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Product Description

HowTo Learn Everything I Wish I’d Known When I Began My Career…


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create routines today that are the framework for your success in Network Marketing for the rest of your life?

Wouldn’t it give you a whole lot of confidence to know that you have the ability to motivate your team members to duplicate exactly what you’ve done at each step in your career?

Most of all, wouldn’t it be empowering if you could hit the ground running by using the very same strategies and mindset tools that I used to launch my very profitable and personally-fulfilling home-based business?

Listen…what if you could…

  •  Destroy the mental obstacles that might lead to your quitting just before you reach your financial goals?
  •  Implement an unstoppable technique for lead generation, prospecting, and closing so that you (and your team) gain bulletproof proficiency at these skills?
  •  Be absolutely certain that your new business partners are well-trained and given the best support possible to ensure that they are both motivated and productive?
  •  Build an entrepreneurial legacy that will both bless your loved ones/friends and transform you into a celebrity in the Network Marketing world and beyond?

The good news is… you can!

All you need is a gameplan to guarantee that you won’t fail.

It’s critical for you to understand what Network Marketing can do for your life if you go about building your business the right way.

Look…if you do the proper groundwork, you will never, ever have to work a traditional job, again.

And it doesn’t matter if you are starting over with a fresh passion for your business or building part-time, either!


If you want…

 …time freedom so that you can come and go as you please…

 …total financial security so that you can live and give however you like..

 …a wealth of personally-generated leads so that you always have someone to speak to about your business…

 …to learn high-level thinking that is only accessible to leaders in our industry and that positions you as one who commands attention and respect…

 …and a loyal audience who trusts you and who will follow you anywhere so that you can build any, ethical business opportunity that you choose…

this is the product that is best-suited to help you shift from new Network Marketer to professional business builder in 90 days, flat!

Having the right expectations about your new business and using the most effective business-growth strategies at the same time, is just like having money in the bank!

Put plainly, you are guaranteed success IF you put into action what this product teaches.

Get Your First 90 Days – Ray Higdon, Only Price $39

Let’s See What Comes Inside This Easy-To-Implement Training…

Module 1: Crafting Your Vision


  • Learn how to totally eradicate any hint of a “scarcity mindset” that troubles lots of new marketers, so that you never quit your business. (Your newfound attitude will have trickle-down effects on your entire team!)
  • Uncover the two, biggest mistakes that new Network Marketers make, so that you can avoid them like the plague! (And know how to identify them in new business partners, because they will need help, too!
  • Establish a workable routine if you have to start your business part-time, so that you never become discouraged about the time it takes to go from one level of success to the next! (Lots of new marketers start part-time, and you need to be assured that you can absolutely grow this way!)
  • Get clear on how to go full-time with the most efficient effort, because this is the goal for most, serious Network Marketers. (People often say that money loves speed, and this is a fact. The more quickly you can work your opportunity full-time, the faster you will advance in the industry. No question.)
  • Bullet-proof yourself with fitting expectations, so that you know what is coming at each point in your career. (What you think is going to happen and what usually happens are two, radically-different things. Get the real deal so you remain excited, encouraged, and enthusiastic about your growing business.)
  • Identify the right kind of people to talk to about your business so that you don’t waste time with folk who really don’t want to hear what you have to say. (Though there are people all around us, it’s important to be able to discern between a “prospect” and a “suspect.”)
  • Reconstruct your thinking from the ground floor so that you become more of a business owner and less of a “wisher” with each day that passes. (Positive thinking is good, but it needs to be directed in such a way that it strengthens you, professionally.)

Module 2: Gaining Momentum


  • Unlock the vault to prospecting and closing so that you never lack knowledge of what to do to find people to talk to or confidently introduce them to your business. (This powerful system is fundamental to growing your team. With wisdom about these two skills kind of place, you’ll won’t ever have to struggle in Network Marketing, again.)
  • Stop alienating family and friends with constant pitching and “MLM stalking.” Learn “warm market differentiation” like a pro! (Burn through your loved ones at your own peril, and know that there is a better way. That’s as plain as I can put it.)
  • Melt away fear at approaching cold prospects so that you speak to them with powerful posture. (Yes, you can reach out to perfect strangers with confidence and learn how to close them into your opportunity.)
  • Kill fear at it’s root, so that you can overcome the false stories you’ve been telling yourself about whether or not you can actually become the leader you’re destined to be. (Fear of building your home business doesn’t serve you in any way, whatsoever.)
  • Arm yourself with scripts and examples that you can use whether you’re talking to someone in person or over the phone. (This is the single, most-complete training I have on prospecting, opening the conversation, and closing people into an opportunity. Master what to say to people, and you’ve won most of the battle!)

Module 3: Team-Building For New Leaders


  • Overcome pesky objections that your teammates might have after they join, so that they learn for themselves how to be the source of their own confidence. (Empowering the people who join you is not only immensely helpful to them, but it will save you time and bind them to you, emotionally, for the long haul!)
  • Weed out the get-rich-quick crowd, so that you continue to maximize your time and working with those who need you most. (Don’t allow “system-seeking phone haters” to suck up your energy. Learn how to only work with those who will do the work required to become a top earner in your company!)
  • Stand out from the pack by training your entire team the right way, the first time, so your entire organization is on the same page, at the same time. (It’s easier to duplicate when everyone has access to growth processes that actually work!)
  • Become the one who announces team meetings that people FIGHT to attend. (Learn how to never, EVER hold a boring team meeting, again – ON PURPOSE!)
  • Mobilize your own, personal, social media ARMY, so that as many people as possible are aware of the skills and talents that you bring to the table as a professional Network Marketer. (There’s almost nothing as powerful as “social proof,” and if you can get lots of it, virtually nothing can stop your forward trajectory. This training show you how to get it.)

Module 4: Creating Your Dynasty


  • If you are married, knowing how to work together with your spouse can save you YEARS of headache so that you are both on the same page, all the time. (Spouses are a major influence on our home businesses. Learn how to create a supportive partnership with your spouse.)
  • Be altogether sure that your decision to fire your boss is the right choice, at the right time because you want to walk into full-time Network Marketing on firm, profitable footing. (Discerning the best time to leave your job is incredibly important for part-timers. I show you how to make the best decision for yourself and your family.)
  • Get secret strategies only available to those with growing teams, so you never get “stuck” having too many people in your business without an effective way to serve them all! (Growth can be a bad thing if you’re not ready for it. Get prepared so that you’re not defeated by your own success.)
  • Recognize the leaders in your organization, and show them how to build their businesses exactly like you’ve built YOUR business, because high-quality people are attracted to those with systems already in place! (This speaks for itself.)
  • Become well-versed in lead generation strategies that can have you and your teammates SWIMMING in leads for the rest of your lives. (Lead generation is where many Network Marketers get hung up…but that doesn’t have to be your story, ever again.)
  • Learn leadership techniques that will turn you into an undeniable force in your home business, and witness the fulfillment that comes from genuinely serving others with your newfound “superpowers.” (Money is wonderful, but it’s only one way to profit. This advanced training is the final piece of the puzzle.)


Get Your First 90 Days – Ray Higdon, Only Price $39

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