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As scary as this may sound, what’s even more scary is that there are few if any personal trainers, fitness professionals or strength coaches out there who have any idea of what cancer is, what it does to the body, or how to successfully train those who develop it to help them better cope with treatment.

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Who Else Wants to Help Their Client’s Beat Cancer with Exercise A Step-By-Step Guide on Designing an Exercise Program for Your Client’s Recovering from Cancer More Than Half The Population Will Develop Cancer in Their Lifetime

As scary as this may sound, what’s even more scary is that there are few if any personal trainers, fitness professionals or strength coaches out there who have any idea of what cancer is, what it does to the body, or how to successfully train those who develop it to help them better cope with treatment.

I’m sure you know someone or have trained a client who has had cancer. Let’s face it, cancer isn’t going away, it’s only becoming bigger and more prevalent. Where did you turn to get more information on how to work with them properly? MY guess is the same places every other trainer turned, and what they found was a gaping hole in the knowledge about exercise and cancer. The vast majority of certification, degrees or diploma courses will only mention cancer at best, let alone teach you anything about what it is or how to handle anyone who has it.

That’s Where I Come In

I completed a bachelor of science degree in kinesiology, and in my final year I decided to specialize in cancer research and rehabilitation. I took a graduate level course in Exercise Oncology (the only undergraduate student to ever do so), and worked in a research facility looking at the effects of aerobic conditioning and resistance training on various types of cancer in various stages. I got a first-hand look at what cancer was and what it did to people, but also what the amazing benefits of an exercise program could offer them in terms of improving every aspect of their health and treatment outcomes. Since then, I’ve worked with dozens of cancer patients, prior to, during, and after their treatments, all the while working on three basic tenets:

  •     They’re people first, cancer patients second
  •     They will respond to exercise the same as anyone else, but their threshold for overtraining is a lot lower due to their treatments
  •     Adaptability wins the game

I’m probably one of only a handful of fitness professionals in all of North America who has a specialized knowledge base in cancer and exercise recovery and rehabilitation.
This is The First Product of Its’ Kind, Anywhere

There are currently NO resources available to trainers that teach them what cancer is, what to do with a client that has it, and what to watch out for when training their client, which means this will automatically become the default go-to resource for trainers who ever come into contact with a client recovering from cancer. Additionally, if you’re not a fitness professional or know someone who has cancer who isn’t a fitness professional but wants to know what to do with an exercise program to help them out, this resource comes complete with a “Non-Professional edition,” outlining in basic less-scientific terms what is discussed in the professional edition. One client looked over the Non-Professional edition and said they got more information about cancer and exercise from it than they had received from all their oncologists, GPs and nurses COMBINED!!

Within this product, you will receive the following, all with direct implications to yourself, your friends and family, and your clients who may be dealing with cancer:

  •     Professional Edition Workshop
  •     Non-Professional Edition Workshop

Why You Should Get This

Attending workshops by qualified professionals can be very expensive, once you add up the cost of registration, travel, accommodations, meals, missed work, it can be a pretty big deal-breaker. By purchasing a program like this, you get the benefit of the workshop, plus additional material, as well as the ability to go through it from home and on your own schedule. You can also show it to the clients and those you care about who need to deal with cancer to increase the value of your services, as well as to build trust that you CAN help them.

You’re Better Than Every Other Fitness Professional

By taking continuing education courses like this, you stay ahead of the curve, and are able to provide more to a broader population base than any other trainer in your area. What’s more, becoming an expert in a growing population like cancer recovery will make your services that much more desirable to someone walking through the door.

I Was Able to To Take Control…

“I was told by quite a few nurses and doctors that if I wasn’t as physically active as I had been, I wouldn’t have recovered as fast. I remember my first exercise session was painful because I was extremely weak and my balance and co-ordination were way off. Today I feel really, really good. What I learned last year is that I can take on anything that comes at you from out of the blue, make a decision on how to tackle it, and get through it. I had a lot of people say how do you deal with it, and poor you, and your poor son, and I was like no, absolutely not. I was able to control what happened to me. It didn’t control me.”

– Pam Lin, cancer survivor and mother.

I Will Be Sharing it With Some of My Family Members who Have Cancer

Hi Rick,

Just replying about the Program for Cancer by Dean Somerset.

It is a fantastic looking programme. I will be sharing it with some of my family members who have cancer, and need some encouragement.

Thanks for contacting me about it.

– Jim Smith

Very Helpful and Informative Series of Videos

“The Ultimate Training Guide for Cancer Survivors is a very helpful and informative series of videos. Thank you!”

– Eva Czyzewska

Impressed with the Wealth of Information Provided

“Hi Rick,

I have viewed the video presentation for the UTG for Cancer Survivors and can honestly say that I am impressed with the wealth of information provided. Being a cancer survivor of 40 years this summer I can relate to many of the points made by the presenter. I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt – as they say!

This program definitely affords a personal trainer the opportunity to better understand how a person with cancer would like to be treated and how to put together a suitable exercise program for his/her cancer client. Also, the information on cancer, types of treatment, side effects, etc., are all very helpful in helping the trainer to better understand and prepare for the cancer client.

Again, great program!”

– Kevin Garnier

Personal Trainer/Pasadena Fitness

Pasadena, NL, Canada

You Don’t Want to Train Cancer Patients?

Trust me, I don’t either, but in the decade that I’ve been a trainer, I’ve had more than a dozen clients diagnosed DURING their training with me. If I didn’t know what to do or feel comfortable training them during their treatments, I’d lose those clients. Let’s say tomorrow, a client comes in to meet with you looking to lose weight, gain some strength, and get back to normal after a battle with breast cancer and all the surgeries and treatments that go along with that. 1 in 7 women will develop breast cancer, so if this hasn’t happened yet, it’s only a matter of time. BE PREPARED. You may not want to, but you will definitely need to know how to deal with cancer clients.

What is included in the Ultimate Training Guide for Cancer Survivors:

Component #1 – Cancer FAQ

Discover the essentials of what you need to know about cancer so you have a better understanding and the answers for your cancer clients.

Component #2 – Breast & Other Common Cancers

The most common cancer client you will have is a breast cancer client but there are other kinds of clients that you may see.In this video presentation you will lead about the other common cancers you may see.

Component #3 – Treatment Options for Cancer

Discover the different treatment options your cancer client may go through.  You will have a better understand of what treatments they may have or have had.

Component #4 – Exercise Program Design

This is the step-by-step guide on putting together an exercise program for a cancer client.

Component #5 – Client Exercise Program

This video presentation and guide is for your cancer clients.  It takes them through exercise consideration for them.It also covers why exercise is important and what they should expect from their exercise program.

Component #6 – What is New With Cancer and Exercise

I have an update for you where I let you know what is new with exercise and cancer. I share with you:

  •     Movements that are contraindicated for cancer clients
  •     Assessment procedure for a new client with cancer
  •     A very important test to do with a cancer client
  •     Update on Leukemia and exercise
  •     Exercise considerations for those with brain cancer

Component #7 – Earn CECs and CEUs

Theses leading fitness associations have recognized the Ultimate Training Guide for Cancer Suvivors as an approved resource for earning continuing education credits and units:

  •     British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (2.0 BCRPA CEC)
  •     British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (2.0 BCAK CEC)
  •     British Columbia College of Massage Therapists (2.0 BCCMT CEC)
  •     Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists (2.0 CSEP PDC)

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