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Product Description

Do you struggle to attract meaningful sales, even when you KNOW your  customers NEED what you have? If so, then let me show you how you can…

Effortlessly and Ethically Multiply Your Sales (Even Without a Big Audience)

By Crafting Offers That Speak Directly to Your Customer's Deepest Desires


Introducing the Art of Offer Craft, the only online business education course that walks you through the process of crafting compelling offers to transform your business

"My customers are literally waking up at night because of the pain that they need me to solve, and yet I'm struggling to sell to them."

No one told you that business would be like this…

Even though you're adding immense value and solving a real problem, providing something people desperately need… why is it so hard to get people to buy it?

One of the most loaded concepts in the world of business is the concept of selling.

On the one hand, we all *know* that if you don't sell your product or service, you don't have a business.

But on the *other* hand, we've all had terrible experiences of being sold to insensitively – with the big red and yellow highlighted sales letters…

…countdown timers and false scarcity…

…and the ridiculous stacking of "bonuses" that add up to the incredible value of $47,000…

…even though the offer only costs a hundred bucks!

When you're on the receiving end of these tactics it's easy to feel like you're being manipulated, but unfortunately this is the standard method of "selling" online…

We don't want to be "that guy or gal" who acts all salesy

Besides… if your offer *really* is that good, should you have to "sell" it at all?

Shouldn't it sell itself?

The answer to that is "Yes, it should," which I'll explain in a little bit…

First, I want to reveal to you one of the most important discoveries I've made from training thousands of successful online business owners through our courses, and hundreds of thousands of value-driven entrepreneurs through our blog and podcast…

What I discovered was that regardless of:

  • What their business is about…
  • How beginner or advanced in business experience they might be…
  • What business model or strategy they're following…

…the single BIGGEST sticking point that keeps showing up to stop my students and audience in their tracks is SELLING.

Although I wasn't surprised by the fact that most business owners struggled with sales, what DID surprise me was that – when it comes to selling – people didn't realize there are two parallel strategies…

…and most people are using the *wrong* strategy – making their sales efforts totally ineffective.

The two parallel strategies to making a sale

The first strategy to making a sale is what we'll call "the strategy of persuasion".

I want to talk about this one first, because it's what most people think of when they think of selling.

This is where most of the marketing you've seen or learned about comes into play:

  • The "ninja" copywriting strategies
  • The complex funnels
  • The social proof that swears the offer changed their life
  • The limited time offers
  • The super long sales letters with red and yellow highlighting
  • The immense (and disingenuously valued) bonus stacking
  • The sales videos that don't have controls on them
  • The high-pressure phone calls from telemarketers

What all of these have in common is that they're all about *persuading* and CONVINCING you to buy something… and in some cases, they move past persuasion, and into the territory of manipulation.

This is where the "evil marketers" cross over to the dark side

Now, I want to be very clear that you can absolutely use *some* of these tools and techniques in ways that are perfectly ethical.

The core question that marketers should ask themselves is whether their new customer will still be happy with their decision to buy *after* all the adrenaline and endorphins have worn off. Or if they explained to the customer all of the techniques that they used to get the sale, would they approve?

If you were to do that, and your new customer would say "that's great, thank you so much for leading me to take this action", then it's completely ethical persuasion.

On the other hand, if they would feel used, abused, and taken advantage of (as, unfortunately, many of us have felt at the end of a long chain of up-sells once we finally committed to buy something) then that's not persuasion.


It's manipulation, and it's wrong.

I employ the strategies of ethical persuasion in my business, and I teach our students to do the same, while doing my best to steer our community away from unethical practices.

The second strategy to selling is much more rare… and much more powerful

That second strategy is "the strategy of attraction" – and I'm willing to bet that you've experienced it a few times yourself.

Here's how you can tell if you've felt the power of attraction: rather than someone having to force claims down your throat about why an offer is so good, you *knew* you wanted it from the first second you saw it.

Rather than having to be convinced about WHY it would be good for you, your brain was busy listing out for you all the benefits that you would get, whether they were written down somewhere or not.

