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Refund and Returns Policy

Refund policy

100% money-back guarantee! Digital downloads like MP3s, MP4s, and PDFs cannot be refunded due to the nature of digital purchases. We will however refund any fault we have (unavailable products or missing content, corrupt files, low quality, incorrect product… etc).

All product contents were checked very carefully and “Excepted” these contents: “Online coaching, Software, Facebook group, Skype and Email support from Author.” So we will not have a refund policy for these content issues.  Only make a refund:

The products can not provide. Missing content.Wrong course.

  • Most of the products will come to you immediately. But for some products, We need time to connect orders with suppliers (It takes 1-3 days or maybe sooner, holiday time: 7 days). After this time period, the refund policy will be open.
  • To place a refund or exchange request for an order placed with Ebokly, You would need to contact Techireg via email at Here.
  • Please information on problems encountered (DO NOT OPEN DISPUTE). If still can’t handle it, you will get back 100% of your money.