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April 1, 2024
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This is the most thorough, most complete course of its kind. It is the “ULTIMATE” subject-to course available ANYWHERE! Here are some of the things you’ll learn:
* How to buy “subject to” step by step!
* How to buy homes with absolutely no credit or proof of income!
* How to get sellers to beg you to take their properties!
* How to create immediate cash flow with no landlord headaches with lease options!
* How to create years of cash flow by providing the financing for your buyers!
* How to avoid the “due on sale” clause and make any loan an “assumable” loan!
* How to close the deal on the “kitchen table” without a title company or an attorney!
* How to use Land Trusts to avoid “Due on Sale” issues!
* How to increase your profit by using “wraps” or use a lease option and “be the bank”!
And much, much more!
“I have said it in the past, and I will say it again. There is no one in this country that is better in the Subject-To arena of real estate investing than William Tingle. He has built the best business model for investing in this field of anyone else I know.”
“In addition to that, William is an investor who upholds the highest standards of ethics and morals- something that I rarely find from others.”
“I’m proud to call William a friend of mine and I would highly recommend his teaching to EVERYONE!”
You can sub2 pretty houses, apartment houses, junker houses, mobile homes, commercial property, practically ANYTHING out there! Any property you could buy conventionally, you can get the deed on!
I have put a system in place that will simplify the whole process for you will walk you through, step by step, how I left my career of 20 years after only 12 months of part-time real estate investing.
I have studied all types of investing and have come to the realization that buying subject-to existing financing has all of the upside of any other purchase method with virtually no negatives!
When you buy properties “subject to” the existing financing……………………….
* You own and control the property……….
* You claim all the tax benefits………..
* You profit from the appreciation ………..
* You profit from the principal pay down……………
* You collect all the cash flow…………..

You’ll Learn:
Step-by-step how to easily “take over” your seller’s payments and property in the safest and easiest way possible!
* How to find sellers who are literally willing to “give” you their properties!
* How you can close fast (in less than 48 hours if needed!)
* How to stay in control of the deal at all times and why this is crucial!
* How to get motivated sellers to call you and beg you to take their property!
* How to avoid potential pitfalls of subject to deals!
* How to use land trusts to avoid the due on sale clause!
* How to find “Subject to” deals!
* The most common seller objections to sub2 and how to handle them!
* How to find private sources of funding for your deals!
* How to flip your deals for cash!
And much more!

How to increase your profit by using “wraps” or use a lease option and “be the ban


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