FAST50. How To Craft A Buyer-Catching Opt-In Offer That Gets You A 50%+ Rate In 48 Hours STANDARD EDITION – Trial and Eureka



You can prime your visitors to buy from you (without blogging until hell freezes over)




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Yes, you can



You can prime your visitors to buy from you (without blogging until hell freezes over)


Get your dream clients lining up to work with you


Build an email list of BUYERS (not subscribers) from the get-go


Spending months writing 50,000-word ultimate guides


Scouring Amazon reviews, Quora and Reddit to find your ideal buyers’ fears, dreams and hopes


Wasting hours agonizing over what to say on your opt-in page


“Build an email list,” they said.

But you have barely discernible traffic and you have no clue about the best way to get opt-ins.

“Give something of value,” they said.

But that’s a very, very subjective term — value.

Whose value? What amount of value? What’s valuable to one is not to another.

Then there is the whole opt-in page mystery:

“Create an opt-in page to capture those leads,” they said.

But you just have no idea whether your page is good or not and what you should change.

And you don’t have enough traffic to A/B Test it properly.

You’ve been working for weeks and weeks (no exaggeration) on setting up a freebie and opt-in page. Yet, you’re still not happy with it.

Finally, you get over your perfectionist anxiety and put it out there.

Alas, the story doesn’t have a happy ending…

Hours spent on writing up an offer and then it all goes to waste. No opt ins worth mentioning. You don’t know what’s wrong. You think you probably need to keep creating offers until one of them works.


Do you want to sort through 66 million Google results on your own to find the

ONE method that will actually work, every single time?


There is so much confusing advice out there, but what is the best way to get an online business going?

Hey, maybe you should focus on blogging and guest posting and all of that. But you have that annoying burden known as “a life”.

Maybe you are working 9 to 5 and cannot really go full time on your online business (because you would have no money to live from if you quit just like that).

So limited time means more focused energy. But where should you direct your laser?

  • Write epic cornerstone articles for your blog and do SEO?
  • Become Gary Veynerchuck and creating awesome social media accounts?
  • Craft the perfect sales page and funnel?
  • Guest post, get subscribers and over-deliver with email marketing?
  • Just do affiliate marketing somehow?
  • Praying. A lot of praying?

Without sitting down with you, analysing every moving part of your business and mapping out your strategy, I can’t tell you what to do.

But here is what I CAN tell you:

Regardless of WHAT you decide to do to get traffic, ultimately it all leads to the same place:

Your opt-in. A page where you offer those visitors a free bonus in exchange for their email address.

All roads lead to Rome. And Rome, in the land of online business, is your opt-in.


Every month 543,000 new businesses get started.

Either you can procrastinate for months or you can get this sorted NOW – before they take away the market and saturate it with their shitty offers.

This is your chance to craft your opt-in and build your list of buyers.

Because by this time next quarter, 1.5 million new businesses will have sprung up.

So stop losing your customers to the competition.

And start the month with a sale.


  • If your opt-in offer doesn’t convert, you’ll get the traffic but won’t get them onto your list. Those visitors will look at your opt-in and click away. The traffic you spent months to acquire will slip through your fingers like sand.
  • Even if you get them onto your list, they won’t become buyers. If your opt-in offer isn’t strategically designed, it will attract freebie hoarders rather than serious buyers.
  • Every hour spent on a shitty opt-in offer is an hour away from money-making client work and product creation

And that is why I have developed a system to make sure none of the above happens to you.



The Fastest Method to Create a Buyer Catching Opt-in Offer That Gets You a 50%+ Rate in 48 Hours

And here is the cool part:

Fast50 is the world’s first crowdsourcing process to get your ideal buyers to craft the perfect opt-in offer FOR you…

… while you (mostly) sit back, watch Marco Polo on Netflix, and somehow get all the credit as a marketing genius.

(But that will be our little secret. Shh…)


1. I’m Alp and I’m a lawyer-turned-marketing strategist.

Marketing, just like the law, is all about selling ideas.

Every time you open your mouth in court, you are trying to sell an idea to the judge. Every time you negotiate a contract, you are selling your client’s perspective to the other side. Everything you do IS selling.

So, crafting an irresistible opt-in offer is very similar to crafting a settlement agreement:

It’s all about understanding what the right offer is – what will get them to say “Yes, I need this. Forget everything else, I’m signing up right now. Can I borrow your pen?

