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Product Description

Announcing A Premium NDA Amazon Strategy Workshop Opportunity:

BRAND NEW: Secure Top Keyword Rankings on Amazon for the Most Competitive Keywords in Days Using a Completely Unknown Dead-Simple Facebook Strategy

Discover a brand new strategy to secure top keyword rankings on Amazon. Our product above has only 13 reviews and is ranking above competitors with as many as 740 reviews!


  • How to grab top Amazon keyword rankings in just a few days even for the most competitive keywords! Top keyword rankings are the key to continual sales and profits on Amazon. This new strategy makes ranking on Amazon dead-simple and lightning fast.  
  • The exact process to use a brand new, completely unknown Facebook hack to deliver coupons to your customers so you maximize sales WITHOUT the need for a dedicated coupon server and WITHOUT the risk of your coupon getting out to the public. The last thing you want is for your coupons to get out into the wild when you're running a promotion. There's a brand new trick on Facebook that NOBODY is talking about that makes doing this completely automatic.
  • The exact process we use to launch a product and nearly guarantee top rankings on Amazon (even with as little as just a few reviews)! Reviews are harder and harder to get these days. The good thing is, with what you'll learn in this live workshop, you won't need to wait to get tons of reviews to start getting big organic sales every day even for brand new products.
  • Simple and powerful Facebook ad targeting that drives Amazon rankings and sales. With what you'll learn on this private workshop, you don't need to be a Facebook ads expert to use the world's largest social network to dramatically increase your Amazon sales. You'll discover exactly what you need to maximize performance from Facebook to drive fast Amazon search ranking improvements.
  • Hosted by Amazon product launch expert Mike McClary. Mike is busy running multiple successful Amazon businesses and creating the brand new Amazing Selling Machine program. But, we knew we absolutely HAD to pull him away to do this workshop once we saw the POWER of this new strategy. He's taking his valuable time away to share this cutting-edge strategy with YOU!
  • This strategy is SO NEW that it is not included in ANY existing training we or anybody else offers. Mike McClary is ONLY sharing this on this, exclusive workshop. By signing up for this premium workshop, you are agreeing to our non-disclosure agreement (NDA) policy.
  • Pure content – nothing will be sold or offered on this, premium workshop. The purpose of this powerful workshop is to walk you through every detail of implementing this strategy to grab top rankings on Amazon in your own business. Nothing will be sold or offered on this workshop.


  • The latest changes from both Facebook and Amazon to ensure the training is as current as possible.  
  • A new way to create your landing page on Amazon for customers selling multiple products.  
  • Step by step instructions for creating a “Lookalike” audience in Facebook for the best results.  
  • Training on two new traffic sources that, when used in conjunction with Launch and Rank, will get you even better ranking results!

Included with Your Registration:

  • The all new, completely updated Launch and Rank Training Workshop Version 2.0.  
  • Access to the updated workshop slides that include screenshots, walkthroughs and links.  
  • The original, full two-hour training workshop with live Q&A & followed by an additional follow up Q&A session.  
  • Plus, an exclusive Facebook Ad template used by Mike that you can use for your own Launch and Rank campaign!

Results From Workshop Attendees…

"Good Grief, Mike McClary! I have tried Facebook Ads several times with hardly any results. I am in the middle of my first campaign with this "Launch and Rank" technique and I've shot up from page 5, position 72 to page 1, position 3 in just 4 days for a pretty competitive keyword. Now that's results! Thanks!"

Awesome content! BEST results I've had on Facebook by far! Thanks Mike!"

"Great content. I don't mind paying extra for detailed, actionable info like this, especially when it is this cutting edge and fresh. I also appreciate the live demos. It makes the value of the course so much better than just sitting and looking at screenshots. Mike is also a great presenter. He does a great job of engaging the audience and is also genuinely excited about teaching and showing this stuff. You can tell it in his voice and how he presents everything. Also appreciate the QA time." 

Get The Launch and Rank Premium Workshop – Matt Clark & Mike McClary only 39$

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