard, right?

What if you could get "lucky" and hit it big just once or twice to give you that boost in confidence and cash flow you so badly need?

Just to bring in a few dollars, recover your investment and prove it to yourself (and others) that affiliate marketing works.

You log into that course you just dropped a thousand bucks on.

“Stand on the shoulders of giants”, as the saying goes…

You take stock of it all – ebooks, checklists, cheatsheets, videos, live webinars, live coaching, etc

You breeze through the training – watch the tutorials, maybe even ask the "guru" a few questions as you try to desperately patch together multiple systems, "hacks", blueprints and "fail proof" strategies that make assembling Ikea furniture feel like a walk in the park.  

And let’s say you get lucky…you find a product to promote that ticks all the boxes…

The time comes…

You review your notes, make some changes to the email you sent to your list promoting the product (“What was I thinking with that subject lie?”) and do a few stretches and deep breathes to make sure you’re in the right "emotional head space" to launch your affiliate marketing business…as if any of us really know what that means.

So you’re feeling good. Checkmarks. All systems go.  

Minutes before you hit "Send", you steal a glance at your Facebook feed and see 3 hyped-up, energetic guys frantically debating about how affiliate marketing is all dead now and it's all about ecommerce now and how websites are dead, how Trump will start a war, the US economy will slow down and the USD plummet as a result.

What's going to happen to your affiliate marketing business then? What about selling products online, should I continue?? AHH.  

You’re worried…

But the show must go on – surely the proven products you're promoting and the growth in the number of internet users worldwide more than make up for any falls in the local economy, right?

So you fight the flinch, you bravely give it your all and try to make sense of all the noise. 

Your brain floods with negative self-talk:  

“Who am I to think I can do this?”  

“I've spent so much money on this and it's not going to work”  

"I have been taken for a ride again"

“My family and friends will think I'm an loser”  

But once again, you push through it and re-focus your attention on your affiliate marketing business.

You hit "Send", cross your fingers and wait for the “magic” to unfold

Maybe you go to work. You labor for hours wondering how your email affiliate commissions are doing. Maybe you even check the stats on your phone.  

You see no sales so far. "People are at work", you think.

Maybe you even see a few people opening and clicking on the emails in the statistics dashboard.

You worry.

But you’re a bold-faced entrepreneur and you’ve already spent hundreds, thousands or maybe more on courses, software and tools that you don’t even know how to use yet…so you plunge forward with a “screw it, let’s do it” mentality.

“It’s all about mindset…I’ll feel better once I find a good product that converts well for me”.

Sure…if you don't blow up the bank account before then.

Am I in the wrong niche? Promoting dud products? Should I just throw in the towel?

A few days later, you still see no sales coming in.

You close all your browser tabs, including all those "one funnel away" tools and softwares.

A Hail Mary.



Close the curtain.

Exit stage right.

You curse the so-called “XYZ Loophole” system you bought that covered only one piece of a large, intricate puzzle…and cast-off making money online as a risky, complicated, scammy activity that has no place in your life.

You pat yourself on the back, lick your wounds and learn to live another day while waiting and hoping for the guru who sold you the system to die a slow, painful death. (Not like you’re spiteful or anything…)


Making money online and affiliate marketing, as with any endeavor, is truly risky without education and practice. And what many people fail (or refuse) to understand is that it is not riskier than just about any other form of business or investment.

Like with any investment or business venture, there will always be risks involved. The key to success is in controlling your risk by preparing for as many scenarios as you can through mentoring and education and by handling your mindset. If you’re a total newbie to making money online, you can start by mastering the concept of Free lead generation I teach in the Kickstarter – building a subscriber email list (for free) who know, like and trust you…and buy from you.

Get Amik Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter" – Tiz Gambacorta , Only Price $92

Risk is present in everything we do; unforeseen events and accidents can happen at any time. Accept it and manage it like with all other endeavors in your life.


I must admit that this is an understandable excuse. Understandable, but an excuse nonetheless.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s so easy to start building an email list for free with social media and start promoting affiliate products. It won’t even take an hour or cost you a single cent.

Now, if you’re not into free methods, you can open an advertising account with Google for as little as $5. Some advertising marketplaces will even give you $50 worth of free advertising before you even spend a single dollar with them (and I'll share the full list of which ones these are and how to claim what is effectively "free money" in the Kickstarter).

You can start with only free advertising credits if you wanted to. Past that point, just make sure that initially you only invest what you can afford to lose if things don't go as expected. Starting with a small advertising budget won’t make you a millionaire any time soon, but it can get you started in generating sales and feeling the psychological effects of being able to turn $1 into $2, $3 or even more. You gotta start somewhere, right?


A common misconception when it comes to online marketing and affiliate marketing  is that it requires you to spend every waking moment in front of the computer. While some do this, it’s not the smart way to running a successful affiliate marketing business and living a life full of meaning.