And rather than have a salesperson or sales letter trying to convince you to buy, you couldn't skip past all that stuff fast enough to sign up – and even making the case to your friends about why they should, too!

It's rare, but we've all been there…

And don't you wish that your potential customers would feel exactly this way when the time comes for them to buy YOUR stuff?

Well, you can make that happen – and I'm going to show you how.

But first, I want to explain how the strategy of persuasion and the strategy of attraction relate to each other.

Remember how I said that these are two parallel strategies? It's because they can both get you to a sale, and usually, you have to apply both of them to some degree, because it's very hard to successfully sell anything with only one of these two elements.

You can't persuade or manipulate someone to buy something that they feel no attraction towards whatsoever.

And even if the attraction is very strong, you still need to do at least a little bit of persuading to prompt people to take action today.

So, you do need both, but how much of each you need depends on the balance between the two.

All things being equal, the stronger you are with one, the less you need of the other.

How do you attract the right people to your offers so powerfully, that persuasion becomes irrelevant?

It's a lot harder to make the strategy of persuasion irrelevant, than it is to make the strategy of attraction irrelevant.

By that, I mean that we all know to use the strategy of persuasion, at least in theory, because we see these tactics being used on us all of the time…

These are the scarcity plays, and the unbelievable social proof, and all the rest of it.

But when it comes to applying the strategy of attraction, we're at a loss, for two reasons…

First of all, it's just much rarer to witness the strategy of attraction in effect in our everyday lives, so we don't have as many examples to draw experience from.

But more importantly, even when we DO see a great example, it's almost like there's some "invisible magic" at play… and we can't for the life of us figure out what's REALLY going on.

So, we conclude that some offers just have that "magic" – and if ours doesn't… then we feel that we have to rely heavily on persuasion tactics to bring in the sales we want.

Here's a little secret I discovered though…

When an offer's attraction is powerful, it isn't by accident

Whenever you feel the magnetic pull of attraction from one of those "magic offers", it's the result of a lot of care that goes on "behind the scenes" to truly understand you (as a customer) on a deep level, and align the offer with your deepest desires.

If you can create that powerful alignment, you don't need to lean on a big email list, fancy copywriting techniques, funnel technologies, or anything else.

It means that even with the simplest setup and the smallest audience, customers will buy from you, because you're offering *exactly* what they're looking for.

The question is, how do you do it?

This was a question I started thinking long and hard about some time ago, back when I didn't have this "sales" thing figured out.

It might surprise you to hear this but…

Just like you, I used to struggle to craft offers that my audience wanted

Hi, my name is Danny Iny.

When I started out in online business, back in 2011, I had zero experience and $250,000 of debt from a failed start-up company that I had tried to build. (That's not a typo.)

That first failure was largely due to investing heavily in a business that had the wrong offer, which – looking back – had very little chance of success for that exact reason.

And yet, in less than 4 years, I took my business to 7 figures. (Again, not a typo.)

Maybe you've heard some of my story… but if you have, there's something that you might not realize: I did it from scratch, with practically zero experience in marketing. (Unlike a lot of the "overnight successes" you see in the marketing space).

But here's what I DID have: bills to pay and a quarter of a million dollars of debt suffocating me.

I stumbled onto the same books, blog posts, and podcasts that you did and thought to myself that if they could do it, maybe I could, too?

So, I diligently did my research and noticed a pattern: all the most successful people online had an offer that spoke directly to the deepest desires of their customers.

Armed with this insight, all I had to do was create a fantastic offer and my life would be instantly transformed!

My first instinct was to create the world's greatest product, so I spent over 2,500 hours (still not a typo) pouring my heart and soul into creating the best product (a course) I could ever imagine.

And when I finally finished it and released it to the world…


Heartbroken, I almost gave up.

But instead, I asked myself a very simple question:

"Why did it fail?"

At first I thought it was because I didn't have an audience… so I scrambled to build my blog, and apply every traffic-getting strategy that I could think of to get the word out about what I was doing.

And some of the strategies worked; pretty soon, I was leading a fairly sizeable audience…

…but still, nobody wanted to buy my course!

