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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, and other social media sites can give you analmost guaranteed path to influence and incomewhen you know the secrets to using them correctly.

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It has NEVER been easier to build wealth than it is today

  • 19-year-old fashion and beauty blogger attracted over40 million fans
  • Youtuber earns over12 million dollarsa year playing video games
  • Unknown artist collected over$744,000 a yearwith comic strips, tutorials, and paintings
  • Vlogger published her first book and sold78,000 copies its very first weekallowing her to buy a million-dollar mansion in just 3 months
  • Make-up artist created a $10/month subscription box to launch a business withannual revenues of $125 million
  • Local burger joint increased revenue by over60% in just 6 months
  • Snowbike company generated an extra$98,000 in sales in 5 months
  • 22-year-old with no previous online experience started a social media agency and quickly took it to over$100,000 a month

These are obviously exceptional results, but theyre also a taste of what social media influence is doing forothers just like you…

It doesnt matter whether you own a websitea brick-and-mortar local businessor youre starting completely from scratch.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, and other social media sites can give you analmost guaranteed path to influence and incomewhen you know the secrets to using them correctly.

While the majority of people continue to work traditional jobs where they invest the best years of their lives making others richover the past 2 decades a new underground economy has formed online basedon freedom, fun, and financial rewards.

Its hard to find out how many influencers are currently translating that influence intoconsistent streams of ongoing income, but the numbers are much larger than the average person suspects.

For example, Upfluence is just one of multiple marketing agencies that helps big brands like Paypalpay influencersto promote for them.

In their database alone, there areover 1.1 million social media influencerswith more being added all the time.

And the vast majority of influencers dont sell their influence! Not a single one of my clients currently participates in those types of deals.

Instead, they use their influence to grow their own brand, sell more of their products and services, and promote affiliate products for a share of the profits.

Why Continue to StruggleWhen Millions of People Just Like You Attract Followers, Customers, and Income So Easily?

Online marketing isnt as easy as gurus often make it out to be.

Free traffic is tougher to generate than it used to be. Google is continually adding more and more weight to large brandsand the little guys like us get squeezed out of the best keyword phrases in their index.

Just a few years ago, you could post an update to your Facebook page, and it would reach a large portion of your audience.

Not since the Reachpocalypse. According to recent research, the average organic reach for large Facebook pages is only 2%.

Its possible to beat these numbers, but Facebook is pushing us toward advertising. This trend is only going to continue.

And this is true across every social media network. Their investors are clamoring for profitsso they reduce your organic reach while expanding the ads.

But online advertising is no picnic either.

In a marketing study by Choozle, they foundnearly one-half of consumers age 60+ used ad blockers! If seniors are that likely to block your ads, what about the more tech savvy younger generations?

In the same study,only 7% viewed online ads positively.

And the cost of advertising is going through the roof.

For example, Adstage reported the cost of advertising on Facebook increased by 122% year-over-year.

If youre following the same old marketing strategies everyone else has used for past several decadesits getting harder and harder to make it.

But while traditional advertisers are struggling, the next generation of social media influencers has risen.

This is someone who has positioned themselves with credibility in front of a large, hungry buying audience.

Their audience knows, likes, and trusts them.

Theyve become awelcome guestinstead of anadvertising pest.

And all they have to do is say the word.

Share their offer.

And a portion of their audience will not only immediately jump to attention and purchase itbut theyll also tell their friends about it.

Ive seen it many times.

Ill release a new productandwithin minutes orders come flooding in. The first group of buyers didnt even have time to read the copy or watch a sales video.

They bought simply based on the credibility I already had in the marketplace.

And thats what you can experience as well

Imagine the Freedom, Fun, and Financial Rewards of Being a Massive Influencer in Any Market You Choose

Maybe you already have a business. This is your pathway to aconsistent, flow of pre-qualified, high quality customers and clients.

No more confusion about where to advertise or how to attract new leads. No more dealing with tire kickers who abuse your time.

No more dealing bargain basement shoppers looking for premium quality at Dollar Store prices.

In Terry Dean’s consulting business, he doesn’t do free calls. Every client pays the full fee upfront, and he has awaiting list of those desperate to work with him. He opens new slots only a couple of times per year and theyve sold out in less than 24 hours for the last 8 years straight.

Or maybe youre a beginner who hasnt yet decided what you want to offer.

Thats OK. Start off by connecting to an audience.

Once you have an audience, you can write your own ticket online.

Become an affiliate and link to other peoples products for a share of the profits.

Create your own online course and watch as members line up to buy from you.

Offer a high-ticket group coaching package, and hand-select the best applicants to coach directly with you.

Start an ecommerce business and makes sales while others handle all the fulfillment.

