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System offers a simple approach to understanding and applying Elliott Wave analysis to master your trading.



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what you can get:

  • Part 1 Introduction to SWAT
  • Part 2 Technical AnalysisActions
  • Part 3 SWAT SystemActions
  • Part 4 Trade SetupsActions
  • Part 5 Supporting MaterialActions
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Making wave analysis and trading simple!

System offers a simple approach to understanding and applying Elliott Wave analysis to master your trading.

Never miss important price movements ever again with:

  • Color coded candles and momentum arrows for entries.
  • Custom designed Moving Average indicator and Fractals for spotting trends and support and resistance levels.
  • Two multiple time frame indicators for trend direction.
  • The special alignment MA tool (moving average) for filtering out failing setups to avoid t ill-timed trades. 
  • Proprietary oscillators show momentum and divergence in new ways.
  • The Murrey Math indicator for automated support and resistance levels.
  • Discover the best Fibonacci levels, learn the correct swings for Fibonacci placement, time the Fibonacci retracements levels at the correct moments, and pinpoint the most profitable Fibonacci targets.

Free month of ecs.LIVE 

All SWAT member also get a free month of access to ecs.LIVE (usually €109/mnth). With ecs.LIVE You get enough trading support and setups on Forex Stock CFDs, Cryptos & Stock Indices throughout the week. You will also get access to protected Member Area & Forum, plus get help with applying locked SWATindicator and other Elite CurrenSea tools. 

Recognised as best video education program by:

Mastering price action & patterns

Our approach teaches traders to speak the language of the waves and technical analysis with less effort. This knowledge also helps to understand waves with an enhanced perspective and allows you to label them with an improved accuracy.

The Swat trading system will help explain market movements and price cycles pre-fact. By spotting them, you will be better equipped to get ready for the next large market move, and take positions before the rest of the market does.

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Spotting waves without counting

Understanding the market structure on a deeper level is key to trading price movement. Our ecs.SWAT course offers a shortcut in mastering wave analysis for profitable trading without years of struggle.

The system breaks down complex wave analysis methods into easy to understand blocks, combining best Wave Analysis practices, simplified methodology and decades of experience to offer an out of the box solution to live trading.  

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Who is it for?

Both, traders looking for practical Elliott Wave education and mentoringand traders that are NOT interested in learning Elliott Wave analysis but would like to profit by harnessing wave analysis interpretation of the market structure without the years needed to master it.

ChrisOver the last 10 years, technical analysis and education has been at forefront of Chris’ trading career. Chris is particularly fond of Wave Analysis and analysing the market structure via trend, momentum, patterns, and support and resistance.
Favorite Tools: Trend Lines, Moving Averages, Fibonacci Levels, Fractals and Price Action.

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