It was then I realized that if I wanted a successful online business, the answer wasn't "I need a bigger audience."

First, I would have to create something that my audience was automatically attracted to. I needed a better offer!

Since then, I've released several very successful products through my company, Mirasee, including Standout Guest Posting, the Audience Business Masterclass, and the Course Builder's Laboratory.

But in those early years we also released some products that didn't do very well at all, like the first marketing course that I built back in 2011, and our Campaign Mastery blueprints in 2013.

The content for those two products was absolutely great, but the offer wasn't set up the right way, and I can see now that they never had a chance to succeed with our audience.

The truth is that three out of five is a pretty decent success rate, but those first few years were pretty hit and miss.

But with the successes I had experienced, I knew something was at play, and so I started to look into the art of offer creation with a healthy level of obsession…

That's when I started to see offers in a whole new light

With every successful offer you make, you start to see the patterns of what's working. And you start to draw conclusions about what separates the successful offers from the failures.

With each new offer, we learned about what it takes to make it successful.

It was from these initial learnings that I started to lay out the foundations for what would eventually become my Offer Craft Framework – but there was still a long way to go before I understood this process well enough to teach it to someone else.

And that's because I was still missing the second piece of the puzzle: our community of students and online business owners.

It was only from working with our students in our courses, that I got to look into and advise literally thousands of businesses on the formulation of their offers.

And that's when things started to crystallize for me.

That's when my offer-crafting expertise stopped being just the intuitive "best advice" I could give in the moment…

… and evolved into a proven framework that I was following with each client.

A framework that produced some amazing results for my private clients, like Josh Turner from LinkedSelling, Gini Dietrich from Spin Sucks, Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness, John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing, and many others.

Why does "attraction marketing" work so much better?

When you move away from chasing after prospects, and stop trying to bully them into buying your offer…

… and instead craft your offers to attract them, you'll find that they start coming to you by choice — they'll seek you out!

Once you make this shift, and create a great alignment between your offer and your audience, you don't need to worry so much about persuasion tactics like funnels, limited time offers, super long sales letters, bonus stacking, and all the rest of it.

To illustrate exactly how this works, I want to share a "real world" example because I know you're reading this and wondering how this will apply to the audience you're building, the blog that you're growing, or the course that you're trying to sell.

So, I want to share an example from my own business…

The example is our Course Builder's Laboratory training program.

How we grew sales by nearly 300% – with less than HALF the promotion effort

As you may know if you've been following our work for a while, we first launched our Course Builder's Laboratory program in January 2015, and then opened it again to new students the following September.

That's a gap of only eight months between launches, and our business hadn't changed much in that time period – but the results of those two launches were dramatically different.

In January, we barely did a million dollars in sales, whereas in September we did $2.6 million – almost three times the result!

And in case you're thinking that we just had more promotion help, I'll share with you that in January, we had 100 joint venture partners promoting the Course Builder's Laboratory, and in September we pared down our partner network to only work with 42 partners.

So, that's almost three times the sales with less than half of the promotional muscle behind it, and a much smaller total audience for our campaign.

How was this possible?

There were a lot of tactics that we applied in the launch, but before I dive into the specifics of what they were, I need to explain the framework we used to implement them…

The 5 Step Process For Crafting Irresistible Offers

You see, all of those additional sales happened because I changed a few key components of the marketing and sales campaign, in line with my Offer Craft Framework…

There are five steps to the Offer Craft Framework:

(1) The Transformation

(2) The Motivation

(3) The Mechanism

(4) The Proof

(5) The Campaign

The first four are the ingredients – they're the components of the message that you need to determine before executing.

The fifth (and final) step is The Campaign, which is where you assemble your ingredients to present your offer to your audience in way that ethically excites them to buy.

Let's explore the Offer Craft Framework in a little more detail, starting with the first step…

The Transformation

The first step in the framework is the Transformation.

This is the core of what your offer will do for people who buy and make use of it, and it goes way beyond the features and benefits that most marketers talk about.

It's about understanding – on a foundational level – what the most important difference is between the before picture and the after picture of your prospect's life. This is the Transformation and it's what your customer really wants to experience once you've delivered on the promises you're making in your offer.

