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DVT35: Social Influence – Brian David Phillips


H Y P N O T I C SOCIAL INFLUENCE employing NLP, Influence, Suggestion, and Persuasion



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D V T 35

Video-Based Distance Education

H Y P N O T I C SOCIAL INFLUENCE employing NLP, Influence, Suggestion, and Persuasion


Welcome to Hypnotic Social Influence! Builiding upon the work of psychologists, social engineers, hypnotists, and others, we will be exploring the principles and practice of Getting People to Do What You Want Them to DO using techniques from Neurolinguistic Programming, Social Influence, Persuasion Engineering, and more. In this weekend course, you will learn the principles of waking suggestion, power communication, and social influence and how to employ these principles via powerful approaches for appropriate contexts ranging from sales, dating and seduction, general therapy, positive personality shifting, sports, performance, parenting, and even for recreational or relationship enhancement uses.

These skills are great for salesmen, educators, therapists and recreational hypnotists too!

Six full video volumes of solid instruction in Hypnotic Social Influence. That’s hours and hours of comprehensive training. There are other programs that claim to teach this material. Most of these are not nearly as comprehensive in their breadth and depth.

Learn to use social influence and experiential suggestion in ways that can powerfully effect positive social influence . . . in other words, learn to get others to do whatever it is that you want them to do! Welcome to a hands-on course in NLP, Social Influence, Social Engineering, Language of Influence, Persuasion, and Power Communication for creative and extremely effective techniques that can be applied to a multitude of contexts. This is a practical course in power communication, social influence, and experiential suggestion techniques with a hands-on approach to mastering the skills presented. While most participants in the program will have had some previous background in hypnosis, enrollment in the experience is open to anyone with an appropriate interest in power communication and social influence – from the curious hobbyist to the professional. The methods presented can be adapted and applied in a very wide range of contexts: sales, education, public speaking, intense therapy, sports, recreational fun, intimate or romantic relationships, and more.

This program has a number of integrated components that are designed to loop into one another throughout the two day program.

Students will explore and master a number of POWER COMMUNICATION techniques that can be used within any context, with a focus on SOCIAL INFLUENCE contexts, particularly as social influence is used in conversational contexts with special emphasis on the use of social influence to enhance PERSUASION AND SUGGESTION.

This HYPNOTIC SOCIAL INFLUENCE component is comprehensive program in core concepts that focuses upon an in depth instruction in methods of influence, suggestion, persuasion, and waking suggestion which can be adapted to any context from entertainment, to therapy, to sales, to coaching, to medical circumstances, to education or recreation or more.

This program is one of the most intensive seminars in Experiential Hypnotic Social Influence you can find. In this course, you will learn the real secrets of the truly powerful influence methods around.

Learn the Characteristics and Principles of Experiential Waking Suggestion and Social Influence, the real secrets that allow you to enhance expectations, intensify imaginative involvement, and effect genuine social influence. You will learn, practice, and master the principles presented.

What will you learn in this seminar?

  • The Quintillian Premise
  • Principles of Covert Conversational Hypnosis
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Motives
  • Rokeach’s Belief-Attitude-Value Model
  • Cialdini’s Laws of Social Influence
  • Monroe’s Activation Sequence
  • Bem’s Inoculation Theory
  • Principles of the Naked Ape and Social Communication by Morris
  • Social Engineering and Influence
  • Phillips Principles of Experiential Waking Hypnosis
  • Multimodal Context-Free Seduction Principles
  • Neurolinguistic Programming and Social Influence
  • Language Enhancers for Influence
  • Weasal Phrases
  • Embedded Commands
  • Tonality Shifts
  • Automatic Behavior Markers
  • Opportunities for Influence
  • Secrets of Power Persuaders
  • . . . and Much More!

You will learn all of this and much, much, much more. Obviously, this is a very fast-paced and extremely intensive introductory workshop – although introductory does NOT mean simplistic in this case as this material is truly cutting edge advanced skillset work. This is an intensive workshop in real Social Influence and as such requires clear concentration and full involvement on the part of students who must come ready to engage themselves fully in the process. Do not merely learn this material, learn how you can become a true master of HYPNOTIC SOCIAL INFLUENCE.

This is a comprehensive seminar in Hypnotic Social Influence and as such focuses on the basic skills needed to get folks up and running in. This is a very intense introduction to experiential aspects of Power Communication, Persuasion, and Waking Suggestion. Those who have taken communication, influence, and hypnosis courses in the past will find that this program allows them to take their previous skill sets further.

New students will gain a strong foundation understanding of effective communication and influence while previous and experienced students will find the material to be useful and of value, providing deeper insight into this fascinating application of power communication principles.

This SIX VIDEO SET is comprised of a video recording of a live seminar held in Keelung, Taiwan. Note that the course has live interpretation from English into Mandarin Chinese for seminar participants who do not speak English. While the instruction and explanations are given in English, the Chinese interpretation can be heard in the background. The dominant language of the soundtrack is English and most people do not find the background audio track distracting, nor does it impede comprehension.

The content of this program makes up a comprehensive course in Social Influence. See the store page for more

A Quick Note Regarding Manuals

Plese Note: There is no course manual included with this video set. While the video content may refer to a course manual, it is not included within the video set package. Course manuals are only available to live seminar attendees who do not access to the advantages of the video presentation which can be paused, rewound, and played back several times.

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  • Unless specifically noted otherwise, all audio and video products from Brian David Phillips and Waking Dreams Hypnosis are recorded in English with no other languages available (some show performances or seminar products are presented via interpretation from English into Chinese and are noted).
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