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Product Description

The LIVE up to date, relevant Coaching Experience…

Ted believes in learning and implementation as YOU GO! So He will be holding your hand and helping you implement week to week with coaching and ACTION videos.

  • 1) 8 Weeks of LIVE Virtual Group Coaching with Ted Where Ted Holds Your Hand
  • 2) 1 New 30 Minute Training Video With Actionable Steps Released by Ted Each Week for 8 straight Weeks All these recordings in the members area are super powerful so you will have immediate access.
  • 3) 10 Hours Of Superstar Speaker Training Live Event Video Content In Members Area
  • 4) 20 Hours Of Recorded Webinar training In The Members Area
  • 5) Presentation Templates and Power points That Ted Uses To make Offers
  • 6) All Calls Are Recorded with Lifetime Access To Members Area
  • 7) Plus FREE TICKETS to live event when you enroll so you can see how a real live event with real offers are made.

Once enrolled in Superstar Speaker Training, you’ll have EXTRAORDINARY Content and training week to week.

Part I: The Art of Promoting

Week 1:  How do you pack your Live Events Without an Email List

  • 3 Simple Offline Marketing Tips That Will Pack Your Rooms
  • Ted’s phone script on How To Get Clients Into Your Live Events
  • Step by Step High Quality Client Blueprint That Could Make You Six Figures In A Weekend
  • The Live Event Referral Formula for Doubling Your Attendance
  • How a Pastor Went From $60,000 in revenue to making $1,000,000 in 18 months.

Week 2: How to Get Booked on Local, National, and International Stages

  • Book Local Stages To Sell More Tickets To Your Events
  • How To Get Booked On 100-300 Person Stages and Pack Your Seminar Room
  • How To Book International Stages Through The Power of Promotional Partnerships

Week 3:  Learn How to Create Powerful, Passionate & Profitable Presentations

  • Create Your Brand Story To Attract Raving Fans
  • Design Your Personal Story To Increase Your
  • The Secret Content Strategy For Over delivering and doubling sales at your events
  • 90 Minute Presentation Mastery Template To Sell on Other Peoples stages
  • My CTA Scripts for Tripling Your Conversion Rates From The Stage

Part 2: The Art of MAKING OFFERS

Week 4:  The Art of Inspiring the Sale

  • How to sell from the stage without the uncomfortable butterflies
  • One technique that will triple your “inspire” (closing) rate
  • How to create extraordinary testimonials for your offer
  • How to stand in your value and get clients to stay during your offer
  • How to create a table rush to the back of the room
  • Creating Special Bonuses That Get Clients To Take Action TODAY
  • When to use guarantees and when not to use guarantees

Week 4 Continued:  MAKING the HIGH-END OFFER

  • Step by step blueprint to design your high end offer
  • Learn to value yourself and breakthrough the “I’m not worth it syndrome”
  • How to create high end offers that deeply transform your clients lives
  • When to position the high end offer at your live events
  • How to make high end offers on other peoples stages
  • Get my special time tested questionnaire to prequalify your clients at events
  • How to get your clients do 75% of the offer for you at your live events
  • How to tune your clients into your best sales people at your events

Week 5:  Masterminds

  • Step by step formula to design your $10,000-$25,000 Mastermind
  • How to use masterminds to double your time off and triple your revenue
  • My Special formula of how to launch a mastermind with your first 10 clients
  • How to make upsell offers at your masterminds and add another six figures to your business
  • How to create amazing content and community at your masterminds

Part 3:  The Art of Speaking

Week 6: Speaking from the Stage

  • How To become a Superstar Speaker From The Stage and Dissolve ALL YOUR FEAR about MAKING OFFERS
  • Master The 5 Superstar Speaking Styles That Create a Lasting Transformation For Your Clients
  • Six Simple Stories To Captivate Your Customers and Triple Your Sales

Part 4:  The Art of Business

Week 7:  Profitable Live Events

  • How to Create a profitable Seminar Business with Key Revenue Metrics
  • How to Predict & Project Goals & Outcomes so you don’t lose your shirt at your first event

Week 8: Scaling Your Business

  • How To Hire Part Time Employees To Scale Your Seminar Business so You Can Do What You Love
  • My Million Dollar Speaker Formula For A Lifestyle Friendly Business

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