Once you've gotten clear on the Transformation that you'll create for your customers, you're ready to move on to the second step in the Offer Craft Framework…

The Motivation

The Motivation is about understanding the deep psychosocial drivers that explain why that Transformation really matters to your customer in the first place.

Without understanding this, it doesn't matter how compelling the Transformation might be, because you'll be leaving it up to them to connect the dots between the Transformation and the things that matter most to them.

But when you can connect the dots for them, it shows that you truly understand their situation.

Right now, the Transformation I'm teaching you about is the ability to create compelling and attractive offers that bring customers to you in droves. Your Motivation for learning this is that you know the product or service you're offering is part of a higher purpose, and by making it more attractive to the right people, you're working to make the world better for your customers, yourself and your family.

That's what drives us as entrepreneurs and business owners. It's not *just* about making lots of money — though of course that inevitably happens when you use the Offer Craft Framework to implement a powerful attraction marketing strategy!

It comes down to creating a sustainable way of making the impact that you care about making… which is what business is really about.

So, we've got the first step, which is the Transformation, and the second step, which is the Motivation. Just having those two figured out will put you miles ahead of your competition.

But it's not enough. And if you stop here, it might even backfire.

When you can literally spell out how your offer will change your customers' lives in the way that matters most to them, they MAY become suspicious that your offer sounds TOO good to be true.

That's where the third step in the framework comes into the picture…

The Mechanism

The Mechanism is about finding the "hook" that will give your audience the confidence that what you're offering is feasible, because they can logically understand how you will deliver that outcome.

Imagine if I just told you that by aligning what you've got with what people want, you'll be able to sell more, and that was the end of the story.

Why would you believe that I can actually deliver on that promised outcome?

The answer is that I'm introducing you to the concept of the Offer Craft Framework – that's the Mechanism that you were lacking when you tried to figure this out in the past. 🙂

All right, so far we've covered three steps in the framework, and they're powerful steps.

If you can:

  • Legitimately promise the greatest transformation your customer desires in the world
  • Align it with the core human drivers of your audience
  • And show a mechanism that makes sense to them, so that they can connect the dots and understand how it will work…

… well, then you've got a pretty compelling case for why someone should take the leap and purchase your offer.

But there's a missing ingredient.

And the bigger the commitment on the part of the customer, the more of this next ingredient they're going to want…

The Proof

That missing ingredient is the fourth step in the framework: The Proof.

These are the demonstrations, case studies, testimonials, quantitative results… anything and everything that you can share with them to unequivocally prove that what you're offering them will work.

And there are a lot of ways to do this.

If you consider this sales letter and the email campaign that I've been sending you as part of the launch of the Art of Offer Craft, there have been a lot of different proof elements.

  • I showed you logically how you can multiply your sales results through attraction marketing.
  • Right now, I'm explaining the building blocks that go into the Offer Craft Framework.
  • And I've been sharing with you my own experience using this process to multiply our results between the first two launches of our Course Builder's Laboratory program.
  • And for good measure, you will also see testimonials on this page from the high profile private clients who hire me to help them with this exact process, along with students of mine who have successfully crafted their offers to appeal to their best customers.

These are all different kinds of proof that are meant to show you that what I'm describing to you actually works.

Once you have your proof in place, you're missing one last component to ensure that your offer is a success…

It's the fifth and final step in the Offer Craft Framework, which is the actual presentation of your offer to your prospects…

The Campaign

There's a reason why we're four fifths of the way through the framework, without ever talking about the actual offer, or how to present it.

Abraham Lincoln famously said that if he had six hours to chop down a tree, he'd spend the first four sharpening the axe.

That's what this process is all about – as long as you don't short-change the first four steps, the last one, where you actually map out the campaign that presents the offer to your audience, is easy because you've already done all of the heavy lifting.

To effectively create your campaign, there are two distinct steps:

First, you need to help people see the need for something LIKE your offer.

The idea here is that before you ever present your offer, people should be sold on wanting and needing something like it.

