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A Bite Sized Book is a LOT different than a ” Big Boy Book ” like War & Peace. Most of my books average between 8,000 and 10,000 words or less.

Over the next five weeks a small group of publishers are invited to join me on a series of live workshops. During those session I will be revealing the inner workings of my entire Kindle publishing business-including everything I do to launch a new bestseller




The Two Biggest Problems In Kindle Today

I’ve been teaching people the ins and outs of Kindle publishing for 24+ months now. In that time I’ve repeatedly surveyed my list, held countless training workshops and spoken with dozens of self publishers directly. So I know exactly where people are getting stuck.

1. Over 50% Of Kindle Publishers Struggle To Finish Their First Book

In survey after survey, I’ve found that between 40% and 60% of publishers STILL don’t have their first book finished yet. It goes without saying that if you don’t have a book, you aren’t earning any money yet.

2. Most Books Just Sit There On The Shelves NOT Making Sales

A scary number of publishers have at least one book complete, but it’s not selling for them at all. It’s just sitting there, gathering digital dust. If this is you – maybe you’ve even started to believe that this “Kindle thing” doesn’t really work.

That’s not even remotely true.

Yes – it can be difficult to break into a Kindle pubhshing niche. But that’s only because of a generational shift in reading habits over the last twenty years. Once you know how this works – you’ll instantly see the path to pubhshing profits.


According to researchers at the University of South Carolina, we are now exposed to enough information to fill 174 newspapers every day. Another study at the University of California, San Diego says we average 15.5 hours of media consumption a day.

If you’ve ever felt like you suffered from information overload -now you know why. And now you also know why it can be so difficult to break into Kindle.

People are much, much more choosy about what they read. They’re vastly more likely to consume a tweet at 140 characters than a novel like War and Peace at 587,287 words. That’s simply too much investment for the average person.

Combine that problem with the natural skepticism potential buyers have for sellers (and authors) they don’t know, and it’s almost impossible for beginners to sell long form books.

The good news is that there’s a solution.

A solution made possible by the little sugary treat I mentioned earlier.

The Power Of The Impulse Buy

You’ve probably noticed this little product placement trick. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and even your local gas station will strategically position row upon row of candy and chocolate bars right at the cash register.

You come in to buy bread, or fill a prescription, and before you know it – you’re walking out with a Snickers or a Kit Kat bar. It happens almost without any conscious thought.

You make the purchase entirely on impulse.

It slips by all of your brains “don’t buy” defenses. The ones that kick in full force when a telemarketer calls, or when you land on a high priced book page.

These impulse buys have three magic powers that makes them irresistible.

1. They Are Unavoidable

You encounter them right at the point of purchase. You don’t have to go looking for them deep in the aisles. You definitely don’t have to ask anyone where to find them.

2. They Offer Instant Gratification

It’s candy – not a four course meal at a gourmet restaurant. So you’ll finish it in under 5 minutes, then you’ll have a rush of sugar and flavor that instantly satisfies your desires.

3. They Cost Less Than $3

Normally your subconscious brain stops you from making unplanned purchases. That’s why most people don’t blow their mortgage payment on jet skis. But these treats cost so little that your “don’t buy” signal never kicks in.

They silently slip under the radar.

Now you might not think you can sell books on impulse the way you can sell a bar of chocolate – but you can. You can do it with something I call…

The Bite Sized. Book

A Bite Sized Book is a LOT different than a “Big Boy Book” like War &? Peace. Most of my books average between 8,000 and 10,000 words or less. That’s tiny compared to a 500,000 word plus monster novel that most people will never finish.

They meet ALL the conditions of a classic impulse buy.

1. You Sell Them For $ 1-3

These books are short, and priced for the impulse buyer. They’re always under $3, and usually around $0.99 so that the buying decision is very easy.

2. You Can Read Them In One Sitting

Because the books are so short, they’re very likely to be finished. So the reader is more likely to be happy with the purchase, read the book and leave a positive review. That’s important for the final benefit of the Bite Size Book.

