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​​​Intrigued by the lucrative possibilities that trading TENNIS on the betting exchanges can provide? ​​Wondering how you can get a slice of th​e same BILLION POUND market that others regularly pick up HUGE profits from?

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​​​Intrigued by the lucrative possibilities that trading TENNIS on the betting exchanges can provide? ​​Wondering how you can get a slice of th​e same BILLION POUND market that others regularly pick up HUGE profits from?

​​Ready and willing to learn more but don’t know where to start?

​Welcome to Ultimate ​Tennis Trading. The ​only ​tennis trading course of its kind that ​can take you from being a confused newbie to trading like a seasoned pro within a short space of time.

​Trading tennis on the betting exchanges is as close to PURE trading as any sport can get. The prices are swinging up and down constantly and moving with every single point.

All you need ​to know is when to get in and when to get out.

​​Many think that football is the most popular sport on the betting exchanges but there is actually MORE money turned over in the tennis markets than in any other sport.

​There are often millions of pounds in-play on even the most obscure tennis matches.

And where there is money, there is opportunity.

Now you have the chance to ​own a portfolio of simple to use beginners strategies that will allow you to ​trade these tennis matches from start to finish.

 You will know EXACTLY what to do whether it is the first set or the final set.

​This is your chance to join the ​elite sports traders who are regularly banking ​a second income purely from the tennis markets.

​Is this what you have been looking for?

​Included today inside Ultimate ​Tennis Trading…

  • ​A ​Portfolio Of Profitable ​Tennis Trading Strategies
  • ​​5 Super Detailed Modules​​.​​
  • ​​3 Profitable Methods, One for each set. 
  • ​6+ Hours Of HD Video Content
  • Over ​30 Real Life LIVE trading examples

​And my ULTIMATE aim for YOU?

​When you complete this course you will know exactly HOW to pick out the best tennis trading opportunities and ​HOW to trade a tennis match from start to finish for a ​PROFIT, all by yourself!

​No more guessing, wondering, second guessing and losing silly money!

​Sound good? Keep reading…

Hi, My name is Ben Michaels, I am the founder of SportsTradingLife.com (The #1 Resource for Betfair Trading) and ​also the creator of sister course Ultimate Football Trading​. Many know me mainly for trading football which is something I have done for over a decade but one of my well known secrets is that I supplement my football trading income with tennis trading too.


​Before we go any further I must confess something…

​I am far from being a tennis expert. It is not a sport I follow closely or even have the best general knowledge about.

​But I DO know how to trade it.

After all, it is all about knowing the markets and how they react (or over react) to certain events. ​

​My own journey into tennis trading began back in 200​8 ​when I was making regular money from the football markets but wanted a way to make money during the day or when the football wasn’t available to trade.

​I had seen some professional tennis traders sharing some HUGE green screens and my curiosity was piqued. I remember clicking on the tennis section on Betfair and being AMAZED at the huge amounts of money that was flowing through the markets.

Who would have thought Tennis would be so popular??

​So like many, I bought a system that was available online.


​The system I bought was pretty much a scam. The advice told me to watch the match and back a player once I saw them score a break point.

The “system” did not take into account that the odds would have moved by the time I had seen this happen on TV and that there was no way to beat the clock or those trading live at the event.

​That system didn’t work and watching the markets all the movements seemed to be random to me. The prices were moving fast and I didn’t understand the game much.


​I am not ashamed to admit it. It all seemed to overwhelming and too much for me to take in so I gave up on it. I also figured that I would need good knowledge of the sport to succeed and this was not a sport I ever watched.

The only player I had heard of was Tim Henman and that was not for good reasons at that time.

​However, my turning point arrived shortly after I started my blog at Sports Trading Life.

​This allowed me to meet many professional traders who traded various different sports and it was the tennis side of things that intrigued me the most.

​I had the pleasure of interviewing legendary tennis traders such as Matt PuntDotCom who makes profits like the one below.

​​And I also discovered a huge amount of golden tennis trading nuggets from working alongside Peter Scott when we published his Dynamic Tennis Trading guide via my blog.

​​And these were not the only people who I got to learn from with tennis trading. Most of the guys making CRAZY money in tennis do not publicise themselves on the web and so it was a privilege to be able to learn and pick up tips from these guys also.

​And the biggest thing I learned from these ​professionals was…


​The tennis markets are volatile and they can be VERY rewarding if you are in the right place at the right time and so you do NOT need to take silly risks when trading this sport.

​The secret is in knowing the right times to be in the market so you can profit from this volatility.

​They also showed me that you do not really need to have good knowledge of the sport and the players.

This is something you pick up with time anyway but much of tennis is simply knowing the entry and exit points and what to look for regarding indicators.

