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Product Description

GET Email Copy Made Easy –  American Writers & Artists Inc. Course at GIO price $249 $47. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT IMMEDIATELY AFTER PAYMENT.

what you can get:

1. Email Copy Made Easy

  • Video Bonus
  • Sample Emails
  • Program Modules
  • Additional Materials
  • Email Copy Made Easy __ myAWAI __ AWAI.pdf

2. The AWAI Method

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
  • Step 7
  • Step 8
  • Step 9
  • Welcome Video.mp4

3. Networking

  • 1. info_net_Speaker_Bios.pdf
  • 2. Networking Interviews.pdf
  • 3. Creating Endless Referrals for Your Business.mp3
  • 4. Unleashing the Power of Networking.mp3
  • 5. Get Your Foot Off the Brake How to Move Towards Success.mp3
  • 6. Winning the Social Media Game.mp3
  • 7. Networking Articles

Get On The FastTrack To Living The “Writer’s Life” Today!

Yes, Rebecca! I’m excited about earning a living as a writer in the fastest way possible. I understand that I could be up and running – with my first paid assignment – in just weeks!

Please give me full online access to AWAI’s complete Email Copy Made Easy program, which contains Jay White’s personal formula for writing emails that clients will love.

In all, I’ll receive:

  • Over eight hours of training spread out over 12 modules where Jay explains EVERYTHING I need to be able to craft emails that WORK. This also includes Jay’s detailed explanation of his formula and his “paint-by-numbers” approach.
  • Plenty of examples and a live swipe file I can use as a template for any future emails I write. I’ll never be confused or at a loss on how to craft emails that will absolutely FLOOR my clients.
  • Jay’s exclusive “Over My Shoulder” training videos. Watch as Jay creates and critiques email copy in real-time. I’ll be looking over his shoulder as he reveals his entire process … I’ll listen as he “thinks out loud” about word selection and what selling approach to use … and I’ll learn his most closely held secrets to writing email copy that drives sales.
  • Access to Jay’s webinar library. This is even more “extra” training on important email-writing concepts, along with even more advice on how to land PAYING clients right away.
  • Ongoing support with Jay’s online community. A place for me to ask questions, connect with fellow email writers and share my successes and get help with obstacles and challenges. I’ll never be alone!
  • Two “at-my-fingertips” resources. Jay’s “Cheat” sheet and his Personal Resources Sheet. I’ll be using these two throughout my career, as they’ll give me a quick overview of the most critical elements of Jay’s formula, along with all the must-have resources he uses to ensure his emails get results for his clients.
  • My 90-day success roadmap. If I follow this diligently, I could well be on the path to earning a living as a writer in just a few short weeks!
  • Unlimited updates for life! Email Copy Made Easy is one of AWAI’s “Living Programs,” and when you become a member of Jay’s community, you’re entitled to all updates, bonuses, and new material added to the program — FREE! You’ll always have the latest information to help you succeed.
  • An opportunity to become a PAID writer almost immediately. I just need to take up any one of the email “spec” challenges, and Rebecca could be writing me a check for my emails!

Get Email Copy Made Easy –  American Writers & Artists Inc., Only Price 47$

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