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The Comprehensive Course In All Things Freelance. Create, Build, Market & Scale Your Own Sustainable & Lucrative Freelancing Agency – Even If You’re A Total Beginner.



Product Description

Course Description

The Comprehensive Course In All Things Freelance. Create, Build, Market & Scale Your Own Sustainable & Lucrative Freelancing Agency – Even If You’re A Total Beginner.

What You Will Learn

Build Your Own Freelance Agency

In this introduction, you’ll find out who freelancing works for (hint – people with skills such as writing, designing, developing, assisting, accounting… the list goes on and on) and get a list of tips so you can make the most of your time in this course.

Module 1: Freelancing For Beginners

What’s the easiest path to success as a freelancer? You’ll discover it in this module. We’ll also cover common challenges you may face, and the methods and habits you’ll need to get around those obstacles. Finally, we’ll give you the first action step needed to put you on the path to freelancing success.

Module 2: Getting Started

Every business owner struggles with some key questions when they’re starting out. What should your specialty be? Should you use your own name for your business or pick something else? Do you really need a website? And so on and so forth… All of these question will be answered in this module – consider it as the foundation for setting yourself up for success.

Module 3: Finding And Managing Clients

When you’re set up, your next step is to find clients – and not just any clients. You want the right clients who will see your value and respect your time accordingly. In this module, you’ll discover where to find these seemingly elusive creatures and how to manage them for a successful business relationship.

Module 4: Marketing Your Freelance Business

Once you’ve got the ball rolling, the majority of your time should NOT be spent actively looking for clients. Instead, you want to harness the power of proper marketing so those great clients come looking for YOU. In Module 4, we’ll show you several marketing methods and persuasive techniques you can use to attract clients practically effortlessly.

Module 5: Ideas For Scaling Your Business

Here’s the secret so few people will tell you about scaling your business – it’s NOT a one-size-fits-all experience. Instead of giving you one idea of what you can accomplish next with your freelance business, this module gives you SEVEN, all of which are covered in detail so you can choose which option fits your success path best.

Module 6: Building A Team

Even if you start your business as a one-person-show, chances are good you’ll want to add to your team as you grow. There are many challenges to creating an effective team, and in this module, you’ll hear what they are and how to defeat them. When you’re done with these lessons, you’ll know how to find and manage the right people AND how to keep them happy so they can continue to help your business grow.

Module 7: Upwork 101

Learn all about the freelancing platform Upwork. You'll learn how to use Upwork, how to get your profile approved, and how to "spy" on your competition. You'll also learn how to differentiate between good and bad clients, and how to interact with them.

Module 8: Hiring On Upwork 101

In this module you'll learn how to hire freelancers on Upwork. Knowing the right process for finding the best freelancers is important. That's why this section includes posting a job, finding and inviting freelancers, and hiring and interacting with them as well.

I. Freelancer Interviews

We've included 2 freelancer interviews, with experts Karen Hendry and Marco Maldera. They talk all about why freelancing is so great, how to get started, how to find opportunities, how to build your portfolio, and how to succeed in your field.

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