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Financial & Data Analysis Toolkit course is available you will get immediately after payment only $147 $47

What will you get:

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  • F_DA_Toolkit_-_Module_1_-_Financial_Concepts.pdf
  • F_DA_Toolkit_-_Module_2_-_Data_Import_Manipulation.pdf
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This program has been designed to provide you with the financial and data analysis skills needed for effective analysis in consulting engagements.

NOTE: This Toolkit is specifically for industry professionals or new consultants that do NOT have a finance background or advanced Excel skills. 

Details on the Financial & Data Analysis Toolkit:

This Toolkit includes three modules in mp4 video:

Module 1 – Financial Concepts 

A Practical Crash Course in Financial Concepts (and How to Ask Questions that Stump CFOs)

Module 2 – Data Import & Manipulation 

Data Importing, Cleansing, and Reformatting in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access

Module 3 – Excel Models 

How to Build "What If…" Models in Excel

Each video is over one hour, resulting in 4 hours video instruction total. In addition, transcripts for each of the three modules are included in pdf format.

Practical Details:

  • The investment for this Toolkit is $147.00
  • We use industry-standard Mp4 and Adobe Acrobat pdf files that can be used across all major computing platforms.
  • The program is delivered digitally. You will get download instructions within 15 minutes of purchase.

Get Financial & Data Analysis Toolkit – Victor Cheng , Only  Price 47$

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