​Once I got this principle nailed down my own Tennis Trading started to progress and very soon I was trading Tennis (a sport I previously hated) and LOVING it.


​And so from there I never looked back with tennis trading. I would trade tennis in the day and football in the evenings so my sports trading schedule was pretty full.

​But where things got really weird for me was when sometimes tennis matches would clash and I would have to decide whether to trade football or the tennis.

​​And it would depend on who was involved in the matches but here is another confession…

​I soon realised I was enjoying trading tennis MORE than trading football.

​Now I am football mad and I could watch it all day everyday. But as a trading sport, I f​ind tennis to be much more of a fun challenge.

The odds move with almost EVERY point so you constantly have a decision to make and an opportunity to find some value and profit.

​Contrast that with how you can have long periods of nothing at all happening much in football and you can see why I enjoy the challenge of trading tennis more.

​Anyway, fast forward to today and after MANY MANY MANY requests I feel I am in a good position to teach others how to trade this amazing sport and make regular profits from it.

​Even if you were like me and never understood the sport or knew any of the players.

​Even if you have dabbled with a few methods but not seen any long term results.

​And even if you think you hate the sport and its boring. (Trust me when you trade it you will find it anything but that!)

​So finally here is the finished product and I am proud to finally reveal “ULTIMATE TENNIS TRADING“.

​A course you could say has been in the making since 200​8 when I bought that dodgy system and traded tennis for the first time ever. 😀

Anyway, here is more about Ultimate Tennis Trading itself…



Approximate ​​​Module Length: ​1 Hour

​​This is not your average orientation module. This might be the most important module of your tennis trading career. Potentially LIFE CHANGING!

Spread over ​5 ​unique videos you will learn the ins and outs of tennis trading. This will include ninja tips and tricks that have NEVER been revealed in public before and most importantly you will learn how to get an EDGE on the tennis markets.

By the time you are done with orientation you will know the 30 second pre-match research formula that will allow you to spot the BEST and most profitable tennis matches to trade that day.

You will discover HOW to read a tennis match and this includes REAL LIFE clips from actual tennis matches so you get full clarity and no longer have to guess.

​You will also discover the UNIQUE “risk mitigation” method that will be your main get out when the trade starts to go wrong. This will show you how we can lower our risk in certain situations but STILL allow ourselves to turn a losing trade into a WINNER!

Everything you need to assist you in your tennis trading journey.

​​And if the orientation module is this detailed, then you can only imagine what else is to come…


Approximate ​​​Module Length: ​1 Hour

​After absorbing gems upon gems of information in orientation, it is time to learn your first tennis trading strategy.

​This is the “Money Method” which gets its name since it is the method that will make you the most MONEY 😉

​With this strategy you will be taking a low risk “lay to back” approach to tennis trading when certain opportunities arise. Mainly this involves opposing HOT favourites so this is not something your average punter will be doing or would even know how to do.

​In this module, you will learn HOW to spot these opportunities BEFORE the match even begins and then how to profit from the expected market correction when it occurs. The risk-reward ratio on this trade is solid as you will most often be winning MORE from your winning trades than you lose in the losing trades. You might only need a 40% success rate to profit long term with this!

​Either way, you will be given step by step instructions on how to operate the method and also how you can minimise the potential losses. There are tons of REAL LIFE trades recorded live on Betfair to watch through and below are a small sample of those…


​Approximate ​​Module Length: ​1 Hour

​Once you have finished absorbing and maybe even testing the Money Method it is time to learn a new strategy, this one is called the Boomerang method.

​This is a strategy that is to be used in the second set of tennis matches and is another low risk, lay to back style method. (Notice a pattern?)

​The premise behind this method is opposing the winner of the first set which is a common tennis trading entry point. But what makes this different from the rest is the actual approach to the trade with the focus on keeping the risk as low as possible.

This module includes the #1 mistake most newbies make with this trading entry point and how we will NEVER make that same mistake.

You will discover ​the unique “3 STRIKES RULE” ​that will allow you to remain in the best possible position to profit from this trade.

​You will also ​learn ​a UNIQUE “risk mitigation” ​strategy that is exclusive to this method and that could allow you to turn a bad trade into a winning one.

​Best of all you will learn the principle behind the “PERFECT” trade and why that is what you should be looking for above anything. All the information you need to get your strike-rate into that magical 60%+ range.

​As per usual, in this module there are tons of REAL LIFE trades recorded live on Betfair to watch through and below are a small sample of those…


​Approximate ​​Module Length: ​1 Hour

​Now you know the best strategy to use in the first set and second sets, you will learn the best one to use in the final deciding set.

