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Business services?

Coaching programs? 

Selling Products? 

In-person or online?

When I was getting started in the internet marketing industry with my local lead generation business model, I hired a mentor through this coaching program to teach me what he knows.  

I wanted to have a skill that genuinely turned massive profits for me without giving me more work to do, like — ya know — a second job would. 

Then I got started, quit my full-time job a year into the adventure, and I’m now making over $45,000 in monthly, passive income in 2019. 

It’s truly been a remarkable journey. 

So we’ve all had our big start when we looked into making money online. 

Sounds ridiculous, but just read to the end and you’ll see just how legit this is. 

Anyway, there I am getting my great start. 

I thought that it was so impressive that I was going to be an awesome life coach to someone in the future. 

You know, like those people who hit it big and have all this success then charge reasonable prices to make themselves available and share their wisdom of how they made their successes happen. 

I thought it was going to be awesome. 

And it was… kind of. 

See, every single person I took on (as a client) always changed my outlook on life. 

I was excited to see their joy when they transformed into something better than either of us thought would have been possible from their courageous work. 

Recommendations were made, referrals were sent my way, more clients due to the raving reviews provided by current customers – it was the life! 

In fact, people loved me so much that I was broke! 

Yeah… true story. 

I guess it turns out that life coaching really doesn’t make that much money – despite how rewarding the work is. 

I could be passionate and excited for changes made that make people around me happier than they ever thought they could be. 

Unfortunately, the bills just weren’t getting paid.  

I explored options on how to get more money in a day so I could live and eat:

  • Lower my rates?
  • Put more money into marketing (that I didn’t have)?
  • Ask past customers to buy from me again?

If I was so good, then why couldn’t I produce more funds in my so-called successful career?

At the end of the day, coaching is a business. 

Yes, I know.  It’s hard to look at it like this, but when you’re out of peanut butter and jelly then it’s time to take some drastic actions. 

If I was going to continue going forward in the self-employed track of life, then it was time for me to figure out how I was going to earn my living. 

Even though I was an epic coach for the clients that came to me asking for some support, I decided that I needed some mentoring of my own to guide me toward where I felt I needed to go. 

Whenever you’re reaching out for someone to help you like this, it’s always best to look at it from the perspective of asking someone to look your way for a period of time. 

When you hire a mentor, you’re inviting them into your personal space to watch you briefly and recommend changes that you could make to get to where you want to go. 

Unfortunately, any coach that I had explored seemed to seriously miss the point of what I was looking for; their promises were beyond extraordinary!   

What I mean is that I just couldn’t believe the words they were saying or the claims they were making. 

None of them seemed to be in the market to help someone like me – in the position I was in. 

I couldn’t find a coach of my own that would be a good fit until I met someone at a local meet-up that dropped the name: Mr. Russ Ruffino. 

There’s a name I didn’t think about looking into. 

Who was this guy?

Would he be the person I was looking for?

Can he guide me to where I want to go?

Is this the top coach in 2019 for an entrepreneurial-minded, success-oriented individual such as myself? 

Read on to learn more! 

By the way…

If you haven’t yet started something for yourself to turn some profits through the internet, feel free to consider our coaching program; we’ve got a few spots open to educate people the ropes of local lead generation and how this can work for you from home, in your spare time.

Why did I just drop a shameless plug? 

I’ll tell ya later – and oh the reason is very good! 

For now, more on the myth, the man, the future mentor: Russ Ruffino’s Clients on Demand.

Get Clients on Demand – Russ Ruffino, Only Price 98$


If you’ve never been to California – especially the southern portions of it – then let me give a quick description of it, because that’s how Mr. Ruffino likes his environment (or, so I think). 

The rumors are true; starlets and famous people head out to the West Coast for more than just the business opportunities. 

The place is as beautiful as it is fast-moving and quick-paced. 

If you ever head out that way, be sure to wear your go-fast kicks because you’ll be hauling some serious tail just to get up to speed on how the local layout works. 

A humble man, no doubt, Russ is no stranger to taking responsibility for the important things in his life and carrying through on commitment. 

He demonstrates that with waking up to work on his family, what with his marriage and child and all. 

The gentleman that I’ve heard about who likes to make a living by changing lives with his business career, Ruffino established the Clients on Demand coaching program in the year 2011. 

How does he reach other people and pass his overarching message along to the masses? 

He’s no stranger to implementing technology in order to get his job done. 

By the way, he does it well! 

You can catch Russ Ruffino in the following mediums:

  • Podcast
  • Facebook
  • Customized YouTube Channel
  • Instagram
  • Running webinars to educate and connect
  • Twitter
  • And a variety of other social platforms and media


If you’re looking to become a coach, then Russ probably isn’t going to be a good mentor for you. 

His heavy hitter material is better geared toward those already working in the trenches and changing lives as we speak. 

If you still want to get into this space, then you could probably find his education and content more applicable to you when you’ve helped a handful of clients achieve some things. 

I’m not saying you can’t get started with Ruffino, but he’s got some high-level things to share and it’ll just make more sense when you’ve been through the gauntlet of getting satisfied customers under your belt first. 

This is a review blog, after all.  I’m happy to provide some insight. 

Also, if you’re looking to get started with making money online, the cost of his program (alone) would make any newcomer balk at first. 

I know I did when I heard how much his program costs. 

Still, I think this guy had something to him that I might be able to capitalize on. 

So what’s it all about – that Clients on Demand thing that Russ is doing? 

Well, you get to dig in with Russ from the very beginning of starting his mentorship programs. 

