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Learn to move better and level up your acrobatics, no matter your starting place

Ingrid Arna

Ingrid Arna is not just a business sage; she is a High Priestess and a divinely RICH woman on a mission to activate you. With profound knowledge about the karmic bonds that often leave women feeling both financially and emotionally broken, she’s here to guide you towards abundance. As the founder and CEO of The […]

Marie Manuchehri

Marie Manuchehri, RN, is an energy medicine healer who bridges the gap between conventional and holistic medicine. She was raised in a family that valued preventive medicine, but it was during her work as an oncology nurse that she discovered and developed her skills as an energy medicine practitioner. The hospital turned out to be […]

Conor Harris

About Me Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to develop as a trainer through many diverse environments and methodologies. Early on in my training career, I was exposed to progressive concepts and principles that helped me achieve success. As a result, my passion for training was ignited at an all-time high. My eyes […]