​This is ​the MOST volatile time of the match to be trading tennis and many newbies are eaten alive at this stage of the game. But with this low-risk “lay to back” strategy (definitely a pattern here!) you will know when to get in the market so you are on the correct side of the volatility and you can profit from it.

This module reveals a secret tennis market fallacy that we can take advantage of in the final set. 

​​You will discover how we can virtually REMOVE THE RISK from the trade in certain scenarios so that we can sit back, relax and wait for the money to be made.

​​This is the MOST aggressive method of them all but also a great way to make some extra profits near the end of the match.

​A​nd as you guessed, in this module there are tons of REAL LIFE trades recorded live on Betfair to watch through and below are a small sample of those…



​Approximate ​​Module Length: ​​45 Minutes

​By this point you will have everything you need to trade a tennis match profitably from start to finish. You will already have a small edge that will keep improving with time and experience.

​​But if you want to take your tennis trading up to the NEXT level then the SECRETS revealed in the advanced module will get you there.

This module ​will take your tennis trading from 2D into 3D as we look at additional ways you can get an edge. 

​​You will discover how we can ​second guess the motivation of certain players that will allow us to spot those extra special opportunities.

​We delve deep into how you can study tournament trends to shape your tennis trading schedule over the year and also to spot some hidden gems when it comes to opportunities.

​​Also, you will discover a little known website that will give you ALL the information you need to go to the next level. And amazingly this website is FREE. You get a crash course on how to interpret this data and much more.


​Approximate ​​Module Length: ​1 Hour

​​Once you have got to grips with initial 3 core strategies it can be time to introduce some more advanced strategies into the mix.

​The Hammer Method shows you how to identify support and resistance points in the tennis markets in order to create low risk, high reward opportunities.

​This module includes a full tutorial on what support and resistance is and how you can benefit from it.

​We then move on to show you how to take advantage of it alongside some REAL LIFE examples.

​This strategy can also perfectly complement the money method with NO overlap.


​Approximate ​​Module Length: ​​​1 hour

​​Another advanced strategy that you could introduce into your tennis trading timeline for use in the second set of matches.

​Similar to the previous method we are identifying a key potential resistance point in the market that can develop after a particular scenario in the second set.

​When this happens it can create a HUGELY valuable tennis trading entry point that is low risk and VERY high reward.

​This strategy also perfectly complements the Boomerang method and can even help you double your profits from that strategy.

​As usual you will see ALL the live demonstrations of this in the video.

This course will have you picking your OWN profitable Tennis Trades like a PRO within just weeks…

  • ​​NO Fancy Software (All trades done in Betfair interface)
  • ​​No special spreadsheet full of stats to follow.
  • ​No extensive tennis knowledge required, just follow the market.


Who Is This Course Ideal For?

You Are Ready For The Ultimate ​Tennis Trading Super Course If….

​ You have dabbled with ​tennis trading and want to learn more. 

This really is ideal for you as you will instantly get the only ​tennis trading portfolio you will ever need. No more guessing, second guessing and searching around on forums and Google for advice which may or may not be good advice.

​You know how to trade on Betfair and want to learn a new sport (with no clue about tennis!)

​If you know how to trade on Betfair then that is the most important thing. I have designed this course to teach you guys the same way I had to learn. I never knew much about the players and how it all works when I first started. Knowing the markets and ideal entry points is much more important, the rest will come with experience. So do not worry if you have no clue about tennis, neither did I 😀

​You have been trying to trade ​tennis profitably for years but have not yet been regularly profitable.

​If you have been trying to learn tennis for a number of years then this might be what you have been looking for all this time. The course is designed in an easy to understand way with a path and a plan that you will appreciate. You may have been close to finally cracking it at tennis trading but you just need that final push over the line and this could and should be it!

You Are NOT Ready For The Ultimate ​Tennis Trading Super Course If….

​ You do not know what Betfair Trading is.

If this is the case go to Youtube and learn the basics. Once you have a good grasp then come back and take advantage of this opportunity. This course would be a bit too advanced for you if you have not yet learned how to trade Betfair. The good news is that it literally only takes a few hours!

​ You ​think this will get you rich quick

​This is trading which means there are risks and no guarantees of the money you will make. We can teach you everything you need to know but if you have poor discipline and don’t follow the advice then you will not do well. Similarly, if you think that BIG returns can be made from small outlay then this is the wrong thing for you. Try playing the lottery or a slot machine!

​You Are Lazy

I know all this stuff works because it has worked for me for over 10 years now. If you follow it then you will succeed but you need to put in the hard work and lazy people who do not take action will get nowhere.

Get Ultimate Tennis Trading Complete Course – Ben Michaels, Only Price $92

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