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An awesome treasure trove of Business-2-Business goodness. Like Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham have taught us with their core principles, if you can master the core concepts in here you can hold your own against just about anybody. 




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An awesome treasure trove of Business-2-Business goodness. Like Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham have taught us with their core principles, if you can master the core concepts in here you can hold your own against just about anybody. Files range from 2004 to 2012 and some of this content you have seen in some of our other Perry posts. Does not matter. You know Perry's quality…enough said? Magic Shrink Ray(™) got us from 8.91gig to 1.57gig! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Your business, your sanity, your entire future may be in SERIOUS PERIL if you're buying into any of these sales and marketing lies:

"Make more phone calls today than you did yesterday."

"You've just got to get in front of more people."

"You should run some ads and get your name out there."

"Prove to your customer that you're willing to work harder, drive more miles, and bend over further than everyone else to earn his business."

"You have to pay your dues now, but in only 2-3 years you'll have enough customers and referrals that you won't have to cold prospect hardly at all."

"Winners never quit, and quitters never win."

"People need to see your ad 6-12 times before they'll remember it."

"If you want to educate customers about new ideas, you have to buy 'em all doughnuts, lunch or dinner, and do a big dog & pony show."

"You can't charge a premium price for a commodity product."

I have a confession to make…

In 2001 I created and launched my Business to Business Marketing kit. And since that time, there have only been marginal updates made. Not because the subject matter isn't important, but my path took me to learning, unpacking and demystifying Google Adwords. I don't regret the path I took, but always nagging in the back of my mind was the need to update the B to B marketing kit.

For 10 years, my business to business marketing kit has steadily sold 10 units per month with very little promotion, updates and focus on my part. While the number of sales are extremely respectable, I knew the kit needed to be updated.

The issue of time and energy to update the kit forced me to keep putting off the update. To the point where I was going to take the kit off the market.

In June of this year, that all changed. My friend Matthew Gillogly and I were on the phone, discussing a number of business related issues. (Matt is an outstanding marketer in his own right with extensive experience in marketing business to business.)

I explained to him my issue with the Business to Business marketing kit telling him it was going to come off the market. We discussed new additions to the kit, what needed to be updated, the amount of time commitment, then he made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

"Perry, I'll tell you what, I'll update the kit for you and we'll make it available in the fall."

From that point on, the update was fast and furious. Matt dove into the needs and wants of the market. He interviewed other business to business sales teams, business owners and marketers. He researched the B to B publications and developed a new and fully updated system to meet the needs of the 21st century B to B marketer.

The Updated Lead Generation System for

Business-to-Business Marketers For 2011-12 is Re-Born

After I started my company, I spent almost three months putting this entire marketing system and business process in a box – so that for a very reasonable investment, you can use it too. It comes with one-on-one consulting time so we can fine-tune your action plan for fast results, as well as critique certificates for your press releases, articles, ads, direct mail pieces, website and whatever else you need help with.


Beginning in 2011, these consulting and critique certificates are fulfilled by my partner and associate Matthew Gillogly, who has 10 plus years experience in marketing to businesses. He has worked with businesses in 35 niches on 4 continents and has coached over 3,000 people on these very strategies and tactics.


Matt is more than capable to handle these consultations and critiques because of his background and experience. He can breakdown a marketing problem in 15 minutes and give you the exact steps you need to take.

In fact, if anything were to happen to me in my other businesses, Matt could step right in and not miss a beat. I don't consider Matt my peer, I consider him my equal.


Magnetically attracting customers really comes down to your un-learning the nine lies and using five different lead generation mechanisms to get customers to come to you. This system is all about these five things:

How You Can Generate FREE Publicity Through Magazines, Trade Journals and Newspapers – People read about your company through the media and contact you, because that exposure is an implied endorsement.

How You Can Get Tons of Web Traffic and Convert it to Dollars – Your website can do an AMAZING amount of work for you. It can screen out hundreds, thousands – even hundreds of thousands of lousy prospects and send you only the ones that are worthy of your precious time. But not one webmaster or marketing manager in 100 knows how to do this correctly. You will.

How You Can Zero in on Hot Prospects with Direct Mail and E-mail – Direct mail is the most powerful mechanism available for targeting ideal prospects with laser precision and getting them to respond. However, most small businesses don't use it at all, and most big businesses do it all wrong. With a simple sales letter, you can deliver a provocative message to a hot prospect for only $1. Who ever heard of a salesman who could deliver a presentation to a customer for only a dollar? A sales person can't, but the post office can. You can learn the art of doing this.

There's also a very unique strategy for lead generation via e-mail that consistently gets 10-40% response – with no spamming. You can do it too.

The Revolutionary Print Advertising & Lead Generation Formulas that Get You 100-1000% Better Results – This is the "Information Marketing" strategy I talked about earlier. I take you by the hand and show you exactly how to attract customers with information about solving problems, instead of information about products. Sometimes all it takes to turn a business around is to convert ordinary, "me-too" advertising into seductive information marketing!

Instant Lead Generation through Paid Search Engine Listings – In many markets the fastest way to get sales leads is to advertise on Google. You can get targeted traffic and sales leads, literally in 10 minutes. However … it's a lot trickier than it looks. You need to know what you're doing. I am one of the world's foremost independent authorities on Google's AdWords system, and I have well over a thousand students who use it with explosive results. You'll get an entire module on using AdWords, and a bevy of potent lead generation examples in the toolkit.

Hold on, though. There's still one more critical ingredient you MUST have, in order to make this all work the way I say it does:

You need to discover How to Re-Invent and Re-Position Your Business so that Apples-to-Apples Comparisons with Your Competitors are Difficult or Impossible – Even in a Commodity Market.

Being a "commodity" is the pits. The worst situation you can be in is to sell something that's readily available from dozens of other people.

But you can change that. The system will introduce you to a very specific strategy for re-inventing your business and making it clearly stand out from your rivals, even if you are in a commodity market. It's the same thinking process that Microsoft, McDonalds and Starbucks all use – seemingly invincible companies that dominate fiercely competitive commodity markets. They successfully differentiate themselves from their competitors, and you can, too.

What Exactly Do You Get With This Updated System?

The system is a set of 10 CD's and two notebooks of tutorials, templates (Microsoft WORD format), examples, turn-key sales letters, articles and strategies that you can use to quickly produce quality marketing materials and fast results. In fact, the system comes with a "fast start" CD and shortcut manual, and a maximum speed phone consultation where I guide you to the exact tools and strategies that will produce the fastest results for you.

Get B2B Marketing Kit – Perry Marshall & Matt Gillogly, Only Price $37

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