3. You Can Rank Them Effortlessly On Amazon

With more reviews, your position on the Amazon Kindle charts improves FAR faster than with longer books. So you can get your books in front of far more potential buyers than you otherwise would.

It kicks off a positive cycle.

More sales… leading to more readers and reviews… and then even more sales.

Because of impulse purchases, you’ve solved the “selling problem” with Kindle. That only leaves the first major problem – writing the books in the first place. But since Bite Size Books are so short, they’re also much easier to create.


It doesn’t matter whether you choose to write the book yourself, or outsource it to a qualified native U.S. English writer. With a total word count under 8-10,000 and the techniques I’ve developed – you can have your first book in two days.

Ready to publish and start earning right away.

Case Study:

My Non-Fiction Business Book Series

Last year I started publishing Bite Size Books in the non-fiction business niche. I started with ‘The Creativity Checklist’

It Became An Amazon #1 Bestseller (And now earns me a $2,566.58 month, with minimal promotion!)

It Sold 3,457 Copies… And It Earned 76% 5-Star Reviews

Then I quickly moved on to publish ‘The 2KH Formula’ as a logical follow up in the same niche, to the same audience.

It Sold 2,244 Copies… And It Earned 78% 5-Star Reviews

I Paid Off My Truck With Part Of The Profits

These Bite Size Books Work In Dozens Of Niches

The bite sized bestseller format doesn’t only work in non-fiction. We’ve published winners in niches as varied as erotica and holiday recipes.

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in today. It doesn’t matter what niche becomes hot next week. Reading and buying preferences will not change. If anything – these quick and easy books will get MORE popular over time.

If You Meet The Conditions Outlined Below, You Are Invited Inside My Publishing Business…

If you meet the conditions to join, you will be invited into an exclusive five week program with a small group of future Kindle publishers. Inside I’ll be personally walking you through my entire system including…

  • Book Outlining
  • Outsourcing
  • List Building
  • Promotional Strategies
  • Scaling Your Business


Bite Size Books

Over the next five weeks a small group of publishers are invited to join me on a series of live workshops. Diming those sessions I will be revealing the inner workings of my entire Kindle publishing business – including everything I do to launch a new bestseller.

Week 1: Niche / Hot Topic Research

  • I give you my foolproof system for PROVING you can make money in a niche before you do a single hour of work.
  • The 3 part secret to “Niche Domination” that discovered by publishing in 5 niches with totally different audiences and interests.
  • I reveal how to hook your publishing wagon to “hot topics” in white hot niches, and lock in success before a single word is written.
  • You’ll learn how Penguin Random House piggybacks on current or upcoming events, and bestsellers to publish books with built in traffic.
  • The 4-star Category System I use to validate that a niche is profitable AND that I can break into it with shocking accuracy.

Week 2: DIY Bite Sized Books

  • You’ll get my “Creativity Checklist” that allows anyone – even a total beginner – to go from idea to book in no time at all.
  • Discover how to eliminate writer’s block instantly, and write up to 2,000 words in just one hour – so you can finish your book in an afternoon.
  • I’ll teach you the “write drunk / edit sober” method that professional novelists use to finish 10,000 word drafts in a single weekend.
  • Learn how to get your entire book professionally edited by a hardcore “Grammar NAZI” for less than you pay for lunch.
  • The Hybrid Author method I invented to keep creative control of every book – with sky high quality – without writing every single word myself.

Week 3: Bite Size Books Outsourcing

  • I show you the ONE website I use to hire high quality, native English writers – who produce 4-5 star books on demand.
  • PLUS how to get your books written for less than a penny per word ($50-100 per book) in ANY niche.
  • You’ll learn the step-by-step “Screen and Hire” process I use to guarantee I only ever work with the MOST reliable writers.
  • This includes my closely guarded “secret password” method that keeps away scammers, bots and people who can’t follow instructions.
  • I reveal the 3 things I ask for from every prospective writer BEFORE I agree to hire them. If they can’t deliver on this – RUN AWAY!