We do this by crafting what I call the "demand narrative", which is essentially the story that people are going to go through to bring them to a place where they're ready to buy. The demand narrative is the message that takes people from not knowing anything about your product to having a burning desire to purchase it.

Once they get to that point, you present the actual offer.

If you've built a good demand narrative, leveraging The Transformation, The Motivation, The Mechanism and The Proof, then presenting the actual offer is pretty easy.

So, now that you're familiar with the framework, let's get back to how we nearly tripled the sales for our Course Builder's Laboratory in only 8 months…

How I Used The Offer Craft Framework To Increase Our Sales 260%

Back during the original launch in January 2015, one of the first mistakes we made was that we went broad when it came to identifying our ideal customer. We tried to speak to anyone and everyone that wanted to build a business online with any kind of educational content.

To correct this, in September, we changed our strategy and focused in on customers who had a different Transformation.

We spoke more to people who had expertise in their field, those that wanted to transform their business and have a larger impact, by delivering their expertise through educational courses.

It was a scary move to make, because it meant focusing on a much smaller group of people, but we knew it was the right thing to do because the Transformation was more in line with our best customers.

The second major area we focused on changing was the Motivation behind our offer – the deep

n the world, a lot of people joined the program because they were looking for a way to make money quickly.

Basically, the very generous money-back guarantee we used backfired on us, and attracted people who weren't our best customer.

In September, we focused much more on the program having the goal of building a stable business foundation, and working at your own pace.

For the launch in September, we also greatly increased the amount of Proof we used during the campaign, with a greater number of testimonials.

The result of making these changes to our offer were that we almost tripled the amount of sales, with less than half of the promotional support.

While it was a thrilling result to get, it wasn't all that surprising, because I'd seen so many other businesses dramatically improve their offers…

With such fantastic results coming from the application of the framework to so many businesses, I'm excited to share with you the unique Art of Offer Craft training program, which I've based entirely around the 5 steps of the Offer Craft Framework.

This course will show you how you can craft compelling offers that will powerfully attract your best customers to you.

And it will do it in a way where they will be *thrilled* to purchase your offer, because you'll have shown them that you deeply understand what it is what they want, and why they want it.

This course is unlike any other course you've ever seen on this topic… because no one else has approached this topic from this angle…

Get The Art of Offer Craft – Anonymous, Only Price $39


Art of Offer Craft is the only online business education course that walks you through the process of crafting compelling offers to transform your business

This online video course covers the ENTIRE process of creating the kinds of offers that will transform your business.

You'll get access to all of the Art of Offer Craft training materials, including video lessons in which I teach you step-by-step everything you need to know to create an offer your customers will love, and downloadable worksheets to guide you through your "homework."

No other course includes the exact step-by-step process for crafting offers that I've perfected after helping hundreds of business craft their very own offers.


Inside the Art of Offer Craft Training Program

Art of Offer Craft includes a beautifully organized set of video coursework, worksheets, and case studies — all recorded, fully transcribed, and downloadable in multiple formats so you can access it anywhere, any time.

I'm passionate about creating education experiences that deliver real results, and right now we're testing out a methodology that we believe will help everyone get better results, faster. So this program is currently part of an experiment in instructional design.

We're using cohort-based progression, which means you'll begin the program at the same time as a group of fellow students, and you'll need to keep up a minimum pace of one module per week to stay with the group. If you don't keep up, you'll start over with the *next* cohort. We're testing this approach because our hypothesis is that it will help you to complete your learning productively without slipping off schedule.

Module 1 – The Transformation

  • Why your need to put your customer's "Transformation" at the core of your offer (and why most marketers never mention it)
  • How to vividly paint the mental "before and after" picture that your customer aches for… in a way that's both compelling AND ethical
  • The truth about highlighting "features and benefits" of your offer (and why what most marketers tell you is COMPLETELY wrong)
  • The subtle difference between "tangible" and "emotional" Transformations – and why one is the key to your offer's success
  • How to uncover the burning problems that move your customer on a deep level; the problems they're excited to pay SOMEONE to solve (will it be you?)
  • How to discover the exact words and phrases that outline what your customer really wants

