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My Team Will Personally Handover to You all the BEST Selling Products in Super Niches with all the Matching Sales Materials — Just Copy, Paste n’ Profit



Product Description

OTO 1 :

Are you ready to start selling and profiting online?

Then pay attention and watch this video to see how…

My Team Will Personally Handover to You all the BEST Selling Products in Super Niches with all the Matching Sales Materials — Just Copy, Paste n’ Profit

  • ZERO Delays
  • You can start selling right now!
  • ZERO Guesswork
  • We give you the exact products that will sell like hot cakes.
  • ZERO Excuses
  • Everything will be done for you by our team of professionals, you just copy, paste and sell, so what exactly could your excuse for failing or not taking action?
  • Your Profit is GUARANTEED from this Very Minute Going Forward!

    Our personal team that worked together with us to create the avalanche of amazing products we sold in 2016 to gross over $4 million in revenue worked personally to created “Done for You & Ready to Sell” products that you can pick and start selling immediately.

    So everything is pretty much guaranteed.

    Our product development team handled the niche research, product research then created hot selling products in some of the most profitable niches you can tap into right now.

    Then passed on the finished the product our marketing & promotions team who now created and tested the sales copies, sales videos and email swipes, everything is already squared out.

    So you no longer have to worry about creating a products you can sell, with us you now have not just the products to sell but also the materials you need to sell the products.

    You don’t have to spend days and weeks trying to learn the process and you don’t have to fork over hundreds of dollars to one cranky freelancer to create a single product for you that may never even sell.

    Best part, you’ll be confident knowing that your products and sales materials were prepared by an ultra successful & professional 7 figure internet marketing team that has been responsible for growing multiple internet businesses.

    • Hot selling products = Done
    • Every product angle research = Done
    • Hot selling products = ready
    • High converting sales materials = ready
    • Sales pitch = tested & certified
  • We will handle everything and give you everything you need to build your successful online business, all you need to do is just take any product and start selling immediately.

    And remember, you own all these products 100%, you can sell them as it is or rebrand it to anything you wish, they are yours to use as you please.

OTO 2 :

Exclusive Access

to a Secret CBS Software That Will “Add 100-300 Subscribers to Your Email List Daily for FREE” in Any Niche and on Auto-Pilot

You Need a Product and an Email List to Start Selling Online,This Software Will Build Your Email List for You Automatically!

Upgrade Your CBS Formula Account to Get Access to the CBS Lead App and

Have Our Underground Software Build Your eMail List for You!

You Do Absolutely Nothing and You Get Guaranteed Email Leads on AutoPilot Straight to Your AutoResponder (ESP) Daily for FREE

Once you have these, the amount of money you make daily or monthly is now a case of how many products are you selling and/or how big is your email list.

With the CBS Formula, we showed you how to get everything setup so you can start making money.

And luckily, to really get you started… inside our CBS KickStart Club, we created and gave you hot selling products in super profitable niches that you can take to the market and cash in on now.

I hope you joined the CBS KickStart Club, it’s very important for your success, if you didn’t join earlier… please go here and join now, it’s too important for you to miss out!

With the CBS KickStart Club, the products will now be done for you.

  • “Products” problem =solved by CBS Kickstart Club!

  • “Email List” problem = will be solved now…

Starting today, you’ll never worry again about building an email list!

Why? Because…

We have a secret cloud-based software that it’s sole responsibility is to build our email list for us in any niche for free.

It’s called:

and it’s by far the fastest, most powerful viral email list building software on the planet!

This software is your BEST chance at build a big, profitable email list in 2017 and here’s why:

Building a Profitable Email List of Buyer Leads the “Regular Way” is VERY, VERY Costly!

Let me break it down for you.

To build a standard email list, you use Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Solo Email Ads with average cost of $1 per Click At $1/Click, it will cost you $1,000 to get 1,000 Clicks on either Facebook, Google or Solo Email.

Average conversion rate of every lead capture page for all traffic coming from ads (cold traffic) is usually 10% – 20%.

Here’s even a recent lead capture campaign we ran with ad traffic where you can see conversion rate of our lead capture pages.

So, assuming your page is really good and you get 18% conversion rate…

Then with 1,000 clicks which cost you $1,000, you’ll have 180 new subscribers.

That’s $5.6/Subscriber!

Are you really willing to spend $5.6 just to collect one email address that may be even so worthless they’ll never open your emails talk more of clicking and buying your products?

A typical email to your list (if you have good relationship with them) gets 10% open rate and 15% – 25% click rate.

So for a list of 180 subscribers, if you send a promotional email to sell your product, you’ll get these results:

Email Opens: 10% of 180 = 18 email opens

Email Clicks: 20% of 18 email opens = 4 link clicks

Seriously, will you use 4 clicks to sell a product? Truth is nobody will even notice your email…

Ever heard of anybody with 200 subscribers killing it online?


Fact is you need at least 3,000 – 10,000 subscribers before you can start getting serious traction in your online marketing!

Imagine spending $5.6 per subscriber for say 3,000 or 10,000 subscribers.

This is why people run away from building a list because they believe it’s TOO COSTLY.

Let me put that into perspective for you…

To build a list of:

1,000 Subscribers — $5,600 Ad Spend

2,000 Subscribers — $11,200 Ad Spend

5,000 Subscribers — $28,000 Ad Spend

10,000 Subscribers — $56,000 Ad Spend

Do you have $56,000 stacked somewhere to build a list of 10,000 subscribers?

This is why a lot of people fail online even when they have good products to sell, they never get to build a big email list.

You Can Start Getting FREE Leads Like This on Daily Basisin 3 Steps

Just Login to CBS Lead App & Integrate Your Email Service Provider

Create your auto-viral lead funnel in any niche

Launch the lead funnel, sit back & watch your email list grow on it’s own

CBS Lead App uses a unique and underground viral technology called “Mean Cat Method” to get guaranteed leads and that’s why it’s 100% different from every other email list building app in the market.

Other viral software will fail you because they focus on getting shares instead leads which is your main goal for going viral…

OTO 3 :

Before you start selling, watch this video to see how you can…

Hack Your Way to MORE Sales Online using 2 simple software that Allows You to “Play with your Audience Psychology and Force them to become Buyers“

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