Its up to you.Making money online is NOT about your product or service.

Its about your audience.

Once youve positioned yourself as an influencer, doors will open up that you never even imagine existed.

You get complete control of your schedule.

Spend time on projects you enjoy that truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Earn more than enough money to live where you want, vacation when you want, and take care of your family in the way they deserve.

This is about having money and the time to enjoy it.

And Im going to show you EXACTLY how to do it

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Before we get into all the exciting details, I should probably introduce myself and explain why Imuniquely qualifiedto show you how to generate mass influence, turn it into ongoing income, and have fun doing it.

My name is Frank Garonand I’ve earned a full-time living since 1996.

Before I came online,I was over $100,000 in debt…and went bankrupt.

It took me 8 months to replace my $35,000 a year long haul truck driving job…setting me free from that boss I hated with a passion.

I still remember the first time I made over $5,000 in one month online.

It was like hitting the lottery.

I’ve earned millions of dollars online…helped my clients earn 10 times that…and have held dozens of workshops…including ones in the UK with close to 1,000 attendees.

Give me a call sometime. My lifestyle has dramatically changed, but my friends will tell you I’m the exact same Frank Garon I was back then. I drive a pick-up and keep my CDL even though I haven’t driven professionally for over 22 years.

The Internet has given me a lifestyle where my family and I can travel and enjoy our hobbies.

One of my proudest experiences of online freedom is being the only father who attends all of my daughter’s recitals.

And it’s all based on knowing how to…

Go From Being a Nobody to a Mass Influencer

And thats exactly what Im going to show you… with help from one of the Grandfathers of Internet Marketing, Terry Dean.

Coincidentally, he got his start the same year I did1996.

He was a college dropout earning $8 an hour as a pizza delivery driver for Little Caesars.

He was over $50,000 in debt and had creditors calling all hours of the day and night, and was on a quick road toward bankruptcy as well.

But he discovered the Internet back in the old Compuserve days. He started earning an income online in less than 30 days…andhis income grew each month as his influence grew, almost like clockwork.

Soon he was sharing at some of the first Internet marketing conferences. At several events he demonstrated the power of online marketing by earning as much as$96,250 in sales in one weekend from one emailto his list in front of a live audience….with no affiliates partners, advertising, or anything else.

And this was in the early days of the Internet. Today we have SO MANY more tools at our disposal…Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and many more.

Over the past two decades, he has helped private clients in hundreds of different markets includinghealth, fitness, credit repair, weight loss, veganism, scrapbooking, tennis, golf, continuing education, professional services, travel, beauty, chiropractors, dentists, CPAs, restaurateurs, physical therapists, photography, and everything in between.

Both Terry and I are living proof that if we can do ityou can do it too.

And now

Weve Provided a Shortcut For You to Attract a Hungry Audience, Convert Them Into High-Quality Clients, and Make More Money Online

Sure, you could experiment with social media and eventually figure it out on your own.

But lets face it.Social media is OVERWHELMING.

  • Which social media networks should you join?
  • How do you set up your profiles to attract your ideal audience?
  • How often should you post to each social media site?
  • What are the best times to post?
  • How do you get more followers?
  • What kind of content should you share?
  • Where can you come up with content consistently?
  • How can you get more likes, shares, and comments?
  • How much time should you invest in social media each week?
  • How do you measure if its working for you?
  • How long does it take to start seeing results?
  • How do you translate social media followers into paying customers?
  • What are the biggest mistakes to avoid?
  • How does a beginner connect with big influencers who can immediately put you in front of millions of their followers?

Those are just a few of the questions you may be asking yourself.

Terry and I handle questions like these virtually every day.

So, we decided to combine our44 years of Internet marketing experienceand thousands of clients in every imaginable marketto put together the ultimate step-by-step system we call

Mass Influence

You too can go from nobody to a massive influencer on the Internet using social media, automation, and other free tools.

Theres no reason you have to endure all the pain, stress, and agony of wasting years and thousands of dollars to reinvent the wheel.

End the confusion and the frustration.

Get your questions answered.

Be confident youre following the right system for the right audience using the right social media sites for you.

Thats right.This isnt a one-size-fits-all program. Youre a unique individual.

For example, Im an extrovert.

Terry is an introvert.

That affects how we approach our interaction with others.

I love live events. Terry loves writing.

And those are just a couple of our differences. What about your audience? How do you know youre following the right methods to reach your Ideal Clients?

Are you following a plan developed for someone elsewith a different audience, skillset, or monetization plan?

Well show you how to KNOW youve made the right choicesand youre following a plan designed for you tomaximize your personal results

Get Mass Influence – Terry Dean & Frank Garon , Only Price $54

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