Having a legal background also means that I bring the same ethical rigour to my marketing work as I do to my legal work.

I did not grow up in this internet marketing world where people promise you the stars and underwhelm you with the delivery. I take my agreements seriously. I do not promise you anything I cannot deliver.

2. My opt-in pages convert at 70% and I want to show you how to do the same.

Opt In Rate At 70

When you understand what people really want and give it to them, people will not only opt in but spread the word about you.

I wanted to walk the talk, so I strategically designed an opt-in offer to prove this to you:

One of the people who subscribed then shared my opt-in page in someone else’s Facebook group out of her own volition. Her post got 117 likes and 41 comments and led to 349 new subscribers joining my list from that group.

Because I wasn’t the one promoting the opt-in offer, it didn’t come across as salesy. Instead, it instantly positioned me as a subject-matter expert who is also down-to-earth and relatable.

Here are two screenshots showing that:


3. I work with entrepreneurs who struggle with the black art of marketing and turn them into marketing mavens.

In fact, one of my clients boosted her opt-in rates by 5500% by using some of the strategies you’ll learn in this course.

4. I don’t just tell you what to do. I also show you what NOT to do (and WHY), so you know EXACTLY how to apply it all to your business.

But don’t take my word for it. Here is what clients and students have said about my teaching style:

5. When I say “you cannot learn this anywhere else,” I can back that up.

I’ve invested over $60k into marketing training just this year with the best experts in the field.

(Some men buy watches. Cool men buy motorcycles. I buy workshops. Everyone needs a vice.)

You’re not just getting the benefit of that expertise at a fraction of the cost… You’re getting everything THEY failed to teach me and I had to figure out on my own, through months of trial and error.


The Promise of the Course is Simple:

You will auto-magically figure out the miracle cure to what really keeps your ideal buyers up at night like a caffeine IV-drip.

AND package that into an opt-in offer that converts.

In ONE weekend.

The Unfair Advantages of Taking the Course:

  • You will know-in-your-bones that you’re targeting the burning pains your ideal buyers would do ANYTHING to solve (not the one-sentence, watered-down pseudo-problems they tell you on surveys)
  • You always hit the bullseye on a solution they will actually use (hurray, testimonials!) AND
  • Your opt-in page will write itself, using words that literally come straight out of your ideal buyer’s mouth, so others like them immediately “get” it and actually see your fix as the miracle solution it is.

And we know all this to be true because in this course we’re not just getting into their heads, we’re actually getting them to create the whole thing for us.

(Yes, we’re sneaky like that…)

And you will do all this…

  • WITHOUT spending hours obsessing over what to say on your landing page;
  • WITHOUT scouring Amazon reviews, Quora and Reddit to uncover your prospects’ fears, dreams and hopes;
  • WITHOUT randomly guessing what they really want and how to package that into a compelling opt-in;
  • WITHOUT having to order a crystal ball from China because so far Buzzsumo and stalking comments left on other blogs haven’t yielded any earth-shattering insights.

I’m here to RESCUE you from that bullshit.

Other User-Friendly (A.K.A Insanely-Busy-Person-Who-Also-Has-A-Life-Friendly) Features:

  • The course is designed to be finished AND IMPLEMENTED in one weekend (so you can cross opt-in offers off your to-do list and move on)
  • All the lessons encourage imperfect action (so they don’t trigger “perfectionist anxiety overload”)
  • Everything is broken down into quick action items (which means the course is procrastination-proof… which means you get shit done)






This is where you will unearth exactly what would make your ideal buyer dream, drool and helplessly opt in.

Lesson 1: Meet Dreamy (Your Ideal Buyer)

You’ll figure out who your ideal buyer is once and for all – WITHOUT doing any of those silly “avatar” exercises like guessing what jeans they wear and how they drink their coffee.

This will allow you to create an opt-in offer that will be irresistible to McDreamy (but repel freeloaders like an IRS audit).

Lesson 2: Understand What Would Make Dreamy Dream, Drool and Opt In

You’ll unearth the secret ingredients you need on your opt-in page, so that your ideal buyers cannot help but dream, drool and sign up.

The lesson includes a word-for-word script of the EXACT questions to ask to get Dreamy to give you those secret ingredients.

The genius of this approach is that you don’t have to guess what your ideal buyers really want and how to package that into an opt-in offer. Or waste hours scouring Amazon reviews, Quora and Reddit for market research.

