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This program is for people who understand that they are more than just physical body, that there is a conscious energetic part to themselves — a part of us that our schooling system never taught us how to use.

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Duality with Jeffrey Allen

Discover How To Tap Into Your Energy To Get Answers, Attract Synchronicities, Raise Your Vibrations, And Make An Impact On The WorldThis program is for people who understand that they are more than just physical body, that there is a conscious energetic part to themselves — a part of us that our schooling system never taught us how to use.

Duality teaches you to use the energetic side of your dual body to function better in this world. It leads to greater health, increase in your spiritual skills, higher levels of awareness and the ability to function more efficiently in the world.

Imagine living your life with one arm, tied behind your back, functioning as a one handed person in the world. Imagine if your second arm was suddenly released. This is how it feels like when your start to learn to use your energy body which our society has taught us to suppress for so long.

Look at these pictures, and decide which feels the most “real” to you:

If you’re like most in the Western world, you identify more with the picture on the left. But the picture on the right is very real too. It’s a photo of an aura: an energetic field that can be captured using a method called Kirlian Photography. This photo shows that everyone has an energy body, even though most people have no clue it exists. What’s fascinating is that those who discover how to harness this energy – find themselves awakening to remarkable abilities in the realms of intuition, manifestation, healing, and more.

The optimal state for a human being to be in, is a state of duality: a harmonious connection to both their physical and energetic sides. And as you’re about to find out, you too can achieve this state with surprising ease.

How To Reconnect With Your Energetic System – And Harness It To Create An Extraordinary Life

The Duality program with acclaimed energy healer Jeffrey Allen guides you through an intuitive step-by-step process for reconnecting with your natural energetic system.

The beauty of this process rests in its simplicity: you don’t need any specific gifts, talents or energy healing experience. Instead, you just let Jeffrey himself guide you through the process, as he systematically awakens your true nature and potential.

The Duality program is packed with enjoyable, easy-to-use tools that instantly align you with your energetic nature – and in turn elevate every area of your life.

Their uses range from eliminating energy blocks, to discovering your internal compass, to communicating energetically with yourself and others, and so much more.

In just 8 short weeks, you’ll become beautifully attuned to your most authentic dual nature: a perfect harmony between the physical and energetic. A breathtaking mastery of abilities and powers you never knew you had. And a feeling of wholeness and oneness that cannot be explained in words.

Meet Your Trainer

Jeffrey Allen, Creator Of Duality Energy Training

An engineer by trade and energy healer at heart, Jeffrey Allen has helped countless people combine their intellect and intuition to boost their confidence, improve their relationships, find meaning and purpose, and manifest the life of their dreams.

Today Jeffrey’s teaching spans the globe. Yet it wasn’t always that way. In 2005, Jeffrey was a quiet software engineer, successful by all measures, yet bored and unfulfilled in his ‘successful’ career.

His true interest was spirituality, energy healing and intuition, and while Jeffrey had trained extensively for many years, he couldn’t imagine leaving his lucrative career for something so far outside the norm.

Yet Jeffrey’s passion kept calling and calling, and finally, in a moment of clarity, he knew it was time to let the past go, to embrace his passion for helping others, to follow his heart instead of the money. In the decade that followed, Jeffrey counseled thousands of private clients, led hundreds of live workshops around the world, fell in love, got married, and founded a clairvoyant school in Japan.

The joy of helping others was incredibly fulfilling. His clients and students were seeing profound changes in their lives. Yet so many people in the world were living lives disconnected from their passion, unaware of their true potential. Jeffrey knew he needed to help more people.

As if on cue, Jeffrey met Vishen at A-fest in Thailand and began designing a training program to teach energy awareness to the world. The Duality program is that training – the best energy tools and techniques from two decades of learning, practicing and teaching.

Duality is part of Jeffrey’s mission to upgrade global consciousness by awakening each of us to our energetic selves – igniting our deeper sense of purpose, self-healing, abundance and connection within.

