The Nuts & Bolts of Running a Successful Copywriting Business – Dan Kennedy

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“Becoming a Wildly Successful Copywriter Is No Accident. . .In Just 4 Hours, Dan Kennedy Reveals His Proven Tactics to Make MORE MONEY and Get MORE CLIENTS for Your Copywriting Business”

Here is just some of what Dan will cover:

The Anatomy of Big Money Copywriting Projects and Client Relationships. Actual examples…where they came from, how they developed, work done, results – in cases where fees plus royalties exceed $100,000.00 per job. (This is a behind-the-scenes look at Dan’s multi-year relationships with clients who repeatedly pay him over $100,000.00 per assignment.)

Contracts.Dan shares key items all copywriters should include in their contracts. (Missing just one of these can be hazardous to your income).

Secrets to Prolific Output.Most copywriters are way, way, way too s-l-o-w to make any real money! (Dan did over 40 major projects in 2004, at an average fee of $50,000.00+, plus royalties – all part-time.)

Quick Fixes.How to quickly beat controls…rewrite and boost results of his clients’ prior campaigns…turn one-step into multi-step direct mail campaigns…his “tricks” for dramatically increasing response that actually has little to do with ‘copywriting’ but should be used by every copywriter. (You’ll be stunned when your understand how simple, yet powerful these techniques are!)

How to THINK and Grow Rich Writing Copy. Frankly Dan believes most copywriters’ own thinking about themselves, their clients, the way they “should” conduct business, how they get paid, and so on is ALL wrong and limiting. (Rich people DO think differently. Shift your thinking and you shift your bank account.)

Publish or Perish. Why and how to promote yourself by writing articles, books, and contributing to others’ books. Surprise: why your “ezine” may be crippling your fees. The one thing you should definitely publish and disseminate. (And how to get paid well to shamelessly promote yourself.)

Speak and Be Sought. You do NOT have to be Tony Robbins or some other Charismatic Dynamo to speak effectively and persuasively about copy to get speaking opportunities that yield clients. One of the fastest ways to attract the clients you want (and who will want YOU) is by speaking.

Kennedy’s #1 Rule of Business. Every minute you’re not adopting this philosophy, you are losing money. (This philosophy has served Dan well for over 25 years. He has raised his base fee every year for the past seven years.)

Capitalist Economics #101. The economic law you must have working for you rather than against you. (It’s amazing how many copywriters simply overlook this critical key.)

Big Lessons from Giants of the Copywriting and Advertising Worlds.’Gems’ that influenced Dan enormously from John Francis Tighe, Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, Robert Collier, and many others. (These tried and true facts have a high return.)

Should You Be Your Own Client? With the power of information marketing, the highest fees you’ll ever get might just come from writing copy to sell your own information. (John Lennon understood this wealth secret…now you can too.)

How to Get a “Milk Cow” Account Or Two. Dan shows you how to effortlessly pay the light bill each month while building your copywriting career. (No ‘starving artists’ allowed in copywriting.)

How to Leap Frog to Big Income Fast. Be part of a “parasite-host” joint venture that’s already in place. (When you can write copy, you can write your own ticket.)

Get Paid Handsomely for “Precursor Steps”. How to sell things besides copywriting to the new, virgin client (especially those not accustomed to paying for copy.)

Avoid the “Work for Free” Trap. Dan shows you how to stop getting beat up and abused, going to prospecting lunches, spending hours on the phone, doing free critiques, cold calling and getting your brain sucked dry for free. (Dan stopped the madness after his first three months in 1974.)

Where to Get More Clients. Dan has NEVER gotten a copywriting assignment through an agent…NEVER advertised….NEVER done anything free to get clients (not even taken them to lunch) in nearly 10 years. You don’t have to either. Dan will tell you how to get all the clients you could possibly want. (This year alone, he has turned away over $200,000.00 worth of copywriting work.)

Master Client Management. Learn to stop wasting time with potential clients who can’t (or won’t pay) you large sums of money. Keep dysfunctional clients from screwing up the implementation. And put the kibosh on ‘copy by committee’ (keep the client’s spouse, brother-in-law, employees, neighbor from interfering.)

Plus You’ll Learn These Priceless “How To’s”…

  • How to go from ‘zero to 60’ and get those first clients, fast
  • How to get to a 6-figure income…even if you’re a rank beginner…in 12 months or LESS
  • How to double your income OVERNIGHT if you’re already an established pro
  • What specific criteria you should use to choose which clients you spend your valuable time with
  • How to handle the client who wants to “stay awake during the operation” and change what you’ve written (ugh!)
  • How to handle client queasiness about strong copy, objections to long copy and other ignorant, meddling and bad behavior
  • How to effortlessly overcome a client’s resistance to your ideas
  • How to write sizzling hot copy for dull, boring, ordinary products or businesses
  • How to banish your own biases and buying patterns when it comes to writing winning copy for your clients
  • How to overcome shyness and develop the assertive sales mentality you need to write exceptionally effective direct-response copy
  • How to avoid ever doing “proposals” and break free of competitive comparison to other writers willing to work for peanuts
  • How to juggle multiple priorities, clients, projects, even a “day job” and still be a prolific, effective copywriter (Remember Dan himself works with 30-40 clients, multiple copywriting jobs, writes one to several books a year, 3 newsletters a month, runs high-end coaching programs, consults, speaks and races horses. In fact, he literally wrote the book on this subject – “NO B.S. TIME MANAGEMENT FOR ENTREPRENEURS”.)

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