Lesson 3: Create a “Shopping List” for Your Opt-In Page Using Dreamy’s Secret Ingredients

You’ll fill in the blanks on your “Shopping List Worksheet”, which is my signature process for taking Dreamy’s answers and turning them into jaw-dropping, attention-grabbing, purchase-inducing copy.

Once you have this Shopping List down, your opt-in page will write itself, using words that literally come straight out of your ideal buyer’s mouth so others like him immediately “get” why they need to sign up, right now.


Lesson 1: The “Litmus Test” Your Opt-In Offer Must Pass

I’ll show you exactly how to take the answers you got in Module 1 and package them into an opt-in offer that converts at 50%+.

You will also discover the “litmus test” your opt-in offer needs to pass so that people will actually use it, get results (hellooooo testimonials) and knock over doors to get their hands on your paid product.

Because if your opt-in offer isn’t priming them for the sale, creating it was a waste of your time.

Lesson 2: Write Your Opt-In Page Using “Paint-By-Numbers” Copywriting and Convert at 50%+

You’ll learn how to write a landing page that “sells” your opt-in offer in a way that instantly stops your ideal buyers in their tracks and gets them to sign up.

And you’ll do this in 10 minutes tops using your “Shopping List Worksheet” and paint-by-numbers copywriting.

Once you learn this process, you’ll never agonise over what to say on your landing page again.

Lesson 3: Test Before You Create

You’ll learn how to test your opt-in offer before you create it, so that you don’t waste hours building something that won’t convert.


Now you’ll create the opt-in offer itself (in under 2 hours). I’ll show you my signature process for crafting THE perfect solution to their burning problem (which gives them exactly what they need to get the results you promised).


Dreamy will take your opt-in offer for a test drive so that you get your first testimonial for your opt-in page.

You’ll work in Dreamy’s feedback, fix any hiccups and launch.


You’ll set up a system to automagically get feedback every time someone opts in. Once you understand what make them sign up, you can do more of that and remove whatever makes them click away.

You’ll also set up a system that motivates them to implement and gets you testimonials the minute they finish, so THEIR amazing results sell YOUR opt-in offer and position you as an expert that gets her students results.


Resource #1 – 1:1 Personal Strategy Session with Alp

We’ll have a 90-minute deep dive to get you started on the right foot. You walk out of the session with your target buyer, the problem you solve for them (your opt-in offer), and your value ladder all mapped out.

During this deep dive, I will also:

i) review your work,

ii) critique your opt-in page, and

iii) strategically position your opt-in offer

so that when your prospects come through and see your freebie, they will be more likely to buy your paid product.

The strategy session needs to be booked within 1 year from the date you purchased FAST50.

Resource #2 – Private FAST50 Community

This is where students help each other out, share their successes and workshop through each other’s problems. You can interact with all FAST50 students (and me) here.

Resource #3 – Copy/Paste Autoresponder Module

You’ll get copy-and-paste autoresponder templates for your opt-in offer, which will establish you as a subject-matter expert, prime your subscribers to buy from you and get testimonials for your freebie. Just swipe and deploy.

Resource #4 – Done-For-You Technical Implementation

My team will set up your complete list building funnel in the exact manner I recommend in Fast50.

They will also take care of all the tech stuff you hate, like installing your opt-in page, uploading your freebie, and setting up your autoresponder sequence.

(Prerequisite: You must have a self-hosted WordPress website – i.e. one that you installed on a domain that you own and on a hosting account. See the FAQ section for more info.)

Resource #5 – Done-For-You Infographic Creation

You will get a 1-page infographic version of your opt-in offer designed by my own designer.

Resource #6 – Four (4) Group Q&A Sessions

I designed this course to have as many interaction points with me as possible. So, in addition to the 1:1 Strategy Session, you’ll also have access to me through a series of LIVE Q&A sessions.

You can submit any questions for me to answer or pages for me to tear down or share where you are stuck and need help. Then the entire community will help you through your problem.

All calls will be recorded and made available to you if you are unable to attend.

Resource #7 – Twelve (12) List-Building Case Studies

Every month, we’ll showcase one FAST50 student via a video case study. Ordinary folks just like you and me who have had success. You’ll learn what they did and the results they experienced.

Then we’ll hand out all of their swipe copy and opt-in templates so you can model them in your business.


