The LifeForce Energy Shower – Rudy Hunter

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When purchasing The LifeForce Energy Shower – Rudy Hunter course, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

The LifeForce Energy Shower – Rudy Hunter

If you have an immune challenge you’re likely already doing everything you know to  enhance your functioning–it’s really important, after all.  It’s about your life and your health.

The LifeForce Energy Shower is a powerhouse self-help way to ADD to whatever you’re  already doing to increase your immunity.  It’s not a substitute for anything–only an addition… …and it is a powerful tool to help you.

Lowered immunity can be CAUSED by a myriad of things, but fundamentally


By adding more health.  Just as darkness is cured by adding light,  low immunity is corrected by adding more life/health/lifeforce.

Only that one thing will make the difference.

A clean diet adds life. Great medical help adds life.
Flowing & unstuck emotions adds life.
Good relationships add life.
Gentle exercise adds life.
Lovemaking adds more life.
A strong purpose adds life.
A nurturing environment adds life.
But sometimes…you need some outside “extra life” to get yourself over the immunity hump.
The ICU/LifeForce Energy Shower can profoundly help you and it has absolutely nothing to do with medicine (traditional or alternative) whatsoever.

It’s the energetics of Life Itself that is being offered in this tool with some powerful ways 
to use it to maximize your immune system & immune responsiveness.

Read on to find out why Rudy is no stranger to immune challenges in his  30 years of experience working privately with clients…

Rudy and his partner George ran the Manhattan Healing Circle for over a decade doing pro-bono healing work for very immune-challenged folks with HIV, AIDS and a host of other life-threatening and terminal diseases and disorders. Despite the heaviness of the issues this was a wonderful life-affirming time.  Rudy has worked for over 30 years with people & animals with mostly-chronic & difficult conditions.  It’s what he does best.

And there’s a very important reason why he gets results where many other  practitioners, healers & experts have not.  

Here’s the simple reality.  
Folks who work with Rudy [even those folks who pass away 
pass with stronger immunity] tend to improve.  
That’s not bragging–there’s a really important reason why.  

Here the reason:  
Rudy’s expertise is in knowing what exact EnergyWork to use to ADD more Life, 
more Health, more Immunity & more Function to his clients.  It’s not guesswork.  
It’s precise & deliberate & specific…because people’s lives depend on it.

[In fact, folks with tough immune challenges frequently book 3,5 & 8 private sessions with Rudy to get his help with these targeted energetics so they can recover their immunity more easily.] 

Rudy does not “heal” or “cure” anyone of anything–he uses precise and laser-focused EnergyWork that  comes from the same source that makes the grass grow to help his clients build their systems  quickly, easily & in peace and stability.  It is ALWAYS the body/mind/spirit that does the healing.  Rudy’s skill is in knowing precisely to “add to the soup” to help the body/mind/spirit do its work.

That’s what you’ll be doing with Rudy’s direct guidance on this mp3.  You’ll be sitting quietly for 38:58 minutes [usually once a week while you’re healing–more often if you’re in a crisis state] as he does highly-targeted rounds of  gentle & enjoyable EnergyWork for you.  These rounds target the crucial vital systems that  desperately need more Strength, Balance, Stability, Vitality & Life in you. Rudy will “drive the bus” so you can just follow along and notice the improvements  in your functioning and your lived life.  Can’t get much simpler than that.

It’s available to you…if you’d like it.

The BEST use of ICU is to listen to it in a restful environment once a week if you’re moderately challenged with immunity difficulties. Think of it as having your weekly session with Rudy [that’s really what it is!].  If you’re in a crisis the BEST use of ICU is to listen to it in a restful place every third day.  Using it every day won’t help any “extra” amount.

The time between the EnergyWork is AS important as the work itself.   That’s just the way things work in the human immune system.

Special Note On Colds & Flu:  It’s ideal to use ICU at the first onset of any cold or flu.   Nipping it in the bud is the game plan.  From there, for the duration of the cold/flu use it  every other day–then stop.

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Purchasing The LifeForce Energy Shower – Rudy Hunter course now, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.


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