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Product Description

Jay Abraham & Rich Schefren – Maven Marketing Bootcamp Home Study Version – Everything You Need To Know To Become The Dominant, Most Trusted Authority In Your Market Niche

If you want to gain credibility and become the go to guy in your business, then you cannot afford to miss this.

A maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. So you learn how to be the Expert in your niche. An expert work less, charge more because they are the trusted authority. Find out more how you can be the maven in your niche.

After their Maven Marketing Bootcamp in 2008, they came back and re-configured and expanded the material to make it into a 7 month coaching Home Study program.

The pitch letter was called the Maven Matrix Manifesto and it is included in this torrent. Classic Jay Abraham material and worthy of study.

Here is the email that came along with the download link to get the Manifesto (he’s even selling you on reading the pitch letter!)

You’ve made a wise decision to request a copy of my latest business-building report…

The Maven Matrix Manifesto.

Before you dive in, here’s what you need to think about first…

Do you currently have a positioning strategy for your business?

Have you been effectively implementing your plan?

Has your plan enabled you to succeed in becoming the undisputed, dominant authority figure in your market?

Now be honest, because Jay and I are here to help, no matter what your answers are.

See, we’re going to help you diagnose your current plan (or lack thereof)… and show you how you can apply our PROVEN Maven-making strategies for maximum effect.

Just think about the life-changing transformation of your business over the next year…after you’ve devoured every page of The Maven Matrix Manifesto:

You’ll have people seeking YOU out for advice,recommendations and information about your products.

Gone will be the days of searching for prospects.

And you’ll never have to “sell” to your customers again.

Instead, they’ll come running to “buy” from YOU… over and over again. Then, they’ll tell THEIR friends what a great person YOU are!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, my friend.

Put this all together, and your future looks as bright as the noon-day sun.

Here’s how to get started…

Then print it out, and get your trusty highlighter… your pen and a BIG note pad.

Because you’re about to start your journey down the “Maven Marketing” road to riches.

Set aside a couple of hours when you won’t be disturbed by ANYONE. Then make yourself comfortable in your favorite chair…grab a tasty beverage and dive right in!

To higher profits,

Get Maven Marketing Bootcamp Home Study Version – Jay Abraham & Rich Schefren, Only Price 40$

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