Fast50: COMPLETE 2 Payments of $399

  • Lifetime access to the full FAST50 Course
  • 1:1 Personal Strategy Session with Alp
  • Lifetime Access to the private Fast50 Community
  • Copy/Paste Autoresponder Module
  • Done-For-You Technical Implementation
  • Done-For-You Infographie Creation
  • Participation in (4) Group Q&A Calls
  • Access to (12) List Building Case Studies

Fast50: STANDARD 1 Payment of $197

  • Lifetime access to the full Fast50 Course
  • Lifetime access to private Fast50 Community
  • Copy/Paste Autoresponder Module
  • Participation in (2) Group Q&A Calls
  • 1:1 Personal Stratery Session with Alp
  • Done For You Techinical Implementation
  • Done for You Infographic Creation
  • Access to (12) Lít Building Case Studies

Fast50: STARTER 1 Payment of $97

  • Lifetime access to the full Fast50 Course
  • Lifetime access to private Fast50 Community
  • Copy/Paste Autoresponder Module
  • Participation in (2) Group Q&A Calls
  • 1:1 Personal Stratery Session with Alp
  • Done For You Techinical Implementation
  • Done for You Infographic Creation
  • Access to (12) Lít Building Case Studies

7-Day MANDATORY Refund Policy

FAST50 is designed to get you results quicker than any other system that exists.

In fact, if you don’t (at least) double your opt-in rate in the first 7 days, I require that you ask for a refund. (And I’ll let you keep the course and the bonuses.)

No joke. If you do the work and don’t double your opt-in rate in 7 days, I’ll give you your money back.

So, if you’re on the fence, buy it and focus on execution. I designed the course to be finished in 2 days, but I’m giving you a full week to try it risk-free. If the strategies don’t work for you, I’ll make you get a refund.


Try Fast50… RISK-FREE!

What happens if the course just doesn’t work for you?

If you aren’t 100% satisfied and don’t see significant results after giving it an honest effort, then we don’t deserve your money. Simply email support ([email protected]) at any time to return the course and get your money back. We’ll verify that you actually did the work, provide any assistance possible, and send a full refund to you.

My goal is to make sure that you create a high-converting opt-in offer that attracts serious customers and primes them to buy from you. If you give FAST50 an honest effort and it doesn’t work, then I haven’t done my job and I don’t want your money.

Note: I stand by my course. I’m committed to your results. I want you to be committed too. So please come in to get results. If you are buying this course because you want a magic pill that will make your business grow really fast without you doing any of the work, FAST50 is totally NOT for you. We require that you actually do work. If you do opt to refund the course, we require you to submit a few basic assignments to show you given it an honest effort. If that isn’t something you’re cool with, we understand. This course probably isn’t a good fit for you.


Fast-forward to Sunday. You finished the course.

THIS IS YOU: While your competitors are still anguishing over their opt-in page because everything they write sounds artificial, you’re “busy” booking a massage (because your opt-in page already wrote itself, using words that literally came straight out of your ideal buyer’s mouth).

THIS IS YOU: Your peers ogle your opt-in rates with an OMG-you-must-have-sold-your-soul-to-the-devil-for-this expression.

THIS IS YOU: You wake up and see that your email list expanded steadily while you slept, filling up with all the right people. Every time you glance at your dashboard, the number looks… well, bigger. Like a lot. Like I-need-a-calculator big.

THIS IS YOU: You open your inbox and are greeted to 10 love notes from people who used your freebie, got incredible results and now want to buy your premium package (which you haven’t even created yet). You immediately copy & paste these into your opt-in and sales pages as testimonials, which, of course, makes your offers even sexier.

THIS IS YOU: You launch something and the minute you open the cart, you already have hungry buyers lined up to buy (because your opt-in offer primed them for the sale and if they got such amazing results from a freebie God knows what miracles your paid programmes must have in store for them).

THIS IS YOU: You no longer have to “hunt” for clients or desperately stalk other people’s Facebook groups like a hustler. Clients find you. In fact, you’re already booked for the year – time to put up a Waiting List.

And all those “experts” who didn’t even give you the time of day? Now they seek you out (because clearly you must know some deep, dark secret they don’t).

In short, you’ve become the marketing genius who always knows which opt-in offer will get your ideal buyers to dream, drool and helplessly opt in.

Get FAST50. How To Craft A Buyer-Catching Opt-In Offer That Gets You A 50%+ Rate In 48 Hours STANDARD EDITION – Trial and Eureka, Only Price 96$

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