Trainer Credentials

  • Served on the board of directors for the Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, Colorado – where he completed clairvoyant training and earned a teacher’s certification.
  • Graduate studies with leading clairvoyants, healers and spiritual teachers in the United States, including Michael Tamura, Mary Bell Nyman, Jim Self, John Fulton, and Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project.
  • Co-founder of Spirit Mind Living, Inc. and Oneness Company. Fifteen years teaching clairvoyance, healing, and mediumship studies in the United States, Europe and Japan.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Awaken Your Natural Healing AbilitiesAs you practice various proven energy techniques, you’ll discover how to activate and accelerate your body’s natural capacity for physical and emotional healing.
  2. Manifest Your Dreams & DesiresAs you connect with your energy, you’ll also gain clarity on how to shift and change the circumstances of your life – so you can manifest the outcomes and synchronicities you desire.
  3. Magnify Your IntuitionDiscover how to harness your energy to open up your intuition – and gain crystal clarity on the answers, choices, and decisions that will lead you to the best possible outcomes.
  4. Amplify Your AbundanceNurture new energetic patterns and subconscious beliefs that open you to greater levels of abundance in all areas of life: an abundance of opportunities, resources, and positive outcomes to live on your terms.
  5. Shift To A State Of Profound HappinessBreak free from the energy blocks that keep you stuck in patterns of depression, fear, anxiety, and anguish – and instead shift to your natural state of happiness, gratitude, love, and joy, no matter what’s going on around you.
  6. Achieve Deeper MeditationExperience meditation on a whole new level, and achieve higher states of consciousness with far greater ease, by learning how to work with your energy and rise above the blocks holding you back from your Higher Self.
  7. Gain A New Spiritual Perspective On LifeBy learning to see and work with energy, you’ll also gain a wider, more spiritual perspective on reality, your Self, and your unique role in humanity’s collective consciousness.
  8. Become Aware Of Your Energy BodyFinally reconnect with your energetic systems, and gain access to clarity, perspectives, answers, and abilities that have been lying dormant in you from your moment of birth.

The Curriculum

Explore The Duality Curriculum

The Duality program is an 8-week online journey towards mastering your personal energetic system.

Through a mindfully designed curriculum of guided exercises and meditations, Jeffrey himself will systematically awaken you to your energetic abilities: which includes getting answers from your intuition, becoming more present, eliminating energy blocks, healing yourself and others, connecting with your guides, strengthening your Chakras, and so much more.

By the end of your journey, you’ll have evolved into your natural state as a competent energy worker: with the ability to harness your energetic system, and manifest greater clarity, healing, abundance, and love in your inner and outer world.


Personal Presence & Energy Awareness

You’ll discover how to instantly Boost Your Personal Presence — so you can be more confident, comfortable and attentive in ANY situation. As you become more present, you’ll start to feel calmer and clarity in your life… with plenty of time and energy to make your deepest goals a reality. In this session, you’ll discover how to anchor your Root Chakra to the center of the earth and learn a simple yet powerful energy focusing technique called “Looking From Behind Your Eyes” — both of which will help you instantly get present whenever you choose.

Topics includes:

  • The Power of Energy Awareness & Healing
  • Your Body-Spirit Connection for Personal Presence
  • Deepening Your Grounding & Personal Presence
  • How to Practice Personal Presence

Meditations includes:

  • Personal Presence Meditation (Daily Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Getting Into Your Body
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Center of the Earth


Mental & Intuitive Clarity — Cultivating a Balanced Mind

You’ll learn how to unblock your energy to Experience Greater Creativity and Clarity. This means you’ll “open the channel” to new ideas and opportunities — and be less fixed in your thinking. You’ll also experience the beginning of energy awareness… turning down the noise so you can hear the signals in your body, your relationships and your life. In this week, you’ll also learn four powerful tools to quickly boost your clarity and creativity — and connect you to your “Higher Mind,” so you can quickly get answers to even your toughest challenges.

Topics includes:

  • Cultivating Intuition and a Balanced Mind
  • Clearing Your Mental Distractions
  • Deepening Your Clarity
  • How to Practice Mental Clarity

Meditations includes:

  • Mental Clarity Meditation (Daily Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Awareness Warmups
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Center of Head Room and Akashic Records


Healing Your Body — Healing Your Body & Channeling Energy

You’ll learn how to quickly Heal Your Body. This exciting session is all about living with greater health, vitality and longevity. You’ll discover 3 ancient techniques for healing, and tap into Earth Energy to clear pain from your body. Plus, you’ll activate your Hand Chakras so you can literally feel energy on demand. Jeffrey will also guide you to clear any aches and pains you may be unnecessarily suffering from — so you can imagine how good this will feel.

Topcis includes:

  • Why Do We Struggle & Get Sick?
  • How to Energize & Clear Your Body
  • How to Heal Yourself with Energy
  • Deepening Your Healing Powers
  • How to Practice Your Healing Tools

Meditations includes:

  • Healing Your Body Meditation (Daily Meditation)
  • Clearing Your Growth Period (Open-Ended Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Running Earth and Cosmic Energy
  • Advanced Meditation — Channeling Healing Energy
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Fine Tuning Your Source of Energy


Energetic Boundaries — Understanding Empathy & Healthy Personal Boundaries

You’ll discover how to develop empathy and create Healthy Energetic Boundaries — which means you’ll be far less susceptible to other people’s negative energy and experience more emotional balance. Using an advanced healing technique called the “Permission Rose,” you’ll instantly boost your levels of empathy… without being dragged into other people’s drama. This session alone has the power to transform your relationships.

Topics includes:

  • Empathy — Why is Energy Contagious?
  • Healthy Boundaries & Your Aura
  • Who’s in Control of Your Life?
  • Being a Healthy Boundary Ninja
  • How to practice Healthy Energy Boundaries

Meditations includes:

  • Choosing Your Space Meditation (Daily Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Adjusting Your Aura
  • Advanced Meditation — Clearing Foreign Energy
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Being an Energy Ninja


Chakra Healing for Communication & Manifestation

This advanced session is about Clearing Your Chakra Energy. Jeffrey will guide you to create resonance and harmony in your chakra centers — which helps to quickly eliminate limiting beliefs, resistance, and struggle from your life. You’ll also discover how to clear your specific blocks around money, so you’ll instantly open up to a greater flow of abundance. Excitingly, you’ll learn four life-enhancing (and powerful) techniques that will empower you to clear your chakra energy — on demand, whenever you want or need to.

Topics includes:

  • How Do We Get Stuck In Old Patterns?
  • Healing Your Chakra Patterns
  • Mastering Communication with Others
  • Breaking Your Manifestation Blocks
  • How to practice Chakra Mastery

Meditations includes:

  • Chakra Clearing (Daily Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Healing Your Chakras
  • Advanced Meditation — Chakra Talk
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Manifesting Through the Chakras (From Lecture)


Changing Your Beliefs — Clearing Your Filters, Reputation & Hot Buttons

You’ll discover how to Get Along Better With Others. You’ll learn the secrets of seeing the world more clearly — with an open mind. Not only will this increase your emotional stability and help to raise your vibration, but you’ll find yourself being more tolerant of others… make a powerful and positive first impression… and inspire people to want to help you. With advanced work on the 7th level of your Aura and the famous “Gold Sun” technique, you’ll be equipped with the most powerful energy clearing exercises you can imagine.

Topics includes:

  • What is stuck energy?
  • Are your beliefs serving you?
  • Clearing Unwanted Beliefs
  • Hacking Your Reputation
  • How to practice Conscious Beliefs

Meditations includes:

  • Clearing Your Pictures (Daily Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Clearing Your Reputation


Using Your Intuition — Flowing with Synchronicity & Abundance

You’ll learn the secrets of Flowing with Synchronicity Into Abundance. This is all about how to “flow” with your energy so you have almost perfect timing… in any endeavor you pursue. You’ll experience the power of “effortless success,” because when you stop trying hard to succeed — and instead simply follow coincidences — you’ll see how easy (and fun.) it can be to create the life of your dreams. Plus, with advanced techniques from muscle testing to intuition to clairvoyant reading, this session will provide you with the skills you need to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Topics includes:

  • What is Intuition?
  • Improving Your Intuition
  • Creating Synchronicity & Abundance
  • How to practice your Intuition

Meditations includes:

  • Using Your Intuition (Daily Meditation)
  • Advanced Meditation — Intuition Warmups
  • Advanced Meditation — Clearing Intuition Blocks
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Finding Direction and Timing


Expanding Your Awareness — Connecting with Your Spirit Guides & Higher Self

In this powerful final session, you’ll be shown how to Connect With Your Spirit Guides and Higher Self. Not only will this help you quickly make the right decisions, boost your creativity and give you inspiration… but you’ll trust yourself more… AND feel more confidence and self-love. It’s a win-win. You’ll also realize a powerful truth first-hand — that connecting with your guides rapidly leads to more love, joy, creativity and abundance in your life.

Topics includes:

  • Living from Your Higher Self
  • Meeting Your Spirit Guides
  • Talking with Your Guides
  • Practicing Higher Awareness & Continuing Your Journey

Meditations includes:

  • Spirit Guide Conversation (Daily Meditation)
  • Meditation — Spirit Guide Conversation (30 minutes open ended)
  • Meditation — Spirit Guide Conversation (60 minutes open ended)
  • Advanced Meditation — Meet Your Guides
  • Advanced Meditation — Conversation with a Guide
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Becoming Your Higher Self

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