He helps you to find your ideal clients that:

  • Seem to be a good fit for what you’re hoping to work with them on
  • Can reach your price of entry without asking for things for free or some upfront discount
  • Believe in what you’re trying to do
  • Take what you’re saying and appreciate your time

One other thing: Russ Ruffino reminds you of your need to make money – that you’re in business – and that you need to generate more revenue to continue to afford to help people. 

Part of his content includes recommendations on how to have future clientele consider you instead of you having to go find them and pitch them to get started with your coaching experience.

How awesome would that last part be: have clients seek you out.

You’d be like a famous brand right from the get-go; no more following up with people who don’t want to talk to you or quickly hang up on you while pretending to be polite. 

No more ridiculous handshakes necessary at events you never wanted to show up at, where the business cards you pass out are as worthless as the napkins they wipe their mouths with before tossing them (along with your card) into the garbage. 

Russ’ course, just for attracting clients, is worth the price of admission – so you can have something to show for all the work that you’re trying to accomplish. 

As a new member, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Figure out how to get less face-to-face events happening so you can help more people in less time, and still have time for yourself to enjoy your career’s lifestyle
  • Figuring out other resources that you can leverage so you don’t have your phone ringing off the hook from clients to ask you about every little detail to your program’s aspects (downloadable files, recorded podcasts, and other forms of published content)
  • Learn to be the go-to expert among your competitors
  • Charge your pricing to what you really deliver, and not to undercut the competition (who probably don’t provide what you can anyway)
  • How to guide my clientele in a way that positions me to be the EXPERT in my field (to them).
  • Finding ways to perform my services in less exhausting, more automated pattern
  • Earning back my social time so I can have a life outside of my business
  • 2-day closing structure for selling clients quickly and getting them off of my prospecting actions
  • Getting authentic with both my sales and marketing and in the coaching services itself

I like that: Authentic! 

When I achieved some changes from Mr. Ruffino’s mentoring, I had a new found appreciation for the things I was doing in the field of coaching and life mentoring. 

I received the privileges of…

  • Less content marketing headaches
  • More satisfaction in my clients
  • More buyers for my coaching services
  • Landing the type of people that will passionately work with my guidance to make a profound change in their life – ultimately leading to some amazing testimonials I was able to leverage for the marketing… so I could change more lives for the better

I know that I’ve made some changes.

I also know that Russ Ruffino provided guidance during the same time that those changes were made and the results were realized.

There’s no telling who ultimately takes the credit for these rewards of hard work and joys that came from implementing his wisdom…

I’ll simply say that I’m grateful for my mentor’s guidance and I’ll happily run with what results were delivered from enduring the rigors of changing for the better with the help of Mr. Ruffino’s Clients on Demand program. 

Get Clients on Demand – Russ Ruffino, Only Price 98$


If you possess clientele by the volume equivalent to a laundry list (yeah, that’s a pretty old school term), then you might be able to get something out of Russ Ruffino’s coaching and mentoring with his Clients on Demand program. 

For the newbies reading this kind of review, I want to make sure that you get started off in your entrepreneurial adventures online with an opportunity to land some wins in a relatively short amount of time. 

The coaching industry can be brutal – and you also have to have testimonials, which are often hard to acquire if you’ve never had clients before in a coaching program that you want to get started with. 

By all means, go ahead and start a coaching program if that’s really what you want to do.

I’m not putting together this blog to tell people what they can or can’t do with their time and business ideas. 

However, having raked in a hefty 6 figures of annual income with having been in business only less than 5 years, I have a unique perspective on the situation and think I can communicate what I believe is the most effective approach to getting started with a side-hustle online. 

When I got started, it was 2014 and I was struggling to generate a profit online while I was sick and tired of my 9 to 5 and the freezing cold commutes that came from the joyous benefit of living in downtown Detroit (especially in the winter mornings that carried freezing gusts of wind). 

It was a miserable lifestyle and I was more than ready for a change.

That’s why I started looking for an opportunity to gain a side-hustle that would profit me long-term without messing with what little time I could afford to spare in life each and every day

It wasn’t until I had found this coaching program for local lead generation that helped me to figure out how to use free traffic (which meant no paid ads) to generate web traffic and leads that I could send to a local business for a hefty profit. 

This type of passive income is awesome and is what helped me to turn what was a simple side hustle into a now 6 figure business. 

This is what the results of my efforts look like…

A business owner sending me $750 every month – and they’ve continued doing that for the last 4 years, without missing a single month.


Now I have about 45 of these deals all paying me every month whether I work or not. 

What else this has afforded me to do is…

  • Work anywhere I want now – I don’t have a 9 to 5 anymore and don’t have to punch a clock that requires me to be somewhere before work actually starts
  • I can generate as much income as I want – and I never thought I’d say when I started a few years ago, but now I make more money than medical physicians and attorneys in a calendar year
  • I can choose my work hours – and the money will still come in if I take time off for being sick, vacationing, or anything else
  • My business will be around for quite some time – the internet isn’t going anywhere and businesses want to make more money
  • So I use free traffic on search engines to send them more leads, and they pay me monthly to keep sending them business (just like Uber and Airbnb)

When you’re using Google search results to rake in the bucks, you might as well dominate the marketplace and get the maximum results to send to a company to keep paying you for years.

Just like what I did for limo rentals in Lansing, MI.  Check it out below:

Limo Lead Gen2

If you’re ready for these kinds of results in your future, then consider joining our coaching program so you can learn how to generate leads in a side business (just like I started doing in 2014) and make your year of 2019 (and beyond) the days that you never have to worry about your financial security again. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Get Clients on Demand – Russ Ruffino, Only Price 98$

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