Paid traffic marketing is a strategy you can use even if you have little time available. If you have a full-time 8-to-5 job, for instance, you can use paid (or even free) traffic methods and setup your affiliate promotions after dinner. For example, you’d get home at 6 pm, take an hour or two for dinner, monitor how much money you made that day, occasionally setup new affiliate promotions, and then head to sleep.


Doing business on the internet itself is NOT a scam, but loose industry regulations do present opportunities for a lot of scammers.

Check out the websites of regulatory agencies like the FTC (in the US) or the OFT (in the UK) or even hit up your fellow online entrepreneurs on the forums before you sign up for any "get rick quick" scheme promising "fast wealth". Of course, it goes without saying that you should avoid buying systems and products that guarantee results and profits. (Clue: nothing is guaranteed in business except uncertainty!)

As with any industry, scams in the online industry are usually no different from falsehoods in the other business and investment scenes. You just have to educate yourself and make informed decisions when it comes to investing your money.


Out of all the excuses I’ve ever heard, this one is probably the silliest of them all.

Get Amik Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter" – Tiz Gambacorta , Only Price $92

The Internet has made it so much easier to acquire knowledge and start a business than ever before. If you have the time to browse your friends’ food and travel pics on Facebook and Instagram, then you definitely have the time to catch up on all that there is to know about running and growing your affiliate marketing business for that day.

Making money online and affiliate marketing is still a relatively new concept that’s daunting to most people. But if you’re really interested in it, there’s no excuse to not give it a try. With study and practice, it offers such an overwhelming potential for success! 

“It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.”

– George Washington


Software tools are what it says on the tin, tools. They can certainly help automate many parts of an affiliate marketing business, and they do. However, if they were able to "do it all by themselves", then there would be no place for humans and everyone would be crazy wealthy, right?

Plus, if such a tool existed, why would anyone ever sell it?


01 You’ll internalize the “big picture” lessons and strategies needed to start and scale a profitable affiliate marketing business.

02 Low vs. High Ticket Products: We’ll demystify the debate, and set you on a path that synergizes BOTH to maximize the profits you generate from your affiliate business. (Hint: Most people jump straight into either of the two. In this module, I’ll show you why this is a critical mistake.)

03 How to Choose the Best Niche and Products for You: There’s a VERY exact science in choosing a niche and products that lead to sales. You can attract hordes of highly qualified leads, yet STILL not pull in any sales once they are presented with an offer. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to choose the perfect niche and products to promote that are the most profitable AND leaves your audience delighted.

Get Amik Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter" – Tiz Gambacorta , Only Price $92

04 Tech Made Easy: How to quickly choose, assemble and TEST out your tech and automation in order to ensure a glitch-free experience once your live visitors start flowing into your affiliate marketing business. Once you get this right, a tremendous weight is lifted, and you’ll feel more confident and ready to invest big time into building a stellar business. We’ll explore popular options like Aweber, Infusionsoft, Clickfunnels, LeadPages,…as well as some under-the-radar options that may prove to be an ideal fit for your business.

05 The Golden Rules of a High Converting Products and Offers: Ever wonder where to source high converting products from? How long should you promote a product for? How often you should sell to your email list vs. how often you should provide content? Once a promotion is profitable, how can you keep promoting it without burning out your audience? Should you promote CPA, CPL, revenue share offers or a combination of them?

After launching over 1,000 affiliate promotions, I’ve tested them ALL and pinpointed the best practices for each of the elements above. As a student of the Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter™, you’ll bypass years of testing and optimizing and implement only the MOST EFFECTIVE methods right out of the gate.

06 Master the 3-Phase Product Selection Process: Wildly profitable affiliate promotions all include 3 distinct phases – The Product Selection Phase, the Promotion Phase, and Promotion Maximization Phase.

In this section you’ll learn my step by step formula to identifying the best products, promoting them without sounding salesy, and maximizing follow up conversions by addressing your prospects' deepest desires and motivating them into action!


01 Nailing Your Client Attraction Strategy – You’ll learn the best methods to attract visitors, subscribers and clients into your affiliate marketing business, the text and images to include in your registration pages and WHERE to place your social sharing buttons to encourage VIRAL traffic to your business.

02 How to Avoid “Freebie seekers” and Boost Your Response Rate by Up to 40% With the Perfect Indoctrination Email Sequence – Nothing is more frustrating than getting 100 subscribers in your database, and then only seeing a handful engage with you!

With more and more people coming online, it’s become CRITICAL that not only you learn how to attract the right people into your business – but that you avoid the "fake outs" so that not only people sign up for your email list,  but also that they engage with you in a focused, highly motivated state. Without this, you're literally throwing time and money down the drain. (Your worked to earn your money, ya know?)

