Learn 3D Modelling & Animation from Scratch with Blender 3D – Richard Sneyd


Zero to hero guide on learning how to model, texture, animate and render your own 3D models and scenes in Blender 3D



Product Description

3D modelling and animation skills are in huge demand in many industries, such as the games industry, the animation industryadvertisingarchitectural and medical visualization… the list goes on and on. Incredibly, despite the rather hefty price tag for the leading commercial 3D suites, such as 3D Studio Max or Maya, for instance, there is a gorgeousfeature richindustry grade 3D modelling and animation suite, which is completely free and open source: introducing Blender 3D.

Blender 3D can be used for literally any 3D project or task you could imagine, and has been extensively by seasoned professionals and companies all around the world. From creating a feature length animated film, to animating and rendering 30 second ad for a retail client, to modelling, texturing and animating 3D game levels and environments, you can use Blender to do it all in style — and much, much more besides…

In this comprehensive, yet fun and engaging introduction to 3D modelling, UV mapping, texturing, animating and rendering in Blender, you will learn how to:

  1. Work with Blenders non-standard, yet uniquely optimized and powerful interface.
  2. Model your own 3D meshes, using a variety of optimal modelling techniques and workflows.
  3. UV Map objects using Projection and Unwrapping.
  4. Texture 3D models, and work with materials.
  5. Configure scene lighting.
  6. Use Blenders powerful animation tools to animate objects and scenes.
  7. Work with ambient and atmospheric rendering effects in Blender.
  8. Render still images and video sequences, using the two shipped rendering engines in Blender.
  9. Perform basic simulations using the built in game engine.

By the end of this course, you will know how to use Blender, and how to bring you own 3D creations to live, whatever form they may take. The only limit is your imagination, so what your waiting for!? Sign up now, and start bringing your imagination to life on the computer screen with Blender!

Course Curriculum


  • What Will I Learn? (2:43)
  • Splash Screen (3:02)
  • Editor Windows (6:54)
  • Blender Interface

3D Basics

  • Navigating 3D Space (5:33)
  • Object Transformations: Move, Rotate & Scale (7:26)
  • 3D Cursor (3:23)
  • 3D Primitives (5:06)
  • 3D Primitives: Parameter Customization (2:54)
  • Units in Blender (4:30)
  • Properties Window and Context Buttons (6:10)
  • 3D Basics

3D Modelling Fundamentals

  • Object Mode Vs Edit Mode (6:58)
  • Polygon Extrude (2:46)
  • Inset (4:20)
  • Loop and Ring Cuts (3:18)
  • Knife Tool (3:47)
  • Complex Selection: Loop and Ring (3:31)
  • Complex Selection: Grow and Shrink (2:38)
  • Extrude by Vertex Normal (1:56)
  • 3D Modelling Basics

Project: Sci Fi Spaship

  • Mirror Symmetry (3:16)
  • Modelling the Hull Pt 1 (17:56)
  • Box Modelling the Hull Pt 2 (18:16)
  • Boolean Operations: Adding Turrets (7:22)
  • Modifying and Hiding the Grid Display (3:29)
  • Modelling a Cylindrical Tank (9:13)
  • Creating an Array of Tanks (6:47)
  • Bevel Lofting with Shapes (8:16)
  • Convert Curve to Mesh Object (2:55)
  • Reduce Polygon Density: Decimate Modifier (4:52)
  • Adding a Propulsion System (2:09)

UV Mapping & Texturing

  • Smart Projection UVs (9:59)
  • Texturing in Photoshop (11:52)
  • Texturing in Photoshop Pt. 2 (16:40)
  • Blenders Paint Tools (12:34)
  • Texturing the Tank (18:16)
  • Texturing the Tanks Pt. 2 (18:47)
  • Frosting the Cockpit Windows (7:22)
  • Texturing the Tanks Pt. 3 (15:55)
  • Texturing the Tanks Pt 4 (11:37)

Preparing for Render

  • Baking Ambient Occlusion Maps (11:53)
  • Baking Ambient Occlusion Maps Pt. 2 (14:29)
  • Cycles Rendering Engine: Materials (15:52)
  • Normal Maps (15:57)
  • Environment Map (2:42)
  • Adding a Child Constraint (1:12)
  • Setting a Child Constraint (1:12)
  • Keyframe Animation (12:07)

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