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Product Description

A quick and easy, yet INCREDIBLY powerful system for using Facebook Live to reach (and build!) your community, promote your brand and sell MORE of your products and servicesusing Facebook’s hot, new live streaming app.

You Know Kim…..You TRUST Kim!

 She has been there since the very beginning, long ago establishing herself and her company, Boom! Social, as a true force in the digital and social media marketing space.

1 MILLION+ entrepreneurs and small business owners look to Kim for help growing their businesses online every day. 40,000+ of those have purchased one of Kim’s digital products and personally witnessed the game changing power that having a true pro on your team can bring.

But, NOWHERE is Kim better known or more respected than on Facebook, where almost 400,000 fans look to her for her expert guidance and advice.

In the industry-leading Facebook Live Marketing Blueprint Course Kim will teach you one of the quickest and easiest way to grow your business and sell your products online, FACEBOOK Live!

Her Facebook Live Show, “The Ignite Your Business Show w/Kim Garst” is seen by over one-third of a million people weekly and has quickly risen to the top of the “must see” category of recurring Facebook Live broadcasts.

So, if you are ready to turn Facebook Live into the business-building powerhouse it can be for your business, Kim is ready to help you.

So, are you?

  Tired of wondering whether or not you should be using Facebook Live (…you should!), and…

 Confused about where and how to get started, and…

 Maybe even a little scared to hit that “Go Live” button, and…

 Don’t have a ton of time to sink into learning Facebook Live, and…

 Frustrated by seeing others having tremendous success with Facebook Live?

Congratulations! Take comfort in knowing that that makes you EXACTLY like most of the small business owners Kim has already helped build, launch, manage and monitor successful Facebook Live broadcasts.

Facebook is not only the world’s largest social media site, but, with 1.7 BILLION users, it is one of the world’s largest marketplace. And, with Facebook Live you can reach more of your prospects…for FREE…than any other Facebook posting strategy.

What Would You Do If You KNEW You Couldn’t Fail?

Today, right now, the cards are stacked in your favor, but that won’t last forever.

Facebook is giving increased free reach to those who use video on their site and MASSIVE free reach to those using Facebook Live.

How much more?

Kim’s Facebook Live posts are averaging 10X the free reach of any other type of post she makes on Facebook (reaching over 400,000 people per broadcast – for free!).

But, it’s not just her. It’s anybody (you too!) using Facebook Live!

Are you finally ready to win the battle with Facebook? Let Kim show you how to use Facebook Live to start ROCKING your business TODAY!

Get Facebook Live Marketing Blueprint – Kim Garst, Only Price 39$


Dominating Facebook Live couldn’t be Easier!

Never before has there been a single, more powerful tool to reach more of your prospects and future clients for free on Facebook. The best part? It doesn’t matter if you are a video pro or have NEVER been on camera before in your life.

Kim makes learning Facebook Live fun, quick and easy!

Can ONE thing make that big of a difference?

Yes, but only if it is THE RIGHT THING!

Facebook Live IS exactly that because…

It’s FREE and available 24/7 to everyone on Facebook

It’s easy to use but still highly functional and customizable

It’s developed and supported directly by Facebook

Facebook Live broadcasts get preferential organic (spelled “F-R-E-E!”) reach from Facebook (at the same time every other type of post get practically ZERO reach)

It allows you to reach your community in a more personal and engaging way

 But!….and trust us when we tell you that we TOTALLY get this…

You don’t need one more thing to do, and you certainly don’t have time to learn some complicated new video platform or spend 100 hours taking an online course.

In other words… you don’t want or need more information!

All you REALLY want are step-by-step instructions on EXACTLY how to do ONLY what you need to do the get GREAT RESULTS using Facebook Live!



That’s what Facebook Live Marketing Blueprint is all about. It is a Facebook Live course designed by busy small business owners for busy small business owners.

Our promise? This course is everything you need (and nothing you don’t!) to build and launch high-performing Facebook Live broadcasts quickly and easily!

The course itself is laid out in a simple format that lets you hop in, find exactly what you need, or learn as much as you can in the time you have available, and then hop back out.

You can access it from any computer anytime, anywhere. Also, don’t worry about keeping up with the latest changes to the Facebook Live platform. We will do that, update the course and tell you what is new in your own closed Facebook Live support group.

To the point, when you buy Facebook Live Marketing Blueprint you will have a resource to stay on top of, and dominate Facebook Live forever!

Here’s What’s Included in the Course!

Module 1

Why Facebook Live and Why Now?

  •  The power of Facebook Live for your business
  •  10 BIG reasons why NOW is the time for marketers to pay attention to Facebook Live

Module 2

Facebook Live Quick Start Guide

  •  Exactly how the Facebook Live app works
  •  How to set up “interest lists”
  •  How to use Facebook Live in a Facebook Group, on your Fan Page and/or for events
  •  How to overcome the fear factor to confidently hit the “Go Live” button
  •  Things you should know before doing your first Facebook Live broadcast
  •  How long each broadcast should be

Module 3

What to do DURING Your Facebook Live Broadcast

  •  How to introduce yourself and establish credibility fast
  •  Tips to build a large and engaged subscriber base
  •  How to take and answer questions like a pro
  •  A foolproof technique to instantly shut down “trolls”
  •  The best way to ask people to take action (and actually have them do it!)

Module 4

Growing Your Facebook Live Community

  •  How to instantly get more people watching your Facebook Live broadcasts
  •  How to amplify the reach of your Facebook Live broadcast to build a huge, engaged community

Module 5

Rocking Facebook Live Like a Pro

  •  How to host a “kick booty” broadcast that people love
  •  Developing an interesting content strategy. What oh what do you talk about?

Module 6

Facebook Live for Sales and Marketing

  •  How to build your brand on Facebook Live
  •  How to use Facebook Live to grow your email list (fast!)
  •  How to do a “flash sale” on Facebook Live

Module 7

Get the Most “Bang” Out of Your Broadcasts

  •  How to keep the momentum rolling even after the Facebook Live broadcast ends
  •  How to re-purpose your broadcasts to create your own platform-driving content machine
  •  How to edit and optimize your Facebook Live video
  •  How to add captions to your video and triple the number of views you get
  •  How to build playlists so people can watch ALL of your broadcasts

Module 8


  •  How to set up your equipment and lighting to create a studio quality feel
  •  Tips, tricks and techniques to make sure you always feel good an look GREAT on Facebook Live

Module 9

Broadcasting from Your Desktop

  •  Understanding why and when you should broadcast from your desktop
  •  How to set-up to broadcast in landscape mode from your desktop

Modile 10

What do the Numbers Mean?

  •  Where to find the stats and data on each broadcast and understand what all of it means
  •  How to use data to build a better future broadcast
  •  Using Facebook Live data to drive overall business objectives

Get Facebook Live Marketing Blueprint – Kim Garst, Only Price 39$

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