03 5 FREE Marketing Techniques to Collect Email Subscribers – Swiped from my personal vault, you’ll learn 5 surprising techniques that build your email subscriber list at NO additional cost.

04 Facebook Ads to Build Your Email List – In this lesson, you'll learn the Free advertising model that I designed SPECIFICALLY for affiliate marketing (you won't learn this anywhere else) which results in much higher converstion rates and sales. In a nutshell, you'll never be short of leads again.


aka How to turn your email subscribers into sales

01 The 10-Point Preparedness Checklist – Just like a pilot would never take off without a mandatory systems check, you should never promote an affiliate product without first running it through this checklist.

Get Amik Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter" – Tiz Gambacorta , Only Price $92

Avoid embarrassing blunders and costly glitches by learning how to promote to your email subscriber list the right way (without overdoing or "burning" it), how to write highly engaging emails, how to test your tech setup and how to create a backup plan should anything backfire. (Skip this at your own risk.)

02 How to Turn "Bad News" on TV into a Stealthy Sidekick: The specific elements to look out for that transforms any piece of bad news on TV or the newspapers into a potential KEY profit opportunity. And if you DON'T watch or read the news… this module will show you where to go to read ONLY about what's relevant to your industry and save you time having to sift through the rubbish the media report on every day.

03 Promoting Products vs. Services: We’ll demystify the debate, and show you how you need to generate both MASSIVE sales and MASSIVE value for your email subscribers. (Most people do one OR the other. In this module, I’ll show you how this is causing them to fail.)

04 The 6 Smart Email and Social Media Engagement Techniques – Lighten up and excite ANY crowd by implementing these simple strategies that keep your audience in a engaged state as they interact with you over the following days, weeks and months. (Hint: If ever you sense that people are reading emails less and less, quickly reach into this bag of tricks to get things back on track).

05 How to Turn an Affiliate Promotion Around if the Original Promotion Didn't Do Well – Do NOT miss the opportunity to turn things around (and maybe even do better than you originally anticipated) even if the original affiliate product or promotion didn't do well. Every interaction withy your email subscribers is essentially an opportunity to add value and to profit. Learn how to solve problems they don't even know they have by hitting their emotional sweet spots while satisfying their rational minds.


01 How to Get the Most Out of Every Interaction With Your Marketplace – How often should you email your subscriber list? What should you say? What should the subject line be? How do you encourage your following to take immediate action? In this lesson, you’ll learn the strategies I use in my own business plus the super-simple tech set-up I use to implement it.

02 The 'Authority Positioning' Automated Email Sequence – It goes without saying that not everyone will hit “buy” right after they first see your affiliate promotion. In fact, for most, your advertising puts them in a “buying state,” but they still require the right guidance, motivation, and gentle nudging to get them to the finish line. I’ll show give you the EXACT email sequence I use to position myself as an authority in the industry and put my subscriber’s minds at ease and maximize sales

03 The Ultimate "CPR" Sequence for Any Unresponsive Email List or Audience: What do you do when people in your email list never open or click on your emails? This is where most folks give up, which is a HUGE mistake and leaves thousands of dollars on the table.

I’ll show you the specific levers you need to pull (and the super delicate email text) that goes into crafting a special email sequence designed to engage and convert those “unengaged” subscribers that you had all but given up on. By following this template, not only can you salvage some sales out of your unengaged leads, but it may even become your HIGHEST converting segment.

04 How to Know if Your Authority Positioning and Marketing is Working – This lesson will show you what metrics you can ignore, and which you ABSOLUTELY must track like a hawk if you want to optimize and increase your sales with each subsequent affiliate promotion. This is how my most successful students have used the Kickstarter to systematically and predictably scale up their revenues to game-changing levels.


aka How to earn more, work less + Project X + Live affiliate campaigns

01 The Big Picture Strategy that puts your profits on autopilot and allows you to FINALLY enjoy this little thing called “passive income.”

02 Why You Absolutely MUST Resist the Temptation to automate every single part of your affiliate business before you’ve successfully run a few affiliate promotions. (Most people who jump straight into "complete automation" set themselves up for failure.)

03 How to Choose the Right Automation Platforms (Infusionsoft, Aweber, Clickfunnels, LeadPages, etc.)

04 Effortless Automated Affiliate Marketing Funnel Creation – How to leverage the assets you already created in the 4 moduels above to quickly PLUG into your automated affiliate marketing machine and have it up and running in a matter of hours.

05 Live Affiliate Campaigns: You look over my shoulder as I dive into affiliate marketplaces live, hunting for products and profit opportunities. You get to ask questions live as we go along. It's like having a pro affiliate marketer hand hold you through receiving your first affiliate commissions (heck, you can even copy the the campaigns I'm running!)

Get Amik Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter" – Tiz Gambacorta , Only Price $92

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