Week 4: Promoting Your Books

  • I’ll reveal my “Sweepstakes Secret” method for subscribing thousands of buyers onto your mailing list for less than 30 cents per subscriber.
  • You can build this list without having ANY book, product or brand name – and use it to generate a reliable flow of highly targeted customers for your own books.
  • A $10 Traffic tactic that rockets your book up the Amazon Kindle charts to the top of your niche faster than you ever believed possible.
  • You’ll receive my “Pump the Brakes” technique for popping ANY book up the charts in a few days – even if it’s sat on Kindle for months with ZERO sales.

Week 5: Starting Up &? Scaling Up

  • I’ll give you my Done For You 2 page set up that converts your book buyers and readers into high value subscribers on your mailing list.
  • You will learn how to leverage email marketing to promote your books, get far more reviews and
  • I reveal how to bundle your books to increase sales with a technique I learned from direct marketing “kingpin” Dan Kennedy.
  • You’ll discover how to use Facebook traffic to driver thousands of readers and buyers to your book listings – ramping up your business overnight.

Warning: The Price Increases Every 85 Memberships Sold

After the first 25 action takers have joined me in the members area, the price will immediately increase to $597. Then after the next 25 members sign up, the price will increase again to $697. Don’t pay the “hesitation tax” – join now.

Will This Really Work For You?

I will personally walk you through every part of my publishing business over the next five weeks. We’ll work together to answer all of your questions, deal with any obstacles and give you the resources you need to build your own publishing empire.

You get everything!

This isn’t like any course or training or ebook you may have attempted before.

It’s an intimate experience, combining workshops and our private community to help push you onto the bestsellers list.

So yes – this will work for you.

My goal with Bite Size Books is simple. Everyone who takes action and follows through on the training WILL publish their first book and be on their way to making money.

If you can follow my simple, step-by-step instructions – there is literally no reason why this wouldn’t deliver the results you want.

Is This Training Worth It?

This isn’t the cheapest program on the market. We don’t deny that. But what have you ever accomplished with a $7 WSO. If those options could have worked for you, they already would have.

The premium price for Bite Size Books reflects the vastly greater chance you have to succeed with it. It is – in short – the ONLY thing you need to build your Kindle publishing business with no parts missing.

With it you can witness your first book sales by next week.

Now let me ask you this – how long has money been an issue? How long have you allowed things you WANT or NEED to slip away because of how much they cost?

How would you like to permanently solve that problem ?

How would you like to put the “money issue” to bed once and

for all?

That’s the opportunity you’re being presented with today. So if you’d like to finally slip off the shackles of financial dependence, the time for action is right now.

Will You Have Time To Publish Your Bite Size Books?

The entire point of this business model is that it works lightning fast. You can quickly spot a red hot niche, model the proven authors and use that research to write or outsource a bestseller within 72 hours.

Then you can promote your first booh and see sales within 48 hours.

If you choose to outsource – your own personal time investment is minimal. You might spend a few hours on each book.

If you decide to write it yourself, the DIY techniques I’ve laid out for you will allow you to have YOUR first Bite Size Book written in just 8 hours.

That’s not just fast, it’s near instant.

I can’t imagine any other business that takes less time than that.

It’s Your Last Call

You have a decision to make, and I can’t make it for you. I can give you the facts, and I believe that I have. But you need to take the first step on your own.

You Need To Decide

From where I’m sitting, this is the easiest decision you’ll make all week. You get the exact step-by-step system I used to force Amazon to pay me S14,437 in 90 days.

Within 10 days, you could be looking at your first book sales.

All you have to do is join me in the Bite Size Books inner circle.

Get Bite – Sized Kindle Book Marketing + Mega 700+ Kindle Plots Bundle – Tim Castleman, Only Price 69$

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