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Product Description

Launch Exclusive Private Label Products & Exclusive Bundles on Amazon In Only 4 Weeks For $100 or Less!

We've now proven that sourcing profitable private label products to sell on Amazon does NOT require complex, risky or high priced strategies. Our new system shows you step by step how to use promotional companies to find a gold mine of opportunities!

Are you ready to…

  • Launch exclusive bundles or private label products in as little as a few weeks?
  • Learn a unique, low-cost method for sourcing custom, high-margin products that yield a 200, 300, and even 400% ROI?
  • Build a steady stream of profits with a versatile brand that you can easily customize, quickly scale, and will potentially skyrocket your sales?

… and repeat this process indefinitely?

Training From A Trusted Source

Christi Michelle, the lead instructor in this course has over 6 years of experience working with promotional companies and is a leading private label expert. She will systematically show you how to uncover countless promo company opportunities the same way she's done time and time again.

We provide worksheets and fun exercises to help spark your creativity. Everyone is creative. Some folks just need a bit of guidance to get some ideas rolling.

Our bite-sized video modules show you the exact steps we follow when working with promotional companies.

We explain the cost/benefit structure when sourcing with promotional companies.

You will learn how to uncover and refine a profitable niche.

We'll show you the industry "lingo" so you'll feel confident and sound experienced when you call or email promotional company sales reps.

This method is low risk, inexpensive, and makes a great starting point for transitioning to private label

You Get Instant Access To All 12 Training Videos


  • What Are Promotional Companies?
  • Expected Benefits and Costs
  • Navigating Promotional Websites – Self-Service –
  • Navigating Promotional Websites – Limited –
  • How To Search For Promotional Companies
  • How To Communicate with Promotional Companies
  • Winning Promotional Formula
  • Detailed Roadmap For WPF
  • 6 Ways To Generate Ideas
  • Implying A Brand
  • Material Mindset Examples
  • Examples, Examples, Examples!

In these videos we'll show you

  • How to easily find product ideas
  • How to easily find suppliers
  • How to easily and inexpensively launch your own private-label product
  • How to easily and inexpensively create your own exclusive bundles
  • How to creatively set yourself apart from your competition
  • How to do this in less than a month for less than $100
  • How to repeat the process as many times as you like

We’ve created a comprehensive database that lists hundreds of promotional companies. For a small up-charge, you’ll be able to enjoy the time-saving benefits of having contact information at your fingertips. You can search the database by category or keyword, and there’s a feature that allows you to save a list of favorite vendors. We also provide phone numbers, email addresses, and web links for each company. Remember, your primary trainer, Christi Michelle, has over 6 years experience working with promotional companies and she's sharing access to her personal database of contacts.

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