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Develop Top Notch Product Launch Support Skills and Attract a Fast-Growing Base of Clients in Desperate Need of Your Help with Their Many Product Launches!



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Hi Friend,

Over the past few months, I have participated in this special Entrepreneur Mastermind Group which has about 600 Speakers, Authors & Coaches. I have learned a ton about their pressing needs and the areas of support they require in their business.So here’s the thing…

One of the absolute BIGGEST needs that many expressed was “Product Launch Support”.

I was amazed at the sheer number of product launches being done by this group of Entrepreneurs. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be too amazed as “Product Launches” have been the catalyst for building VAClassroom over the past six years!

While there are a number of top notch programs that teach the fundamentals of online product launches, there are virtually NO current programs that unpack the set-up and implementation tasks required to effectively support a client’s product launch!

That is until now…

We are excited to be introducing our new 2-day Product Launch Success Bootcamp that is specifically designed to help VAs and Support Professionals master the systems, skills and tools necessary to run and manage hugely successful product launches online.

The bottom line….This bootcamp will help you become a “LAUNCH-SAVVY” professional that almost every online entrepreneur needs online right now!

What Will Be Covered in the 2-Day Product Launch Success Bootcamp?

This powerful, LIVE, 2-day program will cover the following…DAY ONE

Part One: Product Launch Foundations for Success

 Learn Five effective Product Launch Models

 Master Six Key Steps for Running a Successful Product Launch in 2014

 Review Five winning examples of Killer Product Launches

Part Two:  Product Launch Assessment and Strategy Development

 Learn how to conduct a Product Launch Assessment for any type of client

 Discover how to set the right Product Launch Strategy and Gameplan to get your clients moving in the right direction

Part Three: Building the Project Plan for Your Product Launch

Learn how to effectively map out the Launch plan, sequence and schedule to really simplify your clients lives

Define your role and recruit other key players for the product launch

Discover the right web tools for implementing a successful product launch


Part One: Building the Pre-Launch Sequence

 Discover how to effectively and rapidly build an email list

Access a marketing blueprint for leveraging social media, blogs, JV partners and advertising to build momentum for the launch

Part Two: Setting-up and Managing “Launch Day”

Review a “Master Checklist” of the final preparation before Launch Day

Discover key strategies for how to effectively support your client on Launch Day

Review the final testing steps to ensure the launch goes off “without a hitch”

Part Three: Evaluating and Tracking Your Product Launch Success

Discover the key tracking tools for monitoring and evaluating product launch success

Review possible “Post-Launch” or “Re-Launch” strategies for further ignite revenues and results

Discover ten key tips for building a super in-demand Product Launch Service here in 2014!

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