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When purchasing High Tech Bjj In The Gi – Tom De Blass course, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

High Tech Bjj In The Gi – Tom De Blass

Simple, Effective, Straight From The Hip Techniques That Work – Tom DeBlass’ Jiu Jitsu Principles Applied In The Gi: On Video For The First Time Ever

  • Tom DeBlass’s seminar schedule is booked for the next 2 years
  • Tom is releasing his best Gi material
  • He’s not only going to upgrade your game, he’s going to save you time, energy and make Jiu Jitsu fun again
  • Transform your guard with this easy to use system
  • Elevate your game

Simple, Effective, Straight From The Hip Techniques That Work – Tom DeBlass’ Jiu Jitsu Principles Applied In The Gi: On Video For The First Time Ever

Tom DeBlass’s seminar schedule is booked for the next 2 years.

We get emails from customers about all our DVDs. But when it comes to Tom, people don’t just say, “Tom changed my game.” They say, “Tom changed my life.”

And now… he has done it again.

Tom is releasing his best Gi material.

He’s not only going to upgrade your game, he’s going to save you time, energy and make Jiu Jitsu fun again

Toe Hold From De La Riva

Tom’s story goes like this…

He is a black belt under Ricardo Almeida, who is under Renzo Gracie. Tom not only is thicker than thieves with these two guys, he has direct access to the who’s who in the Jiu Jitsu world.

He’s earned it. He’s been on the scene a long time and a black belt for close to ten years.

Tom has the red carpet treatment at John Danaher’s classes. Garry Tonon brings him in for seminars. Jeff Glover and Dean Lister have had him in for seminars. Gordon Ryan drives over an hour to his school each week to train. Heck, random people fly across the world to New Jersey just to learn from Tom.

So when he shows you a technique, you know it’s been tested and examined by the higher ups.

You can be out of shape and out of practice; it doesn’t matter. Simply using Tom’s techniques will instantly turbo-charge your game.

Listen: Everyone has their own game, their own style. But we are influenced by those around us. I mean do you think Tom’s game hasn’t been influenced by his mentors and training partners?

Of course it has…

Tom has trained with the best of the best. He has synthesized the knowledge of many and made it his own. Learning from him is like having that cheat day sundae with three different flavors of ice cream and 10 toppings. You get it all.

When you watch this series you will see flashes of brilliance you’ve never seen before – anywhere.  Many techniques will shave years off your learning curve. Sure you can learn what Tom learned on your own.

BUT wait, can you? 

Sure, you can do your best to try and catch up with Tom, Renzo, Danaher, Tonon, and the rest of the crew. But in order to do that, at the insider level Tom is at with those dudes, you’d likely have to be born again.

The truth is, you don’t need to do all that.

You can still learn the secrets Tom knows.  It’s all on his DVD series High Percentage Gi Techniques. Tom reveals everything he knows. And it’s much easier to digest than that cheat day sundae…

Tom’s approach is simple

Before he was Jiu Jitsu royalty, Tom was a school teacher. He knows how to keep a classroom interesting, entertaining and energetic. His stories resonate and make you remember what he says. Tom won’t just give your Jiu Jitsu an overhaul. His positive impact extends beyond the mat.  Here is what his first black belt Garry Tonon had to say about him:


-Learn how to tear apart the De La Riva guard piece-by-piece. Tom breaks down exactly what people will do when they get you into the De La Riva guard. Then he shows you how to stop each piece so you can shift your focus to passing and submission-hunting. It’s a thorough approach to the De La Riva that will have you “thanking” your opponent every time he tries to play this guard with you. Heck, this stuff is so potent that after you shut his guard down, he’ll be begging you to show him how you did it.

-Finishing the toe-hold scenario on top. If you are into leg attacks, this attack is going to make your year. A lot of people attack the feet and too often it’s telegraphed. Tom shows you how to control your opponent’s leg so there is literally no way out. All we can say is “OUCH!” Better to use this one on someone else than have it done to you.

-How to bait your opponent to kill his own knee-shield.

-Plus much more…


-Turtle to back variations. Tom walks you through situations that will put you a step ahead of your opponent, even if he is trying to block and stall. You will begin to understand why Tom and his training partners are having so much success at back finishes. This section is pure gold.

-Very simple tactic to chain positions together. Tom shows you what to do when A and B don’t work and how to flow the chain of techniques the easy way. Understanding this alone will save you 5 or 10 years of wear and tear on your body.

-Half Guard Butterfly techniques that will fool your opponent into thinking he has the advantage. BUT these techniques will actually get him swept or submitted. Tom has a different methodology when it comes to sweeping people. He gets his hips and head under them, he doesn’t just throw them off to the side. He shows you a very unique way to get under people. Let’s put it this way:  You will think that Tom has the ability of a lightweight after you watch this. And the best part? He shows you exactly how anybody can make it look just as effortless. It’s all in the details.

-Plus much more…


 -Tom uses the X Guard in order to not only set up sweeps but also to get leg attacks and take the back. Tom shows you how to use your hand position around the leg to determine which options you have. If you are doing this wrong right now, it may take you years to figure it out. Let Tom guide you.

-Tom’s omoplata is different. He shows you how to hold the head down without using any power. Tom’s moves have a lot to do with setup and control. They are high-percentage because there really is no way out. You will understand how to gain total control before you submit the guy. This is a key to Tom’s philosophy. Even though his teammates are huge submission hunters, Tom is all about position before submission.

-Shut down the weave pass with a lasso sweep. Tom sets this up so effectively that a white belt could hit it on a black belt. True story… Tom’s bottom game in the Gi is as good if not better than his No Gi game. The details Tom shows in this sweep are principles that can universally work for just about every sweep.

-Plus much more…


 -Discover the Single Leg Half guard sweep. Tom’s version is really unique because he uses his legs rather than needing to use his whole upper body. The lock he uses on his opponent’s near leg totally controls his opponent movement. It’s simple and effective.

-Learn the cross collar game from bottom. Tom shows you how to grab and what to look for. Tom’s approach is very offense-minded and easy to use. Learning this will really give you confidence when you play guard.

-Tom will show you how to break down the knee slice. It’s actually funny because he tells his partner in this series to try to knee-slice him. Then he shows exactly how he kills it. It’s brilliantly simple stuff that even a juvenile can do against an adult if they watch this.

-Plus much more…

To sum things up…

Tom’s advanced Gi knowledge will save you years of coming home from practice night after night scouring YouTube looking for answers that may not even be there.

Why waste your precious time? Running on a hamster wheel doesn’t make you better.

Tom shows you EXACTLY what to do, no matter how complicated the position AND most importantly, he makes it fun as hell to learn.

Bottom line: If you are interested in having your private collection of energy-saving techniques that will leave your training partners with green with envy, asking you questions after you roll like “How the f*ck did you do that one?” then I wouldn’t mess around and let this pass you by.

Lasso To Rolling Omoplata

So What Exactly Is On This DVD?


  • De La Riva Back Step Pass
  • Toe Hold From De La Riva
  • De La Riva To Leg Drag
  • De La Riva To Reverse Knee Slice
  • Spider Guard Passing Mini Seminar
  • Spider/Lasso Pass
  • Body Lock Butterfly Pass
  • Butterfly Crush To Clock Choke
  • Loop Choke Pass Off Butterfly
  • Sao Paulo Pass


  • Body Mechanics Of Head Positioning
  • Body Lock Half Guard Pass
  • Z Guard Smash
  • Crucifix Back Take With Choke
  • Rolling Back Take
  • Step Over Back Take
  • Rolling Back Take #2
  • Chains/Sequences And Tactics For Guard Passing
  • Torriando

DVD 3 (Bottom Game)

  • Half Butterfly Sweep
  • X Guard Leg Entry
  • X Guard Near Side Leg Entry
  • X Guard Back Take
  • Half Butterfly Near Side Leg Entry
  • Half Butterfly To Omoplata
  • Weave Pass Defense Using Lasso Sweep
  • Lasso To Rolling Omoplata
  • Half Butterfly Shoulder Clamp Sweep

DVD 4 (Bottom Game)

  • Shin To Shin To Counter Knee Slice
  • Lapel Drag From Sit Up Guard
  • Lapel Drag To Ankle Pick
  • Omoplata From Inside Control
  • Half Guard Under Hook To Dog Fight
  • Knee Slice To Lapel Single Leg
  • Leg Under Hook Series
  • Knee Bar When Opponent Stands In Closed Guard
  • Principles And Mindset

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Purchasing High Tech Bjj In The Gi – Tom De Blass course now, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.


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