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Product Description

It's a real Catch-22!

You know that you desperately need to change the way you do business if you want to continue to grow — because right now you are maxed out in terms of your time + energy.

You would love to be able to free yourself up to focus on the more valuable projects…and maybe even hire some support to help you out, but you’re:

  • Unclear on what YOU should actually spend your time doing as CEO…
  • Maxed out and don’t have more time to pour into the business — or figuring out how to improve the business…
  • Not sure what position to hire for next… and uncertain what that person would do, even if you *could* find them…
  • Afraid you can’t afford to hire someone yet…
  • nervous because you’ve been burned before — and feel like it’s just easier to do it all yourself!

But what if you could figure out how to easily identify how to immediately grow the business, get clear on the gaps on your team, hire the right person with confidence, and get massive ROI on your decisions?

Then you could start Clockworking with confidence!

We created Clockwork Kickoff to be exactly what you need to start hiring with confidence and get back HOURS of your time.

If you’ve read the book Clockwork and would love to start Clockworking your business — but you feel stuck because you barely have time to cover your existing workload, Clockwork Kickoff was made for you.

Hi, I’m Adrienne, and team RLC created this program specifically to address one of the biggest problems we hear from potential Clockworkers:

They don’t feel “ready” to clockwork their business.

Maybe they don’t think they’re ready for Clockwork because: 

  • They’re afraid they don’t have time to implement — because they’re so busy working in their business, they don’t have time to work on it. 
  • They don’t have a huge budget or struggle with cash flow problems — so they’re always waiting for the “next big project” to be able to afford to invest in their business.
  • They don’t want to lead a big team, or they’re worried about making the wrong hiring decisions — so they’ve created a revenue cap for their business and struggle to grow past it. 

The truth is, what’s really behind this feeling of being “not ready” is that they don’t trust themselves to make the right decisions that will allow them to grow and scale.

If this sounds familiar — you are NOT alone! Many, many business owners get stuck in this exact Catch-22 that prevents them from growing the business of their dreams.

So how do you get unstuck?

In my experience, nothing succeeds like a little success — so I designed this program to be a stepping stone, to prove to you and other business owners like you that you are ready to Clockwork your business and grow and scale to your wildest dreams and beyond. 

Clockwork Kickoff is designed to get you ready to Clockwork your business by teaching you how to:

  • Determine exactly which tasks/projects you should be doing — and shouldn’t be doing 
  • Decide exactly where to spend MORE of your own time to grow the business 
  • Search, screen for + hire the right person {and every person} to build the right team for your business — even if you’ve been burned before
  • Stop overpaying team members for hours you don’t need 
  • And get started with Clockworking the entire business by doing this one step first!

And here’s the best part: Even if you decide by the end of the program that you’re not ready to hire yet, you will STILL be able to grow your business with what you learn in this program. {And you’ll be clear about who to hire and how to get an ROI when you decide you’re ready.}

"Since we started implementing the general principles of Clockwork last fall we've more than doubled our revenue (on track to triple), had our most profitable month in business ever, and taken our team from 6 to 10 amazing humans who we adore.

We've made strategic hires, dropped tasks that weren't producing ROI, and shifted our team into roles they love.”

Jessi Honard, North Star Messaging + Strategy

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Instant lifetime access to the training — no waiting for the next start date, and you can revisit the information any time you want to make a new hire.
  • 8 bite-sized videos to get you clarity and into action — we’ve made them short, actionable, and easy to implement because we know you’re pressed for time.
  • Our tricked-out tracking spreadsheets to make data collection 100x easier.
  • Action-based assignments with worksheets to get you results fast.

The Clockwork Kickoff provides more than $1500 in training and resources — but we’ve set the investment at just $497 to make it available to everyone, no matter where you’re starting from.

Plus, once you’ve gone through Clockwork Kickoff + seen the incredible ROI you can achieve by taking just this one step towards a Clockworked business, we think you’ll want to keep going. That’s why we’ve decided all Clockwork Kickoff alumni can apply the cost of this program to joining our full 12-month Clockwork Accelerator program — so the value just keeps on coming.

Get Clockwork Kickoff  – Adrienne Dorison, Only Price $77

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