Module 2 – The Motivation

  • How to discover the REAL driving forces behind your customer's buying decisions (even the simplest needs and desires have so much going on beneath the surface and this simple framework will allow you to cut through the clutter)
  • Why most marketers sound "cheap and cheesy" when they try to sell you their stuff (HINT: this common problem boils down to a subtle misunderstanding of your customer's motivations)
  • A little-known 75-year-old framework for uncovering people's deep motivations (this will allow you to speak to them on a profound level, using the words that matter most to them)
  • Why you need to look for tension and dissonance in your customer's life… and then craft your offer around it

Module 3 – The Mechanism

  • How to craft your offer so your business isn't subjected to the perils of "market sophistication"
  • Why extensive experience in your industry by ITSELF is NOT enough to make your offer compelling
  • How to craft effective marketing claims WITHOUT having to make ridiculously exaggerated benefits
  • Why your marketing needs a "unique mechanism" to attract your most valued customers
  • How companies in highly competitive markets – like fitness and weight loss – are able to craft their offers to get a legitimate power-up over the competition (and how you can bake this same principle into your offer)

Module 4 – The Proof

  • How to collect proof in a way that is key to making sales – without any trickery!
  • The 5 "Elements of Proof" you need to work into your offer for the best chance of success
  • What to do when your offer is new and you don't THINK you have any proof
  • A dead-simple way that infomercials use proof to create hundreds of happy customers every day!
  • Why you need to use your credentials in a way that makes you trustworthy and believable (lots of people get this wrong!)
  • 3 ways to quickly generate testimonials if your offer is new and you're short on proof

Module 5 – The Campaign

  • Why you ACTUALLY need to spend 75% of your time marketing, not selling (most people think they need to sell all the time – but this is actually counter-productive)
  • How to craft a magnetic demand narrative with a simple 3-step process
  • How to identify the objections your customers are likely to have (and how to answer them in a valuable way that builds trust that your offer is the right choice for them)
  • A powerful technique that allows your customers to experience the benefit of your offer (without having to buy it first!)
  • The 5 components that your marketing & sales campaign MUST have in order for it to succeed
  • How to properly use "risk reversal" so that your customers feel like purchasing from you is a safe decision

Who This Training Program Is For…

Some so-called experts will take the money of anyone who's willing to give it… but not me.

I'm committed to ONLY serving the people who can really benefit from what I have to offer, so if you aren't a good fit for this program, you shouldn't sign up.

So, what does it take to succeed in this program?

The Art of Offer Craft is for you, if you meet these four criteria:

  1. You have something of value to offer.

    You either have, or are capable of creating, something that's valuable and potentially life-changing for other people. You might not even be sure what is yet – and that's fine, because we'll help you figure out *exactly* what to offer.

  2. You're driven to make things better.

    You have a genuine desire to help others with your offer. If you're in it only for the money and you don't really care about your customers, it will show in your marketing and the offer you create, and that will undermine your chances of succeeding.

  3. You want to attract sales – not push for them.

    You know you need to bring in revenue to make your business sustainable, but that doesn't mean you want to manipulate people or pressure them into becoming your customers. You want to keep everything 100% ethical. (If you're looking for a "magic sales technique" that tricks people into buying from you, we don't do that here.)

  4. You have a strong work ethic.

    While we're all about working smart, there's no denying that some work is always required no matter how smart you are! We'll do our part by making sure you never have to work harder than necessary, but you still have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work.

Who is this offer not for?

Although the Art of Offer Craft is a valuable educational experience in its own right, there are some people who will NOT benefit so greatly from the program. If either of the following applies to you, I suggest you look elsewhere for your training:

  1. You want to sell a pure commodity.

    If you want to create an offer to sell, for example, printer paper, then either your paper's special in some clearly definable way or you're selling a commodity. When what you sell is *exactly* the same as what thousands upon thousands of your competitors offer, your entire marketing and sales process looks different.

  2. You're looking for a quick fix.

    If what you're really hoping for is a way to throw together an offer and force it to "work" so you can bring in a few thousand dollars as fast as possible, you've come to the wrong place. We'll teach you how to craft an offer thoroughly and thoughtfully, so that it attracts your best customers to make a purchase. That process takes time, and it takes effort.

Provided neither of the above criteria match your situation and you're willing to do the work, the Art of Offer Craft makes a successful offer achievable for you.

Wait… if this is so achievable, why aren't more people crafting powerful offers?

The answer is that most marketers just don't care about their customers enough.

Most are just interested in making money, and it's virtually impossible to understand your customer on the deep level that you need to for the strategy of attraction to work if you don't genuinely care about them.

That's why all those marketers have to pull out every trick in the book when they're trying to persuade you to buy their offer.

They have to rely almost entirely on the strategy of persuasion and sometimes they veer off into the dark side of manipulation – because that's all they've got.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

There are a lot of businesses that do well without having to play in the mud of manipulation.

I'm intimately familiar with many of those businesses, because they're my students, my clients, my colleagues, and my friends.

And after seeing my students and clients succeed, I can safely say that being in perfect alignment with the needs of your audience is the most powerful tool in a marketer's arsenal

Once you learn how to align your offers to the needs of your customers, you can effortlessly and powerfully attract the types of customers you want in droves… and do it in such a way that hardly any persuasion is necessary.

Get The Art of Offer Craft – Anonymous , Only Price $39

Yes, you do have other options…

At this point, after seeing some of the results from people who have used the Offer Craft Framework, you're probably wondering how much the Art of Offer Craft program is going to cost… and whether you can achieve this result by yourself.

Let's consider some of the other options that you have if you were to learn to do this yourself.

Option #1

Get A Business Coach

There are a handful of "direct response" marketers out there who are high-level offer crafting experts.

These are the salty, battle-tested marketers who have run so many offers that they've gained a sixth sense about what will make an offer truly attractive to an audience. Because the offer is one of the most essential components of a product or service's success, these consultants are in high demand and charge premium prices.

As you would expect from an in-demand consultant with the ability to transform someone's business.

I charge my clients an annual retainer of $70,000 to work on their offer and campaign with them, and I deliver more than 10X the investment to my clients as part of those engagements. While this is definitely worth the money to those clients who can afford the price tag, for most business owners, this high level
of engagement isn't cost effective in the
early stages of their business.

Total cost: $70,000

Time frame: 1 year

Option #2

Private 1-on-1 Consultation With  An Offer Crafting Expert

Business coaches can be an amazing resource. I've hired several of them throughout my entrepreneurial career and I wouldn't be where I am today without them.

But I can also tell you from experience that there are a lot of phonies out there who do more damage than good. If you're not careful, it can be very easy to end up with someone who isn't the best fit for you. And – while well intentioned – they can cause real harm to your ambitions and motivations by giving poor advice.

Working with top business coaches is the only route I'd recommend, but paying the price they demand just to learn about the fundamentals of online business isn't good value for money.

Another important point you need to realize: business coaches are accelerants. They help you get places faster, but only when you've already got some momentum.

I do a fair amount of business coaching myself… but I only work with people who have an operating business in place, because otherwise they simply won't see the benefits that they're after.

Now, I must warn you, though, not everyone in the business coaching space is as honest as I am.

Total cost: $3,000/month for 6 months = $18,000

Time frame: 6 months

Option #3

Figure It Out Yourself

It's fair to say that this topic IS one that it's possible to master yourself. But it's one that requires a lot of trial and error. It has cost me many millions of dollars in business expenses to develop the skillset I have acquired over the years.

And the learning curve has been quite steep.

Even then, I was only able to achieve this after finding myself in a position where I could advise many hundreds of people on their offers in a short space of time. And it was after I spent many long hours testing and validating my theories about what went into an creating a compelling and attractive offer.

You could always buy more information products on the topic of marketing and distill all of them down, piece together a framework from your own strategic analysis.

But collecting, evaluating, organizing, and consuming all of that information will take you YEARS

(…there's a reason why they say that every overnight success was 10 years in the making)…

…just to get the same knowledge you'll receive from the Art of Offer Craft.

Total cost: $10,000 – $3,000,000+

Time frame: 5-10 years

Option #4

Do Nothing

This is also always an option. And it's the same option that a lot of us take. Every day.

You can very easily just continue doing as you've been doing and keep achieving the same degree of success you've been enjoying for the past few years.

Time will continue to pass, you'll still pick up on the odd tactic and strategy here and there. You'll still piece the puzzle together, slowly.

But your dream of freedom, success, and flexibility will still be where it is today: out of reach with no clear, systematic path to achieving it.

Total cost: Opportunity lost

Time frame: Forever (until you die)

When I started an online business, I would have given anything to understand how to create a successful offer

I look back now, and nearly all of the heartbreaking business failures I've had were in large part because I was making the wrong offer, without realizing it.

Instead of going through a series of frustrating trial-and-error failures, trying everything I could think of, I'd have given anything to learn from someone with the right knowledge, experience and expertise. Someone who had been there and done that. Someone who had discovered the exact components that make up a successful offer after experimenting with the offers of hundreds of businesses.

Someone who had earned a reputation of getting real results in a wide range of businesses, ranging in everything from fitness, to interior decorating, all while earning those businesses multiple millions of dollars with their offers.

How much would that experience be worth to you?

Well, it might surprise you the price that this is available to you.

Discover the Art of Offer Craft  for Only $197

I'm passionate about creating education experiences that deliver real results, and right now we're testing out a methodology that we believe will help everyone get better results, faster. So this program is part of an experiment in instructional design, and the low investment reflects that.

We're using cohort-based progression, which means you'll begin the program at the same time as a group of fellow students, and you'll need to keep up a minimum pace of one module per week to stay with the group. If you don't keep up, you'll start over with the *next* cohort. We're testing this approach because our hypothesis is that it will help you to complete your learning productively without slipping off schedule.

I also want this course to be accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to change their lives for the better. For anyone who (like you) wants to create impact, freedom, and wealth for themselves, through their own enterprise and hard work.

That's why, although Art of Offer Craft has sold for up to $997 in the past, I'm making it available to you at the much lower investment of only $197.

A Quick Reminder of What's Inside…

You'll receive THE FULL ART OF OFFER CRAFT COURSE – Everything you need to craft attractive, exciting offers that get customers excited to buy.

Join Today and Get

Full Art of Offer Craft course in HD video

This is the first online educational video course that provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to…

  • Discover the deepest desires of your ideal customer
  • Understand the motivations that drive them to action
  • Craft your offer in a way that attracts them
  • Hard-code believability and proof into your product
  • Present your offer in a way that ethically produces business-transforming sales
  • Finally reach the level of freedom, impact and income you desire in your business

3 Special Bonus Templates

Along with your training materials, we'll also give you these handy templates that will help you turn your offer into a high-converting webinar, sales page or sales call script.

Private "Art of Offer Craft" community for 24/7 support

Get instant access to the entire Art of Offer Craft community, including a wide range of experience levels – from beginners, to intermediate students with 6-figure businesses, and even high-level 7-figure experts. Tap into a network you can trust and who you can turn to when you need to ask questions about the material, see what's working for other students, and hold yourself accountable.

Watch, read and listen at your convenience

In addition to the HD video, we've made full transcriptions and audio versions available for easy reading and listening, whether that be on your computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Here's what happens next…

Once you click the button below and join the program, you will be taken to a thank you page that will give you the details of your Art of Offer Craft purchase and more information about what to expect.

From there, you'll receive an email with your login details to the Art of Offer Craft training portal. This is where you'll be able to login in immediately and get access to the course materials.

From there, you'll be able to dive into the first lesson of Module 1, where you'll start by working through the worksheets to discover your customer's most powerfully desired Transformation.

So now, it's decision time…

Join the Art of Offer Craft Today and You'll Get…

  • The full Art of Offer Craft Framework – everything you need to craft irresistible offers for your business
  • Access to the Art of Offer Craft Community
  • 3 Special Bonus Templates to help you turn your offer into a high-converting webinar, sales page or sales call script

Get The Art of Offer Craft